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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but LL still retains the right to dip into our checking accounts and credit cards for mone we allegedly own them and if they have this ablility it would seem that they also have the ability to transfer money into those acounts from here if they choose to do so. Also as I recall the IRS only requires that deposits above 10 000 usd be reported by banks so there really is no impediment to the relatively minor amounts of money LL generally is transfering. It will be interesting to see how if at all LL deals with this issue, and I would guess that in the end we will learn if the integrity of its management is any better than the quality of its programming.
  2. Considering sim crossing has been a critical issue since well before the creation of Zindra about 5 years ago it certainly does seem worthy of discussion whether LL or its "cheerleaders" find it a comfortable topic or not. As a matter of fact not only is it a topic worthy of discussion but may well be a critical issue, since despite the much ballyhooded promises concerning SSD rubber banding was worse than I have ever seen it yesterday when I had to cross a border to deal with a griefer attack.
  3. Thanks Maestro, not everyone has the wiki site bookmarked.
  4. Okey where is the information about the deploys for this week? Given the reports from firestorm and other sources it would seem that we are about to see the appearance of Server Side Baking, but you would never know it from what LL has to say which is nothing. I suspose I should not be disappointed at the lack of information, for LL is not known for its keeping it players informed about what is going on, but really this is a bit extreme. This is perhaps the most important make or break moment that we have seen in recent years and LL chooses to say nothing or worse yet forgets to mention it to it players. Come on guys show some sense and respect for the people who pay your wages and let us know what is going on and what we should expect to see, otherwise do not be surprised that even more player grow disgusted and choose to leave SL and not return. Right now we are at a critical point where players leaving have reached to point where the damage may be impossible to recover from, and we do not need another show of Linden arrogance or lack of consideration to drive more away still. I am sorry if I sound a bit bitter, but enough is enough and it is time LL steips up and treats its players with some respect.
  5. Apparently this round of restarts will see the start of the introduction of Server Side Baking to SL, and judging by the results we have seen so far this is not something to be looked forward to. For what it is worth empty your cache log out and relog. This is your best chance of getting lost items back. Then get the newest viewer possible of your choice, Firestorm came out with a SSB ready viewer today, but I am sure others are doing the same thing. Install that viewer and be patient, for judging by LLs past record this will be a long hard ride and there is no guarantee they will get it right either now or in the near future, however, rest assured they will insist on blaming everyone from our isps, to third party viewers, to the fact that Mercury is in retrograde. Truth is though no one including LL has a clue if this will work or not and quite frankly we should not expect LL to care one way or another.
  6. Are we serious susposed to believe that LL bothers to keep the grid status page up to date or that it in anyway reflects what is going on on the grid. In reality most of the time there will be no entry for days and when there is it will reflect little of the reality most players are actually experiencing. Now to answer the question, yes there are server problems or all kinds and they are getting worse by the day despite the propaganda saying otherwise. These problems mainly manifest on the local servers but seem to begin with a failure of the core servers to execute requested commands. The results are predictabel and include a huge amount of crashes, lag on log in, lag on initiating such functions as calling up inventory, slow or poor logins, lost items, failed or massively delayed rezzes and a host of other problems which LL had rather not talk about much less admit exist. Instead these failings will blamed on third party viewers, net connections, poor isps and in general anything but SL and by extension LL performance. The results have been loss of customers, declining land holding and a serious slump in the sl economy as fewer players come online.
  7. Granted traffic is a lousy metric, but it is the only metric we have to measure progress over a period of time, and if LL cannot fix it then it should come out and say so, and not dodge the issue. Right now the trouble is there are lots of things that LL apparently cannot or will not fix and adding a new viewer, or moving more resources to marketplace will not fix them and may make them worse. Frankly, it may be time for LL to decide if they really want to fix sl or not and if they do make the major effort it will take to fix and likely save it, or admit they can't or at least don't intend to in the near future and let the players decide if they care to stay and continue to invest their money in this increasingly unstable mess. That, however, may be asking for more than LL and its management is capable of giving.
  8. Over a week ago LL announced that they had fixed the stale traffic problem but as of today traffic is still not working. Come on guys if you cannot fix it don't say it is fixed and find someone who can fix it, this just makes you look worse then you did before and lowers people trust and respect for LL even more. Most of these problems see to in one way or another stem from the core servers and if LL is not will to address this issue likely will just get worse no matter how much you try to deny the problem or blame it on other factors.
  9. Since around 9 oclock slt last evening, I and an number of otther people have been plagued with a series of crashes that occur on what appears to be a two hour cycle. I have checked my isp and it is stable and running relatively well, and have noticed that SL is now showing serious packet loss, at time high server ping and bandwidth as well. This is also accompanied by a massive use of virtual memory which seems to be a prelude to these crashes and can only e fixed by relogging our computer and dumping our bloated cache which is apparently a byproduct of SLs massive packet loss. At this point this problem is becoming a game stopper and if not fixed will leave me no choice but to sell the rest of my land and leave SL as so many others have been forced to do over the last few weeks. This problem did not begin till today's restart and appears closely associated with the work LL was doing on the servers this evening, and since it is impacting both main servers and RC servers would seem to be a problem in the core hardware. We trust LL to get these restarts right and to carefully test them before installing them and this case is no exception, but since the code has until now worked well on the RC servers from which it was taken, we must conclude that the problem is not in the code but in the hardware preparation that accompanied its installation. Given the fragile nature of the LL economy and the exodus of people and businesses leaving sl due to technical problems, one would think that LL would have been more careful in their preparation, but apparently they were not. Now we can only hope that either the RC updates fix this problem or LL decides to correct the obvious mistakes they made last ning and this situation does not continue for days or even weeks as some of these problems have. One more thing prior to about 6 slt this evening things were running smoothly but suddenly they fell apart in a series of serious crashes and since then have settled into the two hour crash cycle mentioned above. To say that this in intolerable would be to do it an injustice, but I would say that it needs to be fixed soon or LL will loose whatever small amount of trust its player still have in its ability to maintain a stable playing environment.
  10. A better question is when does LL fix anything? It looks more like they just recycle the same tired old bugs and add a few new and even more noxious ones occasionally.
  11. I am suddenly getting scripting errors on thing that either are turned off or were working earlier today as well as numerous permission errors. What is going on and when are things going to return to even a semblance of normal?
  12. By the way Haggard did three She novels. As I recall the other two were She and Alan, and The Return of She. All were fairly well done and that last one wraps things up nicely. Now if only LL could do the same.
  13. When has LL resolved anything? This time is no exception and they appear well on the way to an even bigger mess, maybe though there is a silver lining to this storm though, if the really mess the core server up completely maybe they will actually have to fix it or find somebody who can fix it. Right now though they seem to be hanging on by a hair and the hair is frayed.
  14. Maestro, as of this evening the main servers look good with no sign of the lag problem that plagued them last week. Hopefully, that is again fixed and the fixed crash is the one that results in the "region is logging you out" message. If this hold you have given us a great Christmas present. Good luck.
  15. Hopefully, the crash bugs are indeed fixed, for during yesterdays leadup to today's restart they made several normally stable blue steel servers all but unplayable. Also normal logins and ports to these servers failed more ofthen than not. Hopefully, if this does not fix the problems, the period after Thanksgiving will be used to fix crashes, the allocation of memory problem and the lag that it crippling so much of SL, rather then simply confusing the matter with more layers of semi-tested problems.
  16. Apparently the entire thing was reopened last Friday by Oz Linden, and what we are seeing in the technology is the official statement of the new policy. I certainly hope this issue has been resolved six months ago, but am extremely doubtful that it has, and can hardly see how ad board, groups that one enters into voluntarily, or the contacts list with its online status feature can be considered invasions of privacy since all require consent to one degree or another.
  17. Try looking at the SL Viewer part of the Technology Forum and you will see it, if you have not read it already. At this point over 14,000 have read it so I would not consider it to be either hard to find or not worthy of comment.
  18. Oskar, I hope you read this, for I mean every word of it. In the past we argued and fought, but at all times I knew you cared about sl as much as I did, and you kept it honest, and did not hide behind being a Linden. For that I respect you as much as any Linden I have ever dealt with over the last six years, and sadly like you they are now gone. I wish you well in the future and hope you find a good honest position that suits your needs for you have earned it. As for the rest of the Linden I just hope you get the justice you deserve.
  19. Now for the real question is this restart going to be the vehicle for the implementation of the new thrid party viewer policy?
  20. Yes, was announced late last Friday and seems to be going to be implemented tomorrow, check technology, viewers, and I believe the third item for the official statement.
  21. Apparently there is a great deal of concern in non-LL circles that the new privacy interetations that come with the new third party view policy, will destablize ad boards, upon which clubs in general and dance and escort clubs in particular depend for income. If Linden Labs takes time to think about the nature of these boards they will leave them alone, and not change the scripts involved in telling if you are on or offline. The reason for this is simple and should be obvious to anyone familiar with such boards. These board are purchased by individuals as a means of self advertisment, and by the act of purchasing them they voluntarly agree to let their online status be listed. This is hardly a violation of privacy for if you do not wish your status to appear your can simply not get a board or go work in a club that takes a percentage of tips and fees, which by the way generally will cost you far more money per week than a board. Agreed broadcasting your onlinge status without your consent is likely to some degree an invasion of privacy, but by renting a board you agree to reveal your online status, and indeed doing so is one of the main reasons you get a board to begin with. Before LL jumps in blindly and destroys an entire segment of the sl economy I urge the to consider these facts and come to a more reasonable and equitable solution to this problem, lest they find clubs suddenly vanishing from sl entirely and with them one of the major souces of income for a large part of the SL population. This is being posted here for two reason.s. One LL in its wisdom announced the change in third pary viewer policy in such a way as to allow no comment, and second, if these scripts are destroyed it will be done so by means of a rolling restart which is much of the focal point of this area of the forum.
  22. Wake up guys, looking at the recent entries to this and the viewer forum this seems to be a major problem, and if people can't log in to sl they can't spend money here and ultimately loose interest and leave or go to a more stable world. This is not in the best interest of SL, LL, the SL economy or anyone else involved and one would thing it would be a priority, but over the last couple of weeks it has, along with crashes gotten progressively worse and LL seems to have ignored the issue except for a bit of unscheduled maintainece, that by the way caused still more crashes, and it remains festering.
  23. For what it is worth these crashes seem to come in three flavors, one the "server is still logging you out" variety, two a crash where your cpu cache becomes so filled with junk and looped unsent procedures that you crash and have to restart your computer to clear the cpu, and a new and more insidious third variety that locks up your whole machine and forces you to shut down and restart it. By the way this occurs in a variety of viewers, really became serious with the last restart, and is worst in sims with abnormally high allocated memory, though even when allocated memory is suppressed by a restart they continue but not as frequently. LL will likely want to say this is coming from our connections or viewer, but I have checked after crashes and my connection is strong and the viewer is sending the request for action to the appropriate server, but in return we are getting crashes rather than the expected action. Over the last week this has become increasingly a problem, and needs to be dealt with because if you look at the online number they are declining again after a brief increase when SL was running relatively well. That this problem arose or became dramatically worse in the last restart is very clear, as is the fact that the chief crash "server is logging you out" began again when this code was first introduced two weeks ago and got much worse when it was added to the main servers. A hardware update may indeed help some but then again LL has been very vague about what they intend and when they intend to do it and at the rate things are going players may have left sl in mass before the promised hardware salvation happens. Right now these crashes and the massive lag that tends to go with them need to be addressed and the very last thing we need is more "improvement and innovations" to further add to the confusion and make the root of this problem even harder to track down. I fully realize some of you may not like to hear this news but it is what is happening and it affects you as much a anyone, because as paying accounts leave sl, LL has less and less to work with and the promised hardware improvements become less likely. Oskar you may think this is a rant, I am telling you what players are seeing and what they are dealing with. The fact that most dont bother to complain more reflects their belief that LL will not listen or act on their problems than anything else and the continuation of this situation simple servers to reinforce that already strong perception. My guess is if you look closely this problem will be found to relate to the stale sim problem which has be heavily documented and generally ignored and that together they may point to whatever it is that is playing havoc with stability in sl. Like it or not this is a serious problem and someone needs to deal with it before it goes totally out of control.
  24. Would you guys please fix the "region is still logging you out crash". I appeared in last weeks restart and is making a shambles of sl at the moment and discouraging people from even logging in, since it frequently accompanies logins. This crash is a recurring problem they you have "fixed" many times now but keeps reappearing. Ironically this time it appeared as a replacement to the crash you claim to have "fixed" two weeks ago, but is particularly insidious due to its association with the log in process which it frequently accompanies. The way this crash works is you suddenly crash without warning when going to inventory, rebaking or doing some other action that reequires the participation of the core server, like logging in, and then when you return you get a "server" is logging you out message". Given the frequency and annoying nature of this crash and its frequent association with login ins it would seem do be a priority issue.
  25. What if anything did you do to the main servers if the designated code was not used?
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