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  1. Second Life Birthdate: May 19, 2007 My, such a long time. I ended up signing up more than once, as I messed up signing in to begin with and my computer could not handle it. I persevered though as a friend REALLY wanted me to join her in the world. Finally, I made it in, and it certainly was a fun and interesting place. Always new things to uncover, and new people to meet. I quickly learned the art of building, and loved being able to make things that others enjoyed. I also found that unlike in first life, I loved clothes, at one point I worked out that I have enough outfits to wear a different one, every single day for 2 years or more. I have made some lovely friends from all over the world and they have become friends in both worlds. A few of us always laugh when someone new approaches us and asks "how do you play this game" and they hate the reply of "it is not a game, like it's name says, it is a second life". A game has an end point you are meant to head to, a final goal to win. I have been in a quite a bit less recently, as I got hurt a bit by some people, but that is also part of life, and there is always good with the bad. I am creeping back, touching base with friends, getting back to what I first loved. If you do not like one place in SL, you hop about and find another, or better yet, make your own.
  2. ArtFest 6 This is a charity art event with a difference. Over the months of September and October, many artists will take up places on the sim and progressively build in the charity event to raise money for the Red Cross/Crescent. Visitors can wander around the picturesque area, relax, play games and look at the artwork. If you like an artwork you see, you can 'vote' for it with lindens. All voting funds go to charity. Works are constantly changing, so return now and then to see how they progress. This is pictures of the last ArtFest Still open for more people to join in most arts areas, including: 2D work 3D builds Singers and musicians Poets, story tellers and spoken word You do not have to be highly experienced to take part. Home of the ArtFest is here - Tiger Hill
  3. In the final week of ArtFest, we have a fantastic Hunt. At the space of each of the 23 artists, you will find a gift. Find all 23 and you will get the final fabulous gift. We even give a hint sheet (use for ease or don't for challenge). While there enjoy the art, the people, and the enrertainment. Runs until March 26th 2018 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Sojourners Dream/99/10/23
  4. Still going weekly next night is the 22nd of March during the Festival week of ArtFest 5. Come for the games, stay for the art and the other activities.
  5. Into the final Festival week now, 23 artists, performances, DJ's, Singers, story tellers, Sim hunt, etc. Come and join the fun, more signups for entertainment welcome.
  6. over 20 artists on the ground now and 4 galleries filled on the sky platform. Event has been extended and the final festival week is now filling with entertainers. Anyone wanting to sing, DJ, read poetry, perform etc, contact now. New talent welcome - 18th to 26th March.
  7. ArtFest 5 This is a charity art event with a difference. Over the month of February, many artists will take up places on the sim and progressively build in the charity event to raise money for the Red Cross/Crescent. Visitors can wander around the picturesque area, relax and look at the artwork. If you like an artwork you see, you can 'vote' for it with lindens. All voting funds go to charity. Works are constantly changing, so return now and then to see how they progress. Snapshots are being added now and then, check here to see how things are going: ArtFest5 album Here is where to find us: Tigers Hill
  8. Every Thursday at the brand new club "The Den" in Tiger Hill, starting at 7:00PM SLT Hosted by P1an0man! We're paying $20L per question! Theme for 25th January is Movies and TV Hope to see you there! The den
  9. Burn2 is an official Regional of Burning Man. Every year, this Virtual World Regional has it's own Burn, of both The Man and the Temple. We are looking for people to come and share the experience that is Burn2 with us. Burn2 is founded in a spirit of giving. People gift their time, skills and participation. Sadly we can not offer money, or even allow tip jars as part of the Principles we follow. But we can offer you a place that is visited by hundreds throughout the week, which means potential fans gained, other venue owners being impressed, and a chance to really party. We do not mind if you don't have a great deal of experience, in fact trying things out and giving new things and people a go is really part of our culture. We accept all types of performers - DJ's, Singers, dancers, story tellers Burn2 - Burning Man Virtual Regional
  10. I am currently unable to see a youtube on a screen in sl. I use the SL viewer and my browser is Firefox. Others can see if there use Firestorm and Firefox. I have updated - SL, Firefox, flash. I have no idea what to try to be able to see the feed in world, it is fine on the outside browser.
  11. Sorry to any that tried to reply early, turned out the sign up sheet was locked (opps). so please consider again and help make for a great party and showcase of talent.
  12. I have a diff issue wondering if any know the answer. I don't get the pie menu, and I am trying to do something others can with it, that I can't find otherwise. I am trying to get the script info on an object, which with at least FS you can do on pie menu, Right click for pie menu, then more, then more again, then scripts and script info. Anyone know how to get that info on SL viewer with no pie menu? Or is there a way to switch to pie menu?
  13. We seek performers of all kinds, DJ singers, story tellers, dancers, to name but a few. We have the stage... We have the dates.... Now we just need you! When you finish with all the fun and frivolity of SLB, why not head to Conception and continue the excitement? Take a Look Inside July 14-16, 2017 For a bit more information head here: Burn2
  14. Preparations are well underway for this years Burn, with over 100 artists and builders already in place. Now we call upon the artists that wish to show some small works. These would be displayed in various little places throughout the 4 sims, We would also encourage any story tellers, singers, guitarists, dancers, DJ's or other types of performers to take part. If any of this interests you, please continue reading. Artists of all types are welcome builders, painters and photographers. We are an M rated event, and strictly non commercial as a regional of Burning Man. To learn more about us, you can look around on our website: Burn2 inspiration http://www.burn2.org/ Ten principles The theme for this years Burn is Da Vinci's Workshop, and while it would be great if artists work within the ideas that instils, art that reflects Burning Man or in fact anything that is within SL rules and ratings is still great. If you play with prims and make great things, then we would love you to contribute something that fits within a 5m cube, and uses no more than 50LI. It needs to be passed to us to place, but it can be trans to pass back to you if you wish. Painters and photographers, makers of 2D art, send us some of your work to display (up to 5). If you make them trans they can be returned, but it is asked that you make them mod or able to be resized for us to place. All Artworks need to be given to us by midnight on the 14th of October at the absolute latest to be placed. Performers and musical folk, we have a whole week for you to be part of. Poetry readers and story tellers come and share with our campers. Singers and guitarists, come before the mic and weave the magic that is music. DJ's play that beat that gets all dancing burning up the floor. Performers and dancers excite us with your moves as you take us on your journey. There is an online schedule you can check for available times, with 3 areas to perform in (see the TAB at the bottom for correct one) Live stage (singers and guitarists), DJ stage, and Center Camp (Speakers, story tellers and also live performances). google spreadsheets fpr performers We welcome you all, become a part of the wonder that is Burn2 Burn2 Da Vinci's Workshop 15th to 23rd October 2016 Huntress Catteneo Cuga Rajal (Live stage Lead) Tracer Graves, Leondra Larsson, or Fifi <siouxsieincognita> (DJ stage)
  15. Currently in the works, so should be sold, thankyou to those that have inquired.
  16. Tier is just paid, so will get a full month, price is now $600 (to account for the full month) Previous sale was canceled as buyer was holding things up. Full private island, very stable, has been an Art sim for many years, so if you plan some arts, you will already have some good traffic. currently nice and clean, has 20prims on it, grab a flying bunny and get a feel for the place, nice and peaceful (silly when being redone I know, but I also know it matters to some that there is a good vibe).
  17. Two listings on Marketplace show hopefully all details needed, this is not so much about renting a place, as it is about helping an Art sim, so the prices may seem to be on the high end for prims. 49,152 sqm (3/4 sim size)5,000 prims9,000L/weekSky platform on a private islandMature ratinghttp://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sky-Platform-for-rent/7014817 24,576 sqm2,500 prims4,600L/weekSky platform on a private islandMature ratinghttp://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/24576sqm-Sky-platform-for-rent/7015107
  18. My friend has managed to talk me into waiting one more month in the hope of getting some of it rented rather than selling, if this fails it will be sold in a couple of weeks.
  19. Sadly myself and my friend will have to let go of or Art and Fairground island due to worsening $ exchange. Sim is currently in the Destination Guide - features as ArtFest which will end next weekend, at that point we will need to sell. It has always been a very stable sim, very rarely needing a restart. Looking at $500 to recoup a bit.
  20. 17 artists in place, another couple to come, if you haven't looked yet, you are missing some great works of art. Also still plenty of opportunity to join the event. Hop over, grab a flying bunny and have a cruise around.
  21. Art Festival for charity. Currently in the destination guide destination - artfest 4 Constantly changing landscape, but here is some great pics to give an idea Radioactive's snapshots Come admire the great variety of artworks, and vote for your favourite. While there have fun it the playgrounds, sit in the tranqual little spots,go for a ride on Fred, hop on a flying bunny or get a few moves going on the dance floor. Just when you think you have seen it all, you will find some little thing more. Haunted playgroundLittle carnival spotFredFlying bunnies or single balloonsRide on top of the mountContemplative spotsThe playground that pretends to be a shop (Wilber's)The city movie set being build with promotion video playingStalls of great goods with 50% of sales going to charityDancingSwimingCatch a little monsterBefriend a tigerClimb a treeand of course, art, Art, ART! Come and have a look, enjoy, return, and if you have a few $L's to spare, the Red Cross/Cresent will appreciate it, and so will I. If you want to be a part of it, there is many ways you can: Take part as an artist/designer/builder of some kind (come and see the variety already, 2D/3D/clothing)Act as a greeter (need to be able to cope with newbies)Donate goods or moneySell items with a minimum of 50% split going to charityPut up a poster somewhere, blog us, do a pick, promote us to others in whatever ways you canCome and play with others to make it more fun so they return
  22. What happens it you have a full sim, get a homestead, and then sell the main sim? Does LL take the homestead one away? If so do they give any money back to you when taking it (rofl I can imagine the answer to that bit). Would love to hear first hand from anyone rather than "I believe" ones if possible....
  23. Thankyou for that info, but we need the sims for a couple of months, so $50 a day is just wayyy to much
  24. BURN2 needs sims (3 to 5 depending on what members manage to contribute). They are needed for the October BURN2 event, which is themed Caravansary ( http://www.burn2.org/node/249 ). BURN2 runs October 18 to 26, but all the artists get onsite at least a month before to build their fantastic creations. This means we need the sims for at least 2 months, possibly 3 (no more as we can not afford to). The sims have to be able to be moved to around our home on the playa, Deep Hole. If anyone knows of any sims going very cheap in the near future or anyone that would like to supply some, to benefit BURN2 or the Arts, please contact. If for interest sake, you would like to see some pictures of the every changing playa, the people that visit and populate it, and the extrodinary events and Art to enjoy and take part in, please look here: flickr.com/groups/burn2/pool/ Contact Huntress Catteneo, via IM (I do get capped often), Notecard, here, or email: Huntress@iprimus.com.au
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