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  1. Halfway there. Still available as of now... we need more sign ups!! Spread the word, please Campers - Laramie, Newport, Sequoia, Shenandoah, Sun Valley Houseboats - Evening Star and Windlass Traditionals - Wincester Victorians - Doyle and Shelley
  2. yes.. and although I only originally had 4 of the camper styles on the form, they are all now on it. I'd love to get all 8 filled for that total of 20 styles, if we can pull it off. Will update soon on what's still available. Thank you!!
  3. sounds great to me, Nika! Remind me, which model that is? I've been sending out confirmations tonight, so need to check to see that camper is still available
  4. exactly right! It can be something you've already got set up in Bellisseria. There's some amazing stuff already there
  5. There will be a total of 16 to decorate. All of the camper, houseboats, traditionals and victorian styles. We still have quite a few unspoken for, and I'm hoping more sign up. If we get closer to set up date and still have several, I may just take you up on that offer to decorate 2. Thank you!!
  6. Got it, Elora. Thank you! I'm thrilled that you'll be participating, too. I've enjoyed many photos you've shared with all of us and the magic you do with these homes. You all need to know that it is the photos in both threads that inspired me to suggest this region at the Expo. You all make Bellisseria look so good, along with the amazing build and effort of the Moles. I couldn't be more excited to see you bring the thread to life at the Expo.
  7. Elena, I agree! I always enjoy pics that Marianne shares with us of her home decor. I'm excited to see the region all set up and ready to go. Can't wait! Are you going to sign up?
  8. I think a Home Tour Poster at the Expo Bellisseria region is a great idea. Thank you, Nika! I agree this is a great way for others to see the fantastic decorating that is going on in Bellisseria.
  9. Nika, great questions.. THANK YOU for the help! I love it. Add-ons are fine. Just as they are in Bellisseria. Add-ons are welcome because they show how some amazing decorators are stretching that land impact. Paint shells are fine. If it's fine in Bellisseria, it's fine in Bellisseria at the Expo! Sign ups have been slow so far... hoping for a dozen more. We have some incredible decorators in Bellisseria. Feel free to tag more!
  10. Absolutely can! Although Expo guests will be enjoying decorating ideas this is an opportunity to showcase your design and displaying how far 351 LI can go. I, personally have seen amazing things done with design in Bellisseria themed homes and am excited to bring an incredible showcase to the Expo
  11. The world's largest and most successful virtual fundraiser, the Relay For Life of Second Life, kicks off its 16th season on February 15th at 10am SLT. Game On Cancer! The Cure Starts Here, will bring together teams from across the virtual grid and around the world, to help the American Cancer Society lead the fight for a world without cancer. This season’s theme is a representation of the competitive spirit, as we refuse to give up on fighting this disease! RFL of SL’s Kick Off will take place in THREE locations this year! The Bellisseria Fairgrounds, the Home & Garden Expo AND on Facebook LIVE! Team registrations opened on January 15th and there is still plenty of time to register for the 2020 season. Bellisseria residents are invited to Relay, as a community, and have a HUGE presence at Relay Weekend, as the season ends on a 30+ region track, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, June 6th & 7th. For more information about Relaying For Life in Second Life, join the inworld group(s), The Relay For Life Volunteers - secondlife:///app/group/7f1cc591-7968-9204-4082-98c7e544c371/about (Team Registration info contact: Gem Sunkiller, Adam Spark or Ari Bowenford) Bellisseria for RFL - secondlife:///app/group/d4bf823e-9e9d-784d-315a-041cb295bac5/about (ask for a BLT member to help you sign up!) The American Cancer Society is the world’s leader in fighting cancer and continues Attacking Cancer From Every Angle. If you or anyone you know is facing a cancer diagnosis, please contact the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345, visit cancer.org, or visit the American Cancer Society in Second Life.
  12. The Home & Garden Expo, in support of Relay For Life of Second Life, opens on February 13th. At the Expo, there will be a Bellisserian region displaying one of every style of each of the themed homes (camper, houseboat, Traditional, Victorian.) We are bringing the forums alive with 'The Linden Homes Photo Thread' at the Expo and are reaching out to the decorators of Bellisseria to participate! The goal is to show what can be done with a land impact of 351 and one Bellisserian themed home. If you are interested in furnishing (inside and garden) one of the homes on this region, please complete the form at this link: https://forms.gle/no5zKWkgUoYxAeWn6 or you can also IM Nikki Mathieson inworld. Items used for decorating will need to come from your own inventory. The form asks for your top three choices of Bellissaria themes/models. Please allow up to 48 hours for responses. Set up can begin as early as Friday, February 7th and needs to be completed by Expo opening on the 13th.
  13. beautiful cliff!! What region is this? I would LOVE this kind of cliff and a railroad track nearby. A perfect traditional!
  14. how does one stalk a home? Stand on it for awhile.. I'm lost, here. I'm sure it's that I haven't been paying attention. Bad Nikki!
  15. if you see a release, post here?! lol I'm not going to use up my last 2 tries for the day until then.
  16. ugh.. got the same abandon twice. Never fun when we only get 5!
  17. what were the new traditional regions released yesterday? anyone know?
  18. Those lighted reindeer are awesome! Where did you get those? I love them
  19. where would I find the curtain thread you reference?
  20. oh mannnn.. that looks delicious! The ancestors ought to be VERY happy! This speculating has definitely been spot on and it is fun, for sure! Or maybe we really do have an ancestor connection... du du dunnnnnn haha
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