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  1. You can ALSO create a group and just SET the land to the group (meaning you could still own the land). I have a friend that does that and it works well. The deeding land to group thing while I have done it, is very complex and to me a little scary. If you just SET it to group (like apartment and mall owners do) then anyone with their tag set to that group should be able to rez and have their things stay put.
  2. Thanks. I wish (sort of) that the official viewer would fix the issue but that doesn't seem to be MY issue. No packet loss (tech supported tested). When it works it works instantly and well. Other times (long periods) it just doens't work. Might try the Linden viewer again I guess when it sticks again, but my brief episode with NO appearance of the upload button has me thinking that it will not help. Thanks all.
  3. That "fix" didn't work for me unfortunately. Hate the official viewer but did install and test with absolutely no better results . Still just froze. It may be a fix for some folks though, agreed. Unfortunately not the ONLY issue .
  4. I agree it really is frustrating, but now that I have "beaten down" Blender *wink* I actually enjoy working in it. I HAVE FOUND that doing a live chat asking for the server to be rebooted or the stack cleared or whatever they need to do DOES seem to get things going in an hour or so. And they stay up for awhile. Hence I have pinned "live chat" to my browser toolbar LOL.
  5. So Aditi seems to have some major issues with the mesh uploader. Sometimes it works quickly and perfectly, other times you never get the upload button. Same files, same avatar, all different sandbox sims. SO, my question is -- is it practical to upload on another grid and count that as a viable test? Like opensim (haven't been there in years though). Would be good if they would fix this. When I contact support and they send a note to aditi it gets fixed (for awhile). But it definitely hampers your workflow. So any suggestions would be appreciated. This doesn't seem to be a "ME" issue as tech support agreed my connection was great, I even tried the official viewer with the exact same results. AND, like I said, once reported I could upload on both grids for many many hours yesterday. Late last eve it stopped again (for me anyway) and this morning no luck either. I have read other posts here so know I am not alone, but would be good if this could get fixed --
  6. Samara Kasshiki


    Along with the "Add" advice you need to know that not all viewers have the capability. If you are using an older viewer based on 1.23 then you won't be able to ADD. Some designers include generic alphas that include shoes along with alphaf for the dresses etc that they make. If you don't have those you will need to only wear ONE mesh item at a time OR if you can, switch to a newer style viewer like Firestorm or the LL official viewer.
  7. This has probably been going on for some time (over a month) but I installed new graphics software and just thought it was compressing in a much better way *wink*. My 1920 pixel shots (can't do bigger as I have that line in the screen issue) are now somewhere around 182K . I know they used to be much heavier than that. I am using Firestorm 4.2. Is this a viewer change or a LL viewer change that Firestorm implemented or what? My pictures are still very clear, it just seems odd. And yes, I have high rez snapshot checked. :D Any info appreciate. TY. ************************** Thanks. I wonder why the simple solutions seem to be the toughest. Maybe when I updated the viewer jpg became the default. Actually I am fairly amazed at how good those jpgs look but will switch back to png :D. TY!
  8. I apparently have that issue too, sometimes things upload in an instant and other times not at all. Seldom an error message and it doesn't seem to be dependant on grid or avatar. I am suing Firestorm 4.2. So good to know.
  9. I know someone with a burlesque style strip club of long standing. She is on Moderate land. Her rule (and I believe this is correct) is that all important parts need to be covered. So pasties and G strings; no anatomical parts available for viewing. So in part it will depend upon the nature of the costumes. The more "sexual nature" it gets, the closer you get to adult land. If you are in doubt, best to just go Adult. No one needs to go through verifying any longer so it isn't a big deal.
  10. EDITED: Was the SERVERS, not me it seems. Can now upload on either grid. Here's the story Thanks for the response. At one point I got my alt to see the upload button (and I actually meant the upload button on the panel where you choose qualities and it estimates the cost). This was on land she owned so I thought that might have something to do with it (remembering rumors from long ago). But later she couldn't even get the "estimate cost" figures to come up. So took an unplanned break (connection to SL down for about an hour). I did find out that if you want to upload on ADITI you need to go through the whole "mesh upload test" thing again for that grid ! Testing just now at 2:40 SL time works fine. Will know that it doesn't always. I now have a one prim mesh cube in front of me on the sandbox at ADITI. Land impact "1". Oh the joy! :D **************************************************** OK. This is not the normal "you don't have payment info on file" or " you haven't done the tutorial" answer :D. I have been on live chat with LL support and they agree that I should be able to upload mesh. I have gone through the official step by step upload http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_mesh_upload (both at Phoenix and the LL one which are the same as far as I can tell). I have tried on the beta grid as well as the regular grid. I have NO viable upload button on either grid. Firestorm support says that you can upload mesh with Firestorm now; LL support blamed the problem on my viewer (hmmmm). I don't really want to install the official viewer as I doubt that is it. Any ideas welcome. I am going off to rest after all this ---- TY in advance.
  11. I hadn't been over there in months but went last evening to find NO crystals at all at number 7 and while I got a HUD at door 4 and there were crystals, the HUD didn't count them. And as you say, my crystal count was empty and while I am sure I turned most in when I last left (or hope I did anyway) there should have been some left. This happened several months ago with the huds not working and after a few days things got fixed. So at this point it is difficult to tell. The Realms haven't been at the top of The Labs lists for a very long time and as you likely know, things have been broken there for-e-ver.
  12. As far as I know all Linden Lab sandboxes are clearly marked with a SANDBOX sign stating the rules, so I am guessing you are NOT in sandbox. If you were, you should be able to look at the land info which should tell you the rules of the sandbox, return times, etc. I suggest you go to another sandbox. You can find the LL ones easily by typing in "sandbox" on the map. There are plenty of private sandboxes too which you can find via SEARCH -- and if you are premium but sure and use one of those as the hassles are so much less . http://secondlife.com/destinations/premium/sandboxes
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