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  1. I'm responding officially on behalf of TnT. Our Eximius Products made after 2013 Include loss protection. So we will replace if lost/accidentally deleted. We have only had one person we had to cut off from replacements for abusing the system. As far as customer service all of our creators have it stated on their profiles as well as kiosks inworld at our stores advise to submit tickets to our support center at www.tntcorporation.net We are too large of a company with too many creators and products to handle service efficiently by notecard. Filing a ticket will get you a response usually within
  2. FWIW they moved the store a while back months or more... that is not recent. It's also been in a restricted access state since it moved. My guess is that the new owners bought HIPPO but really has no idea how to manage or run a business in sl. Pure money grab since they certainy don't understand communication or customer service... they also have not demonstrated any ability to devlope or impove their products. I checked rackspace... https://status.rackspace.com/ it does appear they had some sort of storage migration beginning the 24th and ending the 26th. The problem however is the lack of
  3. We have checked our sales and it appears payments were correctly made to our creators during the outage. Items were not delivered obviously. So now that servers are up 36+ hours later we can take care of deliveries manually. Believe me we will be working to migrate our 1600 products to another system. For the love of Pete anyone who has Hippo should immediately download all of your sales logs and customer information. Especially if you have hippo groups so that you have it in the event of another meltdown. Grade F to Hippo Tech for communication with it's customers.
  4. Could not agree with you more. 2 Business days means within those 2 business days. You know if our payment to Linden Lab or any other utility was due withing "2 business days" they would expect it by the close of the second business day. Not on the third business day. I have said it before and I will say it again. They need additional staff to satisfy the payout demand. There is no excuse for consistantly failing to meet expectations that they, themselves set. As a side note... they go by "business days" but I have frequently received payment on Saturdays and during all hours of the day and
  5. The Official Answer for Payments Requested after April 5th 2016 Most credit processing requests can be completed within 2 business days*. However, certain requests may take 5 business days. We strive for quick turnaround, however holidays and transaction volumes can adversely affect processing times. Before the 5th the Answer was 5 Business days... then the disclaimer that it could take longer... (FWIW I am currenty on 5 business days for my request prior to the 5th and 2 business days for a request on the 5th. I am frequently baffled by the length of time it takes but I remain optimistic
  6. Just curious if anyone is seeing payments being processed in 2 days yet? I'm very interested if there is improvement. Please post your request time and payout time if you care to share. Thanks!
  7. I have not received an 1099 from Linden Lab yet and everyone I know got theirs last week. How do I request this? No options are available in Support Ticket fields. I should not need to be a premium member to get support on this issue. I processed well over 600US,
  8. I have learned of you are unhappy with credit processing times... don't bother saying so here. The response you will likely receive will inform you that it's your fault and how dare you expect reasonable funds withdrawal... you greedy, self important, b@$+@€!! But I'm not here to complain... However I found some similarity to the credit processing time and my weight. On your process credit history... when you hover over the status it will tell you 2-5 business days. If you ask me my weight I will tell you 130 to 150 lbs. While both statements are usually true... I haven't been 130 lbs for 20
  9. I'm waiting as well. I submitted forms and within a couple hours I got a response that they had everything they needed except I entered a line on the w2 incorrectly. I resubmitted the form (twice) and 2 business days later still waiting. My funds are also being held it is impacting me financially and could casue serious issues for me if this continues much longer.
  10. I mentioned I process daily... Some days I have received 2 or 3 days worth of payouts in a single day. So along that line of thinking it seems to me that sometimes that person is much more productive then other days. LOL but aren't we all.
  11. I have payments from the 4th & 5th that have finally been processed. In resonse to what another has said, I now process payments daily because of the unpredicatability of payment times and potential chance for issues like this to occur. This situation only compounds the problems as it sounds like others do this as well. If i had faith that a payment would definately be received within 5 business days I would only process once a week... maybe longer. But because I have been burned too many times I process daily adding to the number of requests. Creating more of a backlog. Not ideal.
  12. I have payments pending beginning 10-4-13. How long have you been waiting?
  13. TnT & TnT Palais are currently hiring for the following positions: Marketing Rep, Customer Service Rep, Bloggers/Photographers. Applications and information note cards are located at the front desk at Palais http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Palais/175/118/2501
  14. We are looking for an energetic individual to administer our affiliate sales program. Palais is part of TnT Corporation an established and widely recognized business within the second life community since 2007. This is an entry level assignment with potential for additional opportunities within the company. Minimum Qualifications Speak/Write/Comprehend English without use of a translator.Intermediate Building SkillsPayment Info on FileAdult Verified (Must be able to travel to Adult Sims - No "Adult" work required)6 month minimum commitmentThe ideal person for this position has exper
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