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  1. Thank you, Sylvia. Exactly that and a point to the Home Expo and Relay For Life, as well. Alwin, I am hoping we see a happy many. Maybe you'll jump in on the next one
  2. I have been getting IMs about this over on the 2 demo regions. The people took off their AVSitter and were then able to tp in. No idea what's up with that, but will IM and ask about it
  3. Thank you, Nika! Yes, I'm glad you did this. I couldn't WAIT to get home today and announce. I meant to do it last night but DROPPED in bed with all of 6 hours left until I had to get up and face the 8 degree morning air. UGH So, I put refrigerator magnets in the kitchen of the Alderley. They are also visitor list makers and free to copy (help yourselves)! They tell me that we had a pretty good day today at least down in the very back of the 2 regions with about 50 visitors. That's not too bad. I posted an announcement thread and I have to admit I'll be sad to see this one trickle it's way down and gone. LOL When I got home tonight, I had a few more style cards that had been sent in so now all homes should have style cards. I'm not sure what's up with The Expo's website. I think the girl she had doing that hasn't been in to take care of it. Making a note to ask her if she needs some help. The Expo and all the RFL mega events are MASSIVE projects and opening day is there before you know it. Thank you ALL for your support!! as you visit the models. and THANK YOU to the designers who stepped forward, I applaud you all!!
  4. Come visit the Bellisseria models adjoined to the Home & Garden Expo 2020! Come check out the amazing showcase of how they can be decorated using the allotted land impact in Bellisseria. We are happy to show you what we've done with these new linden homes. Be sure and grab a style card at each of our models. Open NOW through March 5th! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Demo/128/132/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Demo 2/128/131/23
  5. aww.. you guys, are making me choked and smile at the same time. This.. couldn't have been any better and it hasn't even opened yet. You are warming my heart and reminding me why I've made fighting cancer such a big part of my life, for a long time now. It is such a privilege for me, to share this first time experience with all of you and I don't know that, 'Thank you' conveys, even close, to how much it's meant to me. You're a fine representation of all that the Bellisseria community is, that's for sure and I'm proud to be just a tiny part of it.
  6. lol I didn't notice because I just have my sky set to always light. I messaged Constantine though and he came right over and turned it to the default day/night cycle. He said it was still set on night settings from when the regions were at Xmas Expo. I'm sure glad you guys said something. I didn't even think to check that. SMH I should have. I've been a major multi-tasking me this week.
  7. For the style card, besides listing items used, be sure to add who YOU are. If you're a builder/designer, please feel free to add that and any links you'd like to put in, also. You really made me smile, Rae. I feel the same way. This has already been so fun and I, too have felt.. well, like what an honor to get to do this beside all of you. I definitely want to do it again. We'll be needing more room for the next one, @Patch Linden lol
  8. nahhh have fun with it! lol We have until Friday. and I agree a few clutter items not on the style card isn't a big deal.
  9. Hi Anidusa! I put your name down in my notes if I end up with any no shows. I'm following up on one today, for sure.
  10. cannot wait to walk around and see them all. I want to do this again for xmas season.
  11. I have one camper left for decorating!! If anyone wants to decorate the Newport, please IM me inworld and I'll get you in there. We're so close!!!
  12. Thank you, Nika. I think this would be great for those who don't link but I know many link every prim they possibly can to stretch the land impact. When I message about style cards, I'll mention that this is an option, too and that they can contact you for that option. Again, a style card can be an extra thing we do but not a firm requirement
  13. Sorry, Chic.. yes, it isn't on the notecard because I just thought about this today and I do think it would be a great thing to do. For you, it would be making a notecard about the Bellisseria model you decorated. It would be who the decorator (you) is and whose items are on display, etc. Some items used may not even be available anymore and that's okay. It's like what a blogger does when he credits the builder(s). I do feel like it would be cool to do the same thing. The notecards can be sent to me. I will IM every person decorating and let them know about a style card option. If someone doesn't want to do a style card, that's okay, too. I'm not going to stomp my foot and insist.
  14. Yes, there will be an official info kiosk and everyone can create their style card for the kiosk. You will be able to slip the notecard right into the sign/kiosk.
  15. UPDATE: I've sent out landmarks and info (inworld) to all those who have signed up. We were gifted with extra spots today, so we do have some still open, if you want to do another one. 3 houseboats - 1 Windlass and 2 - style of your choice 4 campers - Sun Valley, Sequoia, Laramie, The Newport 2 Traditionals - style of your choice - EDIT 2 Victorians - style of your choice - EDIT
  16. yes There WILL be a new theme revealed during Home Expo! It will be adjoined to The American Cancer Society Island which is adjoined to the Expo and the Linden Homes Photo Thread Comes ALIVE region(s).
  17. Thank you again, Nika. I need to keep you during all of Relay For Life season. lol You're awesome!
  18. UPDATE! I have 5 campers and a houseboat still not reserved for decorating. Anyone want to decorate a camper? Campers - Colorado, Laramie, Newport, Sequoia, Sun Valley Houseboats - Windlass
  19. would you mind doing the form again and letting me know which one (of those) you prefer?
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