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  1. A lot of people are seeing this. I was told support are aware of the issue, but it's not on the grid status page
  2. i think forever is about par for the course. i logged in - eventually - with a brand new id, but it took several goes
  3. I'm not claiming alpha cuts solve everything. Just that not having to make your own alpha layers is a major major major plus point. And I'm still waiting for Slink and Linden to come to some sort of arrangement whereby they can paint my slink nails underneath my sheer gloves/stockings - Slink have provide a thing on their redux hud which allows you to apply tints which is better than nothing but it's miles away from applier stockings. Especially if your stockings aren't plain.
  4. Hahaha. Alpha masking is unutterably evil. In the days of '5 sizes fits all' i had heaps of items where the alpha just plain didn't work (even with "standard" size bodies) and it's difficult (and costly) for someone like myself to try and fix them. with alpha cuts that you got on onion layers, it is so much easier and I am literraly crying at the thought of having to go back to alpha masks.
  5. Please please please linden labs and slink - talk to each other. I love my slink toenails and fingernails. And I love baked on mesh because it allows me to use all of my old tattoos and undies and things. Except one (well, two) things. Sheer stockings and gloves (I do have a couple of the latter). They get painted under the toenails (or fingernails), which just looks terrible. Slink provides the opportunity to apply a tint to the feet which works - more or less - if you happen to be able to work out what colour tint and the stockings don't have patterns (OK, yes, I am a teeny bit obsessiv
  6. when will it be fixed, as it's now july and it (bakes on mesh viewer) keeps forcing me to default linden viewer
  7. Thank you for this. My gx card has only reently become good enough to run with ALM on and it's amazing (or depressing) what things have started to look strange
  8. Yes I did. This morning was this morning where I am. The other stuff got returned this afternoon. The thing from this morning I did rez just now to check and it was just the single object, it hadn't added friends
  9. Yes. I'm beginning to wonder if they've gone into the folder where they originally came from as i went to look for one that was copiable and I seem to have two of them there now. However, there was another thing that i had and i don't have two copies of that so maybe not
  10. the thing that was in there was from earlier this morning before i logged in to find out 13 objects had been returned. And it's still that single object
  11. I logged in today to get a message that 13 items had been returned to my lost and found folder. Which I sort of expected as the place is being redesigned. However, my lost and found folder has absolutely nothing in it apart from 1 object that ended up there early this morning. Where are the other 13?
  12. Oh, OK. I can understand that too (after all the talk about onion layers in other threads). So your system clothes would be applied on your body and then the onion layers would be applied on top of that, yes? That actually sounds like you could do some cool things with it.
  13. Nope. I was using the BOM viewer when I got my pictures in the other thread. I did not have to swap viewers (sometimes I do know what I'm doing, even if it's rare)
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