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  1. Yep that sounds like exactly what I have and I only started getting it yesterday on the update after the one mentioned 3.7.10 (291134). Can stand there forever, click on textures, try edit and so on and no joy, and it only appeared to be the alpha textures. Who wants to pop in and out of a place just to get a few textures to load? I have sadly sort of gotten used to the instant freeze, change to white fog screen on pretty much every entry into sl, but this on top of that is really driving me other places. So if I am going to be able to do my machinima project I am really going to have to get a different viewer, or head to another grid, which is completely stupid. sl's best viewer should be it's own viewer and it should not drive people out of itself. So what viewer what be best to make my film? I have heard some are better for just that, but not which ones.
  2. Anyone else noe having alpha issues when looking around? I have not had trouble rezzing for a very very long time, then when it went to server side rezzing it became monsterous for filming as you rez, turn away, turn back have to rez again. That was bad enough, but with todays update, now alpha is not rezzing well. It either stays fuzzy of blends in with what is behind it. Now the alpha numbers for all the MM boards aren't readable. Anyone have fix suggestions, something I can tweek?
  3. Music by day and wander the Playa at night. While the music drifts through the atmosphere, and everything is still, it is a great time to slowly move around the Playa and look at the art nestled in every crater. Much is interactive, many have gifts. Enjoy the stillness while you can, and remember to look up on midnight. The view is amazing. Burn2 Conception 2014 welcome area http://www.burn2.org/ Event runs until the 29th of June (some art may stay a little longer)
  4. Well there is now 18 artists on 20 of the spots, with a fantastic range of fabulous work. There is also two 'Find the Spot' hunts in place which will lead you to many interesting spots around the Sim. Eclectic Diversity
  5. I put the links to snapshots, but forgot the LM to the place, so... LM to ArtFest Come by for a visit, play and stay a while.
  6. Realised I didn't put an address to get there so... LM to ArtFest Come by for a visit, play and stay a while.
  7. ArtFest 3 - charity art show returns through until February. For those that don't know and those that need a reminder, ArtFest is a Charity art competition to raise funds for disaster relief. 100% of the $L raised with ArtFest is converted to rl money, and donated to the Red Cross/Crescent (Via their Everyday Heroes program). An entire (mature) sim (Eclectic Diversity) is devoted to this competition, and in the past has attracted all types of artists and all sorts categories are covered. Each category will have two forms of judging, that done by actual secret judges, and the popular vote where people show their appreciation for the works by donating lindons to the tip jars with each entry (remember this is a fundraiser). Categories: SL snapshots and manipulated SL pictures RL photos RL artworks and picture manipulations Sculpture, 3D art Anything not covered by others, poetry, writing, performance, whatever. You may enter as many of the different categories as you like. This event is designed to attract people back to the Sim again and again and to this end, you are asked to please build On The Sim, if you can rather than elsewhere, and to build slowly in stages. The constant change provides more interest for people to keep returning. This event is not set up as a gallery, it is a landscape you walk around to explore what new thing is around each bend, in each new environment (plains, mounts, cave, under water, little isle). Singers and DJ’s are welcome to fill the sim with music when there are no conflicting events, show your talents and you never know who may catch a performance and want to book you for future shows. Artists whether in the competition or not are welcome to sell their items in the bazaar, however you must agree to a profit split from all sales where at least 50% goes to charity. This is the chance for all creative people to show what they have, jump on board now. To those not able to take part in this themselves, please, please pass this along to any you think may be interested, especially groups inworld that you are allowed to post to.
  8. An entire Sim filled with art and fun for all, dedicated to raising money for charity. All funds raised go to the Red Cross/Crescent for disaster relief, via their Everyday Heroes site. Come be a hero, vote for your favorite art, as you stroll around the gorgeous landscape. The Sim is in constant change, as the artists build slowly on site (always room for more to any that wish to apply) so keep returning to witness the new wonders. This event is not set up as a gallery, it is a landscape you walk around to explore what new thing is around each bend, in each new environment (plains, mounts, cave, under water, little isle). Singers and DJ’s are welcome to fill the sim with music when there are no conflicting events, show your talents and you never know who may catch a performance and want to book you for future shows. Talk to some of the greatest artists in SL, take the train ride, play in the fairground or relax with friends. Come, Enjoy, Return. Past ArtFest events: ArtFest I ArtFest II
  9. BURN2 runs from 19th to 27th October, but those that would like to immerse themselves need to get their plots now, or sign up as a DJ or singer, or put your name down as a volunteer greeter, lamp lighter, or even a general helper. Builders purchase a plot and show off the wonders you can build and join in the spirit of fun and sharing. The theme for builds this year is Cargo Cult - http://www.burningman.com/art_of_burningman/bm13_theme.html (but you don't HAVE to build to it) if you want some idea and feel of what the event is like, try these links - http://www.flickr.com/groups/burn2/pool/with/9239997206/#photo_9239997206 http://www.flickr.com/photos/57030587@N02/sets/72157634833277890/ http://burn2.org/ Last year there was 8 sims full of wonder, come and be part of it and that may even expand. Here is your ticket to ride: BURN2 - Deep Hole
  10. You not complaining about it and maybe others you know not complaining about it, does not = no one (in all the thounsands) complaining about it.
  11. *looks at Attica* Hey, what's wrong with our place? People like relaxing at our sim, sometimes they even set up as home base... And then there are the times when there is an event on, some great events there http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eclectic%20Diversity/137/137/42
  12. My system has stopped seeing profiles as well, I get a white box saying I have to allow cookies, I have allowed cookies. I checked SLpugin was not in virus vault, had that one happen before, I have actually added it to my allowed stuff now along with SLvoice. Not sure what else to try. I use the profile section of people a lot to put a little note there to remind me where I meet someone and in what context, as I can never keep track of such stuff, and there are some manners of meeting I would really hate to mix up.
  13. It has certainly gotten worse, but for me is has all been since mesh was introduced, that does not mean it is only mesh objects that do it now though. usually a simple right click where I think or know something should be returns it to view. Mesh bits on people are another matter though, they often disappear for everyone looking at them in the area, but to the person worried about maybe being seen naked, not that I have ever seen. It has always been a case of don't see the mesh item they are wearing? then don't see anything it covered either. When I see anyone with invisible bits, first thing I ask is if they are wearing mesh, 99% of the time the answer is yes. From the first day mesh was introduced I disliked it, I still do, when shopping I always look to see if something is mesh, if it is, 9 times out of 10 I will head to somewhere else to shop, and I know I am not the only one. If a shop does not say if stuff is mesh or not, I will generally not take the chance it might be.
  14. Glad to see not the only one with this problem, I have only had it since the viewer update. Shall go try some of the suggestions now, just another step I never had to take before.
  15. Actually I had already put in there to do them manually, and it did it auto anyway, I was most annoyed. At least I know how to go back if I need to, but so far I am ok with changes as so definately echo V1 and I love that. I understand others that did not ever have V1 won't understand though. People always find change hard, but for some of us, this update is undoing some of that past changes.
  16. Actually for a change they are listening to their customers, trouble is we don't all want the same things. I am delighted they put everything back in one box again, so I don't have to have a couple eating up my precious screen space. The orange flash of other boxes can be scrolled away, but apart from the orange being a bit too bright and intense, I can cope with that (I have medical issues with flashy stuff too and this one is in an ok range). I dispise having to monitoe the little icons and envelopes to see if I am being messaged, I miss them all the time. Friends constantly have to promt me to respond to hug requests and so on as I miss all of that stuff, so to have some of it come back up like it used to makes life a little easier for me.
  17. I have stuck with V3, and with the few suggested changes I was directed to to make it a little more like V1 in looks a least, I have gotten used to it. There is still some things I cant find now and then and have to go web hunting or friend bugging to get the answer. There are still lots of little wizz bang feathers the 3rd party viewers have that LL continue to act like aren't possible to put in or something. In all of the software world, companies concentrate on adding more and more 'gadgets', Windows is one of the worst for that. What many of them don't get, isthat many of us don't want more memory and space hogging interfaces, we would be really really happy ti just have FASTER. Nothing else, just FASTER. I still adore V1, and if I cannout get into SL as it is having one of its happy times, V1 will get me in. I know many others that still revert to V1, or use V1 normally, and switch to one of the others briefly if they have to do something that needs the to see mesh. V1 is still about the fastest and most lag free, as of course it doesn't have the bells and whistles. I would just love if being able to see mesh was added to V1 and off we go, but we all know that will never happen as we are forced to accept more and more rubbish.
  18. My partner had a Rez Day bot turn up and give him a web address to go to for his gift, as we have never heard of something like this turning up before he has not gone there. Anyone come across this before?
  19. Had this happen all of a sudden as well, it had always been working, I changed nothing and suddenly bang, internal browser stopped showing me anything but a blank box. Cookie acceptance still enabled, have been hoping it would not mean a reinstall etc as that does not always go well and if I get all the stupid help messages because I am 'new' to sl again I may just go insane. I have seen mention of a few problems with the later versions to my my install so not keen to go down that path either. Before it all happened I know there was a message box I has trouble with that would not close not matter how many thimes I said ok, clicked it closed etc and had to log off to lose it. It did of course say something about media, but what it reffered to did not make me think of browser. It said something along the lines of not being able to display the media on a particular texture or box, and at the time I was not trying to look at or do anything related to media at all.
  20. Well a bit further down the track coping with V3, but still curse it a lot, a fair amount is actually intuitive, but some stuff I could look forever for and not find without the help of others. There are things I would like to change still, but I either don't know how or they can't be. The little icons top right corner that tell you IMs are there, or notices etc, much prefer them to be where I want them on the screen, as I miss them all the time there, especially the animation permissions (which I forget go there), so people get upset when I don't accept hugs, or I wait forever to sit on a chair until I finally remember the envelope. I prefer seeing the online offline messages back on chat as I hate having to open people all the time and I like to know how long ago their online status changed in case I should grovel for missing them or tell them off for not getting in touch after being on so long lol. Layering with attach is great since so many shops put things on sucky layers. The forward and back TP location arrows next to the current address are both great and suck, great as in saves you looking you the address to somewhere quite often, off to the shop and back home again yay so easy, move or open the notice etc that minimized up to there but accidentally click damn arrow while at crucial point in Stage Managing, REALLY not good lol. Soooo slow. It used to be lag? What lag? You have bad lag here, really? Are you rendered yet? Rendered now? Well I know I am not, and I have a reasonably high end system. Are they trying to get people into sl or not? Make it only super super graphics and you are seriously chopping your new customer numbers, but I guess look at other decisions and should not really be supprizing. Like my friends crash more often, unlike some of them I at least get in, others can do 10 tries and finally give up and hope to get in later or leave to next day. Link/Unlink button in build box great. I don't get the texture having to be inside the prim thing or it is not on the prim? What am I missing there, is there a setting to make it go on as normal? A couple of buggy bits to check/report on Jiri that are driving me nuts - snapshot and sound/voice working when they please, how they please regardless of lag etc. Overall with moving the buttons where I like etc and mostly intuitive stuff, it is not too bad, still tempted to head back now and then when lag and crash stuff really bad.
  21. Well the headaches begun, didn't get underway as quick as I hoped, and I do literally mean headaches. Initial impressions etc, wow this is sooo slow textures take forever hours later after a few restarts and going to the same places, still slow in that area, so the quicker loaded of previous loaded graphics is apparently doing little. Preferences set pretty much as before, or less than before to try an improve speed (and I do have a high end system btw, so these later viewers are definitely way more memory hogging than they need or should be). Thanks to information supplied I have the toolbar mostly as I want it down the bottom, would like to add map down there, not sure yet how to do that, but about to try and follow this to figure that out: Introduction to V3.2 Some of the annoying stuff that I would have spent many frustrating hours trying to change, was mentioned here as unchangeable, so have left that, such as: recombining the IM and chat tabs and using in-world profiles Having to go out to a profile is really annoying, especially since it insists I must have cookies enabled etc, yay I so love opening my system up more to threats, and I can look at profiles via dashboard without changing things, so why do I need to if doing it from inworld? I have group chat open, instead of having to grab every stupid little message from the icons, and yet the stupid little icons are there showing I have new message after new message, any way to stop that? I also get stuck in the top menu if I change my mind about making a choice, can't escape out so have to choose something. No being able to combine some things how they were in V1, means it is more cumbersome and takes more screen space having to have more boxes open, as well having to open and close them all the time. I see no need for the little profile icons next to names, yeah sure look cute, but they are loading and unloading graphics and I would imagine are one of the contributors to slowing the system down, cute vs. faster system? Sorry faster system thanks, should be able to turn those off. Plus side, can see mesh so people don't look stupid now as torus and cylinders, as for how worth it is seeing it compared to using older V1, still rather have faster system.
  22. Thankyou Dilbert Dilweq and Hitomi Tiponi, just the sort of thing I am after. Ansariel Hiller - No I don't want V3 which is not like V1, but at this point I don't have much choice, so if I can make it look like V1 as much as possible all the better.. As I said not after 3rd party veiwers.
  23. no V3 isn't V1 etc etc, yep they are LL viewers, but they are by no means the same, and as I said, I am not interested in looking at other viewers, I was hoping someone had the info I needed, but it looks like I may end up out of luck.
  24. Sadly no, it was specifically changing settings in V3 to make more like V1, I remember my friend cursing how hard it was to do, but the end result was not too bad.
  25. I've searched a bit and can't find the answer even though I know it is out there somewhere, so trying here and hoping someone can give me a speedy reply. A while ago a friend found a site the when through the changes you can make on V3 to make it look etc a lot more like V1, she didn't bookmark the page or anything, but I think she said it was one of Torley's pages (but that could be totally wrong) which I had no luck finding (damn Torley is prolific lol). I do not need or want comments about what viewer is better that another, or that Firestorm or whatever does the V1 look like I want, so please don't bother, I just want to try and find the place or places if there are other different ones, the describe making V3 like V1. Thanks in advance, with fingers crossed.
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