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  1. keeping one eye on SL this morning, the other on working outside of SL. So far I saw Patch for a split second (feel like he logged in to last location) and then he left. Derrick isn't even logged in that I can see. Sims just seem real quiet. River Run is still not released. I admit I won't mind a day to do the things I haven't done all week because I've been watching SL like a hawk. lol Thank you to all for the helpful pointers on how to get a linden home. I have been standing on the region I'd like because if I see a region restart, I'm logging out and jamming on that land page. I'll tell you.. even if I don't get a new home for a month, it has been a great week. Getting to know Bellisserians this week has been good fun. I've been adding some to my friend's list and you can never have too many friends. Hope you all have a wonderful day!
  2. is it unlikely that there will be anymore releases this week since there's already been 3?
  3. What a job that will be, I think, when it's time to move them out and clear the old homes. Trying to contact everyone to get them moved. I know a few who have homes there but haven't logged in in years
  4. Thank you very much for that helpful advice and encouragement. I have been lucky before and let it go to take care of my workload. I will be lucky again and now I know some tricks to getting closer to it.
  5. exactly my situation. I still would never trade life on the farm, but slow internet here. Haven't been trying since May though, so no complaints
  6. oh nevermind.. I just figured it out. Takes me awhile but eventually I get there. lol
  7. Watching the map? What do you look for to tell when it's time?
  8. I missed Cadhaire and am hoping for another release today. I just can't seem to be paying attention when they release one and miss it. lol Does anyone else read that region name as Cat hair? lol
  9. is there a spot on the forums when they announce an upcoming release? or do you just have to be there?
  10. If you haven't been involved for years, how would you know there's this 'huge disconnect'? ACS receives all in-world fund-raising dollars, except the fee LL charges. ACS also provides a year round island (inworld) where services are offered 24/7 for those fighting cancer and those who are taking care of an ill loved one. This service and the support groups are frequently visited. We're fortunate that those who don't feel like leaving the comfort of their own homes can just log in. Fantasy Faire is an independent mega event, who VERY generously supports Relay For Life with it's annual event. They chose to dedicate their fundraising efforts to the Kenyan Hope Hostel that is currently being built and is part of an ACS effort. It is basically a big 'Hope Lodge' which is what they are called in the US. A place for families to stay while their loved one is receiving treatment for cancer. I THINK that an IM to the coordinator of Fantasy Faire might have re-routed any fees if donating to the Kenyan Hope Hostel effort wasn't what was wanted by participants.
  11. I abandoned and got five houseboats and tried just once more for a better location, forgetting the magic number is FIVE! I had to wait 24 hours to try again and they were all gone. lol Darn it, Nikki! Serves me right. Now I have to wait. But, that's okay, I'm going over to Chic's houseboat and hanging out, when I find it. haha
  12. ohhh I would totally live in an SL trailer park!
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