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  1. Good afternoon, If you are planning on tying the knot, or if you are having troubles in your relationship, I would love to help you! Counseling sessions can be couples or individuals and begin at $200L per half hour. Wedding services are just $1000L for an hour. With the wedding services you will receive two - four couples counseling sessions, rehearsal, and wedding ceremony. I am a non-denominational minister in RL and am also a practicing empath/psychic. I would love to help you, so please drop me a note card today!
  2. Good morning dearies, My name is Anne Tweaks. I am a spiritual advisor here to help guide you through your love life and help you with whatever problems may come your way. I have been in tune with the spiritual realm for over twenty years now (IRL) and I just became a minister (IRL) through the Universal Life Church. I can offer you counseling sessions and or readings beginning at just $200L for thirty minutes. We can discuss all things that may be troubling your soul. I can even perform a special blessing, or give you a special blessing for you to pray that will encourage the angels to help guide you. I can also perform in world wedding services if you so wish. Wedding services include 4 counseling services, rehearsal, and the ceremony. I am not a wedding coordinator but I can give some advice in that area too. Wedding services are just a small fee of $1000L. Please drop me a NOTE CARD as my messages do get capped.
  3. Sent you a note card deary. Speak to you soon.
  4. Good day, My name is Ms. Anne Tweaks (AnneTweaks Resident) and I am an up and coming comic who will be launching my one woman show very soon. I am a seventy seven year old feisty, southern redhead and the self proclaimed queen of spam (as in the meat product). In my show I will share personal stories, gossip, and unique tips on how to use spam. If you are interested in booking me for an event you may contact me or my manager Nazaryn Mindes for my informational note card. I only ask for a small fee of 200L. Tips are welcome, but not required. My act may contain some adult content and some brief language. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon, Anne
  5. Good day dearies, I am Ms. Anne Tweaks (AnneTweaks Resident) I am seeking a manager and writer to help create a brand new one "woman" show. I am a seventy-seven year old, feisty southern woman with red hair and I recently got married to my new husband who I affectionately call Elmo. I am the self proclaimed queen of spam (the meat like product) and as I stated I am looking for a manager and a writer to help continue to create my new show. Through my new facebook account, yes, this old woman is on facebook I have begun giving useful and unique tips on different ways to use SPAM. I also find myself giving little snippets of my personal life as well. If you are interested, here is what I can currently offer you: As a manager you will receive 20% of my earnings and as my writer you will receive an overall commission to be determined and agreed upon hiring. I hope to hear from you soon. Kisses and candy - Anne
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