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  1. So .... I submitted a ticket that was immediately "resolved" (HINT: A restart of the region does not always resolve the region) ... I left a comment that it wasn't resolved, and it's kind've in limbo, and so I'm presenting the issue here in hopes that attention can be paid to an errant switch in the Columbia region (The specific region SLURL is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Columbia/70/246/30 ) This switch is on the extreme left end of the horseshoe shape of the Heterocera Atoll SLRR main line which connects Tuliptree with the rest of the SLRR mainline, and at the moment, this switch is unresponsive and sends all non-automated trains off to the left to a dead end. Can we get some interest by the LDPW in resolving this issue? I'm hoping to get some SLRR Train Tours happening, but it is impossible to start out in Tuliptree (and the Virtual Railway Consortium) without getting this switch fixed.
  2. Things appear to be moving smoothly between the aforementioned regions suddenly. I wish to personally and publicly thank the LDPW for whatever they did to make this happen!!!
  3. I'll grant you that, if it weren't for the fact that the cars travel quite smoothly through nearly every other region in Bellisseria but that one region. If this is the case, would it really be a scripting or connection issue?
  4. The interesting thing about this is ... the region I mentioned ... SSPE1174 ... has NO houses. It has, in fact, no parcels whatsoever. It is, in fact, at least from the overhead map, primarily water with landscaping along the edges. The Valkyrie trains I've been using are also relatively small in Land impact, comparatively speaking. I've also, as someone had mentioned, been putting an avi in each car, in order to keep them from being returned. But when attempting to take the cars through the small corner of SSPE1174, the first car goes through, but the rest seem unable to make the leap into the region through the border crossing.
  5. That ... is precisely how I run my trains
  6. After nearly a month being away, building a new mainland destination, as well as performing duties as a newly installed BBB Bureaucrat, we're back on the road with one of the newer destinations for BBB Passport Stamps, Port Friendship in the region of Thallo! You can read more about it here at the Cranston Travels The Grid blog posting below! Stop #26: Port Friendship on the mainland continent of Satori in the region of Thallo (cranstontravels.blogspot.com)
  7. Found THIS little errant prim gem in Euphemia Meadows this morning, which caused my engine to jump over the tracks lol. (It's the prim directly under the engine, raised above the lower ones for some reason)
  8. I've actually been using multicar Narrow-Gauge trains from Valkyrie (they're on Marketplace) and they work fantastically. I just can't get multiple cars past the limited prims available on the region called SSPE1174 (which says it's using 4977 of 5000) has ZERO houses and is mostly water. You'd think just to foster exploration they would free up a few more prims. There are a number of other homestead regions in Bellisseria that don't this issue.
  9. Anyone have contact with the LDPW to ask why a certain region Has anyone successfully done a multicar run through the log home regions, particularly the region called SSPE1174, near Randalsham Forest? It only has 23 prims available for travel. So disappointing being able to do runs successfully from the rail lines on either side of it, but not able to make a continuous multicar trek past this point, which has no houses in it, and is mostly water. BTW ... Randalsham DOES have a rezz zone down by the water. If you are clever, you can rezz a rail vehicle, sit on it and move it to the rail for use.
  10. Due to it's temporary status, we head quickly to Stop #25 in the Cranston Travels The Grid Blog and Big Splash Adventure Oasis Water Park! Check out the blog post at the following link! Stop #25: Big Splash Adventure Oasis Water Park at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds (Temporary - til the end of August) (cranstontravels.blogspot.com)
  11. Stop #24 in our passport stamp adventures returns us to Bellisseria and one of the newest attractions, the aptly named Riverbridge Cafe in Capitol Springs. Stop #24: The Riverbridge Cafe in the Capitol Springs region of Bellisseria (cranstontravels.blogspot.com)
  12. Stop #23 in the continuing Passport Stamp explorations blog, returns us to the Campbell Coast in Corsica and The Campbell Coast Aerodrome! Check out the blog post here! Stop 23: The Campbell Coast Aerodrome in Erazor on the continent of Corsica (cranstontravels.blogspot.com)
  13. In the latest and long overdue entry in the Cranston Travel Blog, we travel to the Bellisserian Log Cabin region to explore the Bellisseria LIFE and Bike Drive and Scoot Club House. This is a 2-fer (Two stamps in one location!) https://cranstontravels.blogspot.com/2021/07/stop-22-bellisseria-life-and-bike-drive.html
  14. I will add that I am a proud and happy renter in The Campbell Coast, and enthusiastically recommend everyone pay a visit and consider renting from there as well.
  15. It is a delight to have had over 900 visitors to The Redwood Grove since it's inception. ... until you look at the visitors board and realize .... that EVIL had arrived unnoticed!!!
  16. IS the bellisserian slenderman now stalking .... HIMSELF?!?!?
  17. What's that sitcom from the 70's and 80's? Three's Company?
  18. They knew the risks!!!!! Go git 'em, Slendie!!!
  19. Thanks for all the helpful tips everyone. However, the initial commenters were correct. I did not need an experience to do what I needed to do
  20. I would snap this home up in an INSTANT!!!! Fingers crossed!!!
  21. lol thanks ... ok I need to rephrase. I have a railway system on my land (which I can control and put experiences down in, yes) and I would like to find a way, as they are passing by points of interest (such as one of three depots that the trains stop at,) to have a text pop up either in local chat or a pop up WHILE they are traveling past it. I currently use teleport experiences for easy, hassle free movement from place to place. I was just curious if, while someone is sitting on an object (In this case, an SL train vehicle) they were able to trigger experiences. I seem to remember some scripting being ineffective if avatars aren't roaming freely but are instead sitting on a vehicle, moving around according to the vehicles preprogrammed trajectory. So right now, I know it can be done without experiences, but I'm just seeing what the possibilities are WITH it.
  22. Thank you ... and I have explored those options, and I wonder if an experience wouldn't be a better way to go. The question still remains .... can an experience be triggered by an avatar while they are seated in an object, such as an SL vehicle of some kind? And if triggered, can it send text to the avatar?
  23. Again? This is my first post in the forum. The train is not my creation so I don't a lot of creative control over it, plus they are the smaller narrow gauge trains from Valkyrie Transit, so I'm not sure where I'd put your suggestion. Although, while I appreciate your suggestion ... it isn't an answer to the question, so I'll ask again. Do experiences work if you're seated? If I am seated on an SL vehicle can experiences be triggered?
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