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  1. but you got one! Now you're ready to get the next one. YAY!
  2. if you look into the soil in the backyard by those large rocks, Chloe, you should see my footprints left there. lolol I stood on that spot for a couple weeks.. trying to send good mojo that it would be mine. I LOVED it. The day River Run released and I saw someone's name (mindy something) appear on 'my' about land.. I was so disappointed. lol I am super happy for you! that is a beee U tee ful spot! I did end up late that night getting a River Run abandon but it just wasn't the same. I've been searching since for the place that feels like my SL home. Found it last weekend with my alt. Darn it! I wanted my main avi to land 'that' spot so I can just get back to work and stop refreshing and retire the alt. It was an abandon on Rocky Heights on Friday night. I even got a very pretty parcel on Gentle Grove yesterday but released it in hopes for a Rocky Heights abandon. I'm too chicken to release the Rocky Heights spot my alt has and try to catch it with my main. Not doing that... no way.. no how! hahaha
  3. What are the two most important? I'm watching for Gentle Grove. Is that one of them?
  4. Did I just read, "before they drop a load"? haha It's probably just me, but that sounds gross! LMAO
  5. I'm going to be releasing a traditional on Fuhrbol in 7 minutes at 4:45pm SLT. It's a nice parcel with a pretty waterfall across the street. Feels very private. all grass.. no sand. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fuhrbol/149/21/33
  6. I'm going to release my alt's home on Fuhrbol at 4:45 pm SLT. Will post it in the 'Going Back In thread'
  7. Yes.. just different tastes and preferences. The one I had was only abandoned by me and I think the girl who got it is still there. I haven't checked tonight. I had really been waiting for Sario release last week and completely missed it because I had to work. I really liked some of the riverside spots. Last night, about an hour after I let go of my Blackwater Shoals home, I got one! It's so pretty. More like the plots I prefer. Excited to get home tonight and do some more decorating.
  8. I'm going to let go of my home on the first row, water side on Black Water Shoals. I'm hoping for a more mountain like, river view home... inland. I know someone will LOVE this spot. If you like the water's edge, it's a great spot. I will release it at 7pm SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blackwater Shoals/52/247/33
  9. I got one on Blackwater Shoals, too. SHOCKER! cuz I never have luck with releases. I have always managed to catch abandons, not releases. But that all changed this morning. I'm two doors down from you ZsaZsa. with a decent view of the lighthouse and the squishy pickle. I've wanted a mountain-y look and am a trees and green girl too... but this one is so pretty. It just made my day!!
  10. big hugs back to you. No problem at all. If you change your mind, just holler and when I abandon it, I'll also give a heads up in here. I remember you from Home and Garden Expo, which I founded years ago, as well as the Xmas Expo. or at least I think that's where I remember you from. I also founded Avi Choice Awards years ago.. lolol.. so it could be from there! Now days, I just move from linden home to linden home and enjoy some relaxation haha
  11. Kate, I have one that I'm going to abandon in a week or two. I can add you to the group I have my land set to, if you want to change it to each house, grab measurements and rez prims on it, so you can get a start on your add ons. I will have it empty later tonight probably. It's available to you, if you'd like to use it, until I let it go.
  12. Thank you. I'm watching here from my phone. Its a work day for me. Lol
  13. same, ZsaZsa.. I'm not a sand girl. I LOVE mountains, green, trees, river although a lot of trees sure make it really hard to decorate the yard. Wonders if I should derender those when working on the yard
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