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  1. I'll try the password reset thing. Though both accounts have different passes/names. I did complete the mesh certification text and have payment info on file. I've tried firestorm/Singularity/And the official viewer.Thanks for the reply though, I'll play around some more and see.
  2. I've taken a few peek at some of the other posts. I honestly stopped playing secondlife a while ago. I was into sculpting and while the process got easier the more I did it - I return to the big mesh update. I like it. However I've run into more problems following videos than I have ever with sculpts. First off the TBD price estimation doesn't work. I click it and it gives me an error saying I don't have enough $L without ever telling me an estimation to begin with. Second in the videos I have viewed the "preview" of the model once you start moving in-world the preview model also uses your current animation. Where as mine stays at the default idle. Last and not least! Auditi isn't accessable to me. I've read that maybe it had to do with a object limit - made a new character. In the end I still can't access it. I've tried putting a different spawn point in Auditi that I've read about via forums. Nada. I see all the problems people are having and I don't want to add to the list. I can do my own googling and research and play around with the 3D programs. If it matters my process is Zbrush - Blender(both newest versions). Anyways, thanks for any help. Appreciate it.
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