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  1. I recently bought a new laptop. intel core i7 top of the line laptop, much better then the one ive always used and did fine with sl. I down load firestorm and my screen is glitching and blinking and I crash shortly after. Same thing happened when I downloaded Sl viewer.......is SL just not supported by windows 8.1?
  2. the control panel in my linden home does not work.....is my house broken?
  3. I have been having this crashing issue for a few weeks now. i have tried everything i can think of. My internet provider seems to think its b/c my wifi signal is not strong enough to support SL. So i have ordered a technician to come and install a telephone jack by my computer so that i can hardwire to the internet. they say that should fix my issue and i should not get disconnected....i was wondering if this sounds about right to anyone?? ****(ADDED) thank you for your answer. i appreciate it. I have used a wireless connection for sl for the entire year that i have had my account but since my issue started i had swited providers and my speed decreased tramendously. I am hopeing that once i am hard wired, it will fix the issue b/c its the last and only thing i can think of. I have not changed computers or settings or viewers or anything to cause this issue. and it affects the regular web pages i may be using but i guess its not that big of a disconnection of signal to disrupt the flow of the page where as with sl, it almost seems to get "stuck". a silent crash if you will until finally if i havent noticed, it will tell me i have been disconnected. also, when i try to log back on, i cant log into some areas. it will get stuck on "waiting for region handshake". it will only let me log into my linden home which is odd bc recently i was able to log in anywhere except my linden home. and no, i was never banned or blocked for any reason. idk, maybe its just all what my signal can handle at the time of logging in. i am becoming increasingly frustrated and would really like to just enjoy my sl life without the constant "WB" messages. lol. thank you for your help. ***(ADDED) i am not confused on what kind of internet i use. I have DSL at the moment, which is what i switched to from cable internet.....i have never used a hotspot or mobile internet for SL as i couldnt even connect except for chat.....Im not even sure where you would guess that i am mixing the two types of internet...
  4. i am no longer able to log into sl from any viewer or any computer within my house. nothing has changed since the last time i was actually able to conect to the sl server....i have uninstalle and reinstalled not only the sl viewer but the sencondary viewer that i have always used for the past almost year. i am becoming very frustrated.
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