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  1. Not related to the original question sorry, just something I have wondered about. A few of you that have the nice avatar pic etc for your ID's on here. Is that something that happens after a certain number posts, or do you just set that up yourselves?
  2. This has not happened to me atm, but to others around me, and sometimes I am the only one seeing things this way, so I assume it is my viewer most of the time.... More and more often lately someone will login and will have the small female starting body, but everything else as it should be. Sadly this often happens to a nice well built male av, and they get upset when they realise. The main thing missing is the shape, or in fact it may be the only thing. have many others had or seen this, and anyone found something that works consistantly to fix it quick at the time? I deal with a lot of new people and could really do with a way to help them so they are not put off being in SL. Does anyone know if it does or does not happen on particular viewers?
  3. Yes the email does look fake but has of course been confirmed as real. I also have only the one thing to supply for payment details , and of course the details are already there. Why do we have to do it? Like other I have no idea, as the one presented seems stupid and doesn't actually explain why it must be done other than some beta thing finished. So I guess some bright spark in programming could not work out that the way they set things up could be a problem down the track with the messing up of payment details. I am sure someone at LL figured it is ok, if people still don't fix the problem WE caused, the will soon figure it out when payments fail etc and finally fix it as we told them to then. One problem with that thinking, a lot of people get really annoyed with such things and if they then have trouble with payments going through, add that to the list of other stuff and you find they decide to no longer have a 'premium' account, or a private region etc. As I tried to point out earlier, I have just been though a couple of months of hassle because my credit card managed to get listed twice in the payment section, and payments kept messing up. There is no way I am going to add my details again and end up back at square one. I shall try deleting the current one first and the putting that back, so that better be a way that works for the stupid letter thing (very poorly thought through like far too much lately), or I like other may finally decide that's it.
  4. Just so people know, I didn't JUST look at the email and go is this looks like it may be a spoof what do others think. I looked for ways to easily contact LL or find in knowledge base etc etc all over the help and contact areas, and could not find anywhere that seemed the right place to ask or that I would get and answer with any speed (I did mention in the beginning I did not know where I could check). I also looked at other avenues of contact, I am in Australia, the now limited live chat times (and again no idea if that would be a place to ask) are ridiculous for this part of the world, and phone number?? Guess I could have always spent a fortune ringing the US. I did go into my account, but there was nothing in there anywhere saying I needed to update things or do anything, and to my mind that is a place it should definitely have an alert or message. There was not way on earth I was just going to update anything there, and am still loath to as I have just been through over a month messing around getting changes fixed on my billing after my credit card renewed and no matter what I did and numerous back and forth with LL it still kept not going through. Sorry but like most I am sure, I get spoof emails all the time from hotmail, paypal etc, and they always have some genuine links in them, all the right graphics and so on. At least ones like paypal have a spoof address you send the emails to and they say yes or no if it is from them.
  5. I am trying to find out if an email I have recieved is from SL (I strongly suspect not), but can't figure out where the heck to ask or look. Also want to send word of warning to others in the meantime, to treat with caution themselves. The email starts out like this: Dear Resident, "This email contains important information that affects your Second Life account and requires action in order to continue any payment transactions with Second Life. Due to the conclusion of the Second Life local payments beta program, it is required that you add a new credit card or PayPal account by going to your billing information page on Secondlife.com. You must act by Jan. 9 or future Second Life payment transactions will not be processed." It has numerous links of course to say check here to show it is genuine, which at this point I am certainly not clicking. Is there a place to report or check on such emails and also warn residents, or is this it? Of course it is targeted at premium members, the ones LL has just had a big drive to get, so if they now fall for a scam it is not going help keep them.
  6. I am still on V1 at the moment as V2 is just unusable to me. I have tried it out a few times, but it makes me physically ill. The differences in looks are not just the UI, the actual pictures, colours, contrast, jaggedness is different, and with that is someting like how often the scene refreshes or redraws, I would love to know what changes were made in those sort of areas. What I mean by physically ill, is that I have narcolepsy, and it has similar triggers as epilepsy for some things, after at most an hour on V2, I have to log off and go lie down for ages until I feel better, so not a great SL experience. I hate using 3rd party viewers, because if you have trouble with anything, the first thing they ask is what are you using, and if it is a 3rd party viewer tough luck as it is obviously that. I am slowly stepping into V3 now and then, but can't say yet if it is doing many as I have gone in on that one very very briefly. Oh btw, when you go from V2 back to V1, you get all the damn help messages like you have just started, can't remember if V3 does it. Can and how do you turn that off?
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