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  1. Greetings Friends, I have a very irritating issue, I am using the standard options menu (rectangle) and not the Pie menu (I have never been partial to the Pie menu). The problem is the standard rectangular menu does not auto-center on the screen and is almost always non-centered in a position I can't get to many options. I have to move the object to a high or low position so that the rectangular menu can be seen completely on the screen. Do you guys have a solution? Thank you!!
  2. this just started - I can't find the solution, what preference did I screw up?? thanks and happy holidays around the world!!!
  3. I've tried to contact the owner and manager for the past 2 weeks, nothing but static from them. Anyone know what's going on with this store?!? Thx! Bobo
  4. Yes Whirly - that is exactly the place. For some reason I can see the small round pillows and the Teacher and their pillows, but the large square sangha pillows aren't there and people that sit on those pillows dissappear. Thx so much!
  5. I spend alot of time in the Buddha Center sim. People and objects have disappeared and it only occurs in the Temple at the Buddha Center sim. The meditation pillows can no longer be seen and when people walk in and sit on the pillows they disappear as well. This is only happening in the Temple, nowhere else that I'm aware of. I have cleared caches, installed, reinstalled, and clean installed and nothing has fixed the problem. 8/31/16 -- Whirly Fizzle is 2 out of 2!!! Thanks Whirly, that was a brutal lesson. :) Thank you Madeline :)
  6. Thank you all! Whirley Fizzle - thanks alot for that info. However, I've been deleting snapshot after snapshot to make things fit, so unless I can undelete those old snapshots - they are in bye-bye land. Yes, the more button - lucky me!!! Is there a fix for that on the link you provided or just an awareness of the problem? I'll look myself, but not as good a techie as I used to be. Thank again y'all - Be Kind To One Another!!!!
  7. I've noticed that some friends have room for alot room snapshots than me. I like taking snapshots, but now I'm deleting old snapshots to make room for the newer ones. Is this because I'm not a premium member? Doing paying member have more snapshot capacity? Is there someone with great powers I may beg to increase my feed space?? Thanks Folks -- Second Life People are Awesome!! let me elaborate... I've never actaully counted, but let's say the total number of snapshots that will fit on my profile feed is 14. Example: I took 3 pictures today and I want to keep all of them but I will lose the oldest 3 snapshots in doing so. Therefore, It seems that my snapshot limit is fixed. EVEN if someone adds a comment, that also seems to cut down on my "fixed" limit and old snapshots disappear. If I go and delete some pictures in the middle of the profile feed, then the oldest snapshots will come back. More evidence that my profile feed has some kind of fixed limit. Now - I visit my friend's profile and they have ALOT of profile feed spaces, pages of pics and comments! I've asked some if they are premium members and the answers I get is some are premium members and some are not. So, it wouldn't seem to be that difficult of a questioned to be answered, but then again... this is second life! Is this a function of being a premium member? Is this a bug? Are some people lucky to have more profile feed space because of the version of their viewer? Hmmmm?!?!? And who do I have to talk to to get a larger profile feed space so I can keep more snapshots!?? and... Yes, I save pics to my computer, and I pay$10L to save pics to inventory, but I want to have the capacity to have many more snapshots on my profile feed. Thanks again!!! Happy Trails, Bobo Aug-15-16 Thank you everyone! I'm not sure who/how I was helped, but the "more" button has returned. I went to the Jira site and poked around, although I don't remember filing a report. Some kind soul helped me out I believe and that indeed was the answer. I hope this post helps others as unfortunately I lost alot of snapshots from my first two months from continually deleting pics to keep my feed looking "current", when there was no "more" button to scroll through all of my feedback. Thx!
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