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  1. The Cinco de Mayo celebration for RFL will include a Boat Parade that will leave the Fairground docks at noon on May 3rd. You are all invited to bring your boat and join the parade. We're sending early notice so you have time to decorate your boat, too. Decorate it for Relay or Cinco de Mayo or both! Please plan to join us at noon on Saturday at the Fairgrounds, we look forward to seeing you! Please contact Nikki Mathieson or Camden McAndrews, inworld, for more boat parade info.
  2. MAY 2nd - 5th : SAVE THE DATE! We've lined up LOTS of Fun in the Sun for the Bellisseria Community's 'Cinco de Mayo' festival with Special Guests: the Relay Rockers and Team Shadow! Brought to you by: Bellisseria for RFL and Friends for a Cure! ..... in support of Relay For Life. For more information contact: Nikki Mathieson or JameeLynn resident (inworld)!
  3. I wonder where the railway is going to run through the log homes?
  4. I have not been paying close enough attention. Have they done any new releases for Traditionals or do any appear to be ready?
  5. so pretty and I love the mountain look behind your home and it looks like a little pond too. Love the decorating. So the dividing wall are made of components you got with the Doyle? I really like what you've done with it.
  6. The time has ended for the Bellisseria demo homes display, adjoined to the Home Expo. Designers who have items set up there have all been messaged to clean up. I can't return items there but the Lindens will if that's what you prefer. Thank you SO much for participating. The show was just amazing. Thank you to everyone who came to walk through. Hopefully we can do it again sometime!!
  7. March 12th – 17th: 1st annual Belli-Shore Festival for RFL ~ presented by: the Bellisseria for RFL Team. Flea Market for Relay, Live Music, Amusement Area and More on the Belli Shore Boardwalk (Bellisseria Fairgrounds)! Come play in the amusement area. Kiss the Leprechaun for Relay, Dunk your partner and more. Come out and play while you support an awesome cause.
  8. The Bellisseria for RFL Team is setting up a Market on the Fairgrounds in support of RFL of SL. The Belli-Shore Festival runs from Mar 12th through the 17th! This is a great opportunity to sell your extra Gacha (or any transferrable) items for a GREAT cause! All sales from the Market will be 100% for Relay For Life, no personal sales, please. Please follow this link to sign up and THANK YOU so much for your participation, generosity & support of this great cause! https://forms.gle/GqSVjmu9tw74fU9L6
  9. and we're just finishing up our 2nd week of fundraising. Tomorrow is a Leap Day Challenge. For a hundred dollars raised by any team, Sting will add 25 to it out of his pocket. Donations can be received thru our teams kiosks inworld or at this link with credit card or paypal. https://secure.acsevents.org/site/STR?pg=teamlist&fr_id=97294
  10. I thought about asking Patch to rez his soon-ish clock there.. or whatever that thing is called. Soon - o - meter. We're on pins and needles over at ACS too.. so ready to see the big reveal!! It's DEFINITELY, POSITIVELY, ABSOLUTELY feeling soon in the air, though.. which is sooner than soon-ish... right?
  11. Yes, a new theme IS planning to be revealed during the Expo. Yep, it will be in the same spot as the Victorians reveal. The Home Expo runs through Mar 5th, so we still have plenty of time. This is, seriously, like the build up before Christmas!!
  12. I have had a chance to play in the hovercraft for a little bit. FUN stuff!!!
  13. you are talking the 2 Bellisseria regions, right? Home Expo I don't know but can sure ask them.
  14. sure can be. I thought people would want to walk around, but my bad... I will put a notecard in the sign with give script as soon as I get home today.
  15. I was but it is also gone. I think I just got it fixed, though.
  16. I've tried everything I know to try and I cannot rez in my own avatar. I've tried in both Second Life viewer and in Firestorm. HELP
  17. yeahhh sorry for the confusion. This one got untacked and can go to sleep now. The other one is the official event announcement and not so much about the preparations and organizing.
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