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  1. Blender does pretty much anything you need it to do. It is free. There are TOOOOOOOOONS (that is "Tons" with lots of enthusiasm) of tutorials from basics to complex things so you can learn by watching. If you have tons of money to spend or feel comfortable using illegal software as some folks do, then the others might be worth checking out. But for many folks Blender is the choice -- and you will get plenty of help here from the Blender crowd.
  2. 100% invisible on some grids works. Not here though if I recall. You can do 99 OR I typically put down a RUG which solves tons of issues. It is a mesh physics issue and yes unfortunately it happens often with some designers. Oh well. You can of course rez outside and drag in but a rug works well OR you can drag out on top of a couch or whatever. Most times that will work.
  3. SOOOOO Here's the issue and a heads up for folks. I had to complete a W9 form. I have never had to do that before (cashed out last month) AND never recieved any notification that I needed to (I am not a mover and shaker here ). I cashed out $320 which isn't a huge amount. SO for those of you reading this be prepared to go through signing documents (online). The print is infinitesimal and happily I had a "make the print larger" application in Firefox. Otherwise I would not have been able to fill in the form. The form iteself had some issues but I did eventually get it filled in. Now wouldn't it have been nice if they would have WRITTEN ME and told me what the problem was rather than just holding my money. OK. Big sigh here. I remember LONG LONG (like seven years maybe) ago when I didn't get paid (for-e-ver). I put up a HUGE sign in my store yelling at them - LOL. Thing don't seem to change much. Hopefully I will get my money now and not have to wait yet another week. HEADS UP!
  4. I did finally contact live chat. They have no idea what happened but someone is "checking" and they are sorry - LOL. This wasn't pocket change so hope it get's there sometime in the near future.
  5. I sent money to Paypal on the 10th. It is now the 22nd. I have not received the money at Paypal. This isn't necessarily new but I think it is the longest I have waited. LONG weekend.
  6. I think most folks know there has been ongoing "unscheduled mantainence" for a week. Mine JUST came in so they are up to the 3rd it seems. Strangely enough the email came with a header that my transfer had "been approved". Hmmmmmm.
  7. Payments pending beginning 10-3-2013. Some folks apparently got paid yesterday from the 2nd so hoping it will be my turn for ONE pending payment soon. Will obviously be cashing out "more often" from now on.
  8. I am waiting on TWO, one from the 3rd. It sometimes takes longer than it should but with all that is going on with the TOS these days I admit I am a bit worried. May our money arrive soon.
  9. I am over on Aditi most every day with few problems. There was a rollback it seems on "some" accounts (I have friends who seem to be fine) and I was in 2008 garb with the resultant inventory. Reset password, waited a bit over a day and all is well now. I am over on Mesh 3 or Mesh 6 most days so give that a try if you can get there. Agree that an alt account might work better. Seems like some things are account dependent. I can use both Firestorm and the official viewer with no problem (in general) with Mesh uploads.
  10. Looks like you have several issues. Here is what I know about some of them. I am completely missing the preview using an animation issue. I am guessing this may be about clothes which I know nothing about. BUT if you can't get into Aditi even with a new avatar it may be the password bug which is mentioned on the mesh wiki. You can only have one person on Aditi per password. So you can change one of the passwords, wait 24 hours (sometimes less) and you may be able to get on fine. Once you are on Aditi you need to complete a NEW mesh certification test for Aditi. You also need to do that as well as have payment info on file (not necessarily used) in order to upload mesh on Agni. IF you have PIOF and have completed the mesh upload certification (you can check your mesh upload status in your dashboards) then you should be able to estimate. There are times when the uploaded doesn't work. There are some of us that have MORE issues than other . I have been working on a jira for some time now and whatever "my" issue was it is getting better. Since some friends of mine (other countries even) have noted an improvement on uploader uptime then I am guessing it effects a fair amount of folks. But better is a good direction. If you can NEVER get the estimator to work, have mesh upload status OK and some money to upload with then I have no clue. Hopefully some of the possibilities mentioned will help you get to Aditi and try your hand a mesh. Good luck Edit: Also while I most often use Firestorm to upload, there has been ONE (only one so far) where I could upload using the official viewer (the newest as that seems to be what they were working on in my jira) ONLY -- FS did not work. So if you keep having issues keep that in mind. Again, the uploading process while still iffy on Aditi now and then is MUCH better all around.
  11. THANK YOU! I got it. That "Operator Presets" button does SO not look like a BUTTON to me. It looks like a heading for the choices below LOL. Good to know how it works now.
  12. OK. As much as we would like to blame "The Labs" for everything that goes wrong, this indeed sounds like it is YOU . So -- in order to SAVE things in SL as you build, you either need to link all the parts of the item, name it and TAKE A COPY of it (I think this is a right click thing. It is so automatic for most of us it is difficult to remember.) or click on each of the parts and then take a copy of the coalesced item (I see mention of that in other answers). Then LOOK IN YOUR RECENT TAB and you will see the object that you just took a copy of. If you want, you can move it to a folder, like "stuff I am building in December" for example. It is always a good idea to pull out the latest copy -- or at least the last one you have for that time period -- and check it before logging off. Somewhere along the way you are missing a step. If you edit your post to tell folks exactly what you DO to "save", then someone will likely be able to explain what you are missing. Good luck.
  13. OK. This may be very simplistic, but I have been reading the posts here (both recent and ones Google found for me) and I am very confused over the ability to upload accompanying (mapped and assigned) texture files with mesh. So I did a test and got nowhere. If someone can tell me what I missed I would appreciate it. I used the current official viewer (not the one it downloaded just now for me but the "this morning's" version). I made a new material with a texture from my computer, made a UV map. Got everything looking correct on the model and ASSIGNED the material to the mesh. From there I used the uploader and asked it to show me the texture in preview and to upload the texture WITH the mesh. I saw no texture on the preview and while I read that the texture you wanted on the mesh "might" come in a folder along with the mesh, that didn't happen either. All I got was a naked mesh object. I am in Blender 2.64 So, IS this supposed to work? It seems to me that when I first started uploading and you asked to upload the texture with the mesh, it charged you the texture upload fee along with the mesh upload fee. This didn't happen either. This was on Aditi. Any current info would be appreciated as most of the posts, the wiki etc are very old and so most likely not relevant. I can map and upload my textures separately and that works fine for me. I just wanted to see how this other method worked (or not as the case may be). I don't know anyone personally that works in mesh and uploads their textures this way, but posts suggest it is possible. :)
  14. When I contacted Live Support a couple of weeks ago reguarding a similar incident, their advice was to put the ad up again but to make sure to watch your KEYWORDS and CATEGORY carefully as these were the places where people get flagged most often. I did that and changed the category and so far all has been fine. While the Marketplace folks don't normally tell you WHY there was an issue with your ad, they most often give you some sort of message when you log in to your backend and that might help. Agree that a notecard would be good to include so that you are sending folks "something" .
  15. See my post on this a bit down in the listings: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Unable-To-Upload-MESH-verified/td-p/1752615 They know there is an issue and believe it or not it seems to be getting better. I have a JIRA thread going now and have sent in some log files. I can upload much more often (yesterday was NOT a good day -- for most folks I think as aditi was empty). You do NOT need to be PREMIUM to upload. Here is the link to the JIRA. I am not sure if you can get there now as JIRA has changed and I am SO not a JIRA person. But if you can, I think you "may" be able to add your info to mine (or maybe not) but worth a try. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-1026 AND something that no one seems to have mentioned but is in my post is that if you are trying to upload on ADITI, you need to take a separate test for mesh for ADITI (very odd but true) so that would be the simple answer. Don't expect any help from tech support *wink*.
  16. While mesh upload on Aditi has been better this week, it was not working all day for me. The sandboxes have been empty each time (from 8 AM until 8 PM that I went over to try so have to assume they are not working for anyone . The seem like they might be working on Agni (you get calculations to work) but I wasn't ready to upload there. So perhaps things will work tomorrow.
  17. If this is something recent it may get fixed on its own. I am guessing you are going to your ADITI account and clicking on the link from there. I have had no problems with that but it has been awhile. I can tell you that while the Live Chat folks don't officially have anything to do with Aditi, they will (on a good day) pass a message along. So you might try that if you can. Or if you know a premium member that will do that for you. Good luck.
  18. Here is a little update of the ongoing inability to upload mesh debacle . Oddly enough it seems to work fine in the AFTERNOON so I will adjust my schedule accordingly. Installing a new, clean, LL viewer with absolutly NO leftover viewer files on my computer did no good. Surprise! I did send in a bug report which is an emensely non-intuitive process. It may get fixed eventually. Here is the end of my chat with name of helper removed.
  19. I asked specifically what the next step would be if I completely uninstalled the Firestorm Viewer and did a new clean install of the Linden Lab viewer and I still had issues. The person said that at that time, if the Second Life viewer still didn't let me upload there was nothing more that that (edited: "they") could do as the support team did not officially support MESH. That's all I know. You read it as you will. They said that from there on should the official viewer also not work for me my best bet was to come to the forums and the mesh wiki and gave me those links. I told them that I had them and thank you, I had been there. They said that from there on out the issues would belong to the technical folks and not the support team and that it may be a bug (yes they DID say that) and that I should write it up in a JIRA report. That's my report. I did not save the chat and wouldn't paste it in here even if I did. .
  20. So, it has been a long week with lots of support chats (both good and bad) and I wanted to put up what I learned here for others since info seems to be a bit spotty. To upload mesh: You of course need to have payment info on file (not used) and need to complete the mesh test (a separate one for each grid, Agni and Aditi (free beta testing spot)). You need a mesh upload viewer (both the official viewer and Firestorm qualify, don't know about others). You need a viable dae file -- so if you are new, save the default cube as a test file *smile*. All that out of the way things can STILL GO WRONG and that is what has been happening to me all along. Sometime the upload window will calculate, sometimes not. Now and then it does calculate but won't upload the mesh. My research on this issue didn't prove terribly informative but I did find a thread somewhere that said there was an issue with the "stack" if I am remembering correctly that needed to be cleared now and then. No official word on this but it seems like it may be true. I could upload on Aditi for hours testing with no issues at all, instant uploads. Then the uploader just stalled -- even as I was between tests (no relogging). I chatted up support and asked them to have the Aditi techs reboot (clear whatever) the mesh uploader. That seemed to solve the issue three times. In the end though support for whatever reason didn't want to continue with that process. Eventually and after several conversations (on reminiscent of the old "this is In-di-a" tech support days - sigh) I found out that they don't SUPPORT the mesh upload process. They sent me back HERE ! Had to laugh at that. Their only suggestion was to completely uninstall Firestorm (clean) and install ONLY the official viewer. If that didn't solve the issue then they didn't know and I was on my own. I may try that when I install FS's next upgrade but honestly if I have a choice of uploading mesh and only living with the official viewer? Well not a good choice for me. For anyone else dealing with this problem -- and while I don't know too many folks that make mesh I did chat with a couple with the exact same "come back in a couple of days and it will probably work" philosophy and long term history -- I have tried both viewers (albeit not a clean install with ONLY the SL official viewer on my system), two accounts, both grids. One thing that leads me to believe it is NOT the viewer is that yesterday I could upload on Aditi from 5 am to 5 pm (I did take a break, honestly) BUT I couldn't upload the tested files on the main grid during that same time period. Last evening Aditi's uploader went down for me and it is still down along with the main grid one. Power cycled my modem, no router, cleared cache et al. I do know that the mesh uploader is working for some folks on Aditi as I asked one person who was building an impressive looking sci fi esce building. So, that's the story. All roads lead back to the MESH forum since mesh is not officially supported. I thank the support person for being honest about that, and yes, I had to ask some pretty pointed questions to get that info. So if I DO find the answer I will be sure and report it, but for now it appears to be a bug of some kind for many of us. I am using Blender by the way and so was at least one person that has this same issue. Not sure if that has anything to do with it since the same files that upload beautifully one time, fail an hour later with no changes made. That's the report. Know it is a long one. Only a few people will care but this might help someone along the way.
  21. This is a resident board and no one here can help you. It sounds like it is a "done deal", so likely you have no way to do what you want to do. If something shows up in your transaction history it has already happened. If you gave someone money, took money, gave or received gifts etc. they are going to show up there. You can of course change your password and not give it to anyone. Then no one should be able to get into your account. Next time, "use and alt" or better yet don't do things you will regret later *wink*.
  22. An important question assuming you are using the newer "outfits" (links to items) and not the old 1.23 duplicate items in folders CALLED outfits is --- are the clothing items still there? If so you lost time but not wearables so that is something. Awhile back I lost all my landmarks. Despite many tries, I never got them back. Not the end of the world. The end of the world was about four years ago when the database lost ALL MY SHOP ITEMS (a half sim complex). Items rezzed in world of course where there but putting it all back together in inventory was more than I wanted to deal with. So not long after I just closed. Now of course none of those things are any good at all (and no they didn't show up despite many chats with support). Time, skills, texture sizes etc. All march along. So hopefully you still have the ITEMS in your inventory. That should be easy enough to check as you likely remember the name of some favorites that you had made outfits from. Do a search and hopefully you will find they are there. If they are, then feel happy about just losing the links. Much better than real inventory loss which unfortunately DOES happen. Just make some new outfits. You might even get a better look the second time around.
  23. If you do not own a sim (that's the majority of us) and you want to change your land to snow, you can use a prim and apply a texture to it. Even the mainland can have snow this way and places up in the air. You can also find snow sculpts and mesh hills as well as ice skating rinks etc. Try searching the Marketplace for snow under "landscape".
  24. There is a possibility that The Labs have blocked your household from using SL. You would normally get an email to that effect, but if the email you provided is not one that you check regularly, that could be the case. If you are able to contact support (premium) then asking might be a good plan.
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