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  1. Considering you have apparently only had this character since 2009 I would assume you are speaking either in generalities or from the experience of an unamed and unverified alt. If you look at my entry dates you will see that I have been here since 2006 and have never seen sl this erratic over an extended period of time during the six years I have been here. Yes, there have been some short term disasaters like the Linden created CopyBot Fiasco and several crashes of the database but these have been recovered from fairly quickly and growth continued. This is not what is happening now and if you look at some of the sl metric sites, these are not sponsored by Linden Labs, because LL ceased giving out metric reports when the spin they were placing on them became so blatant that no one other than a few Linden cheerleaders supported or believed them, you will find two were interesting patterns. First, since the first of the year SL has become increasingly unstable and second over the same period median online numbers have declined by at least 30% and are still declining. As for Iam's claims that ports are failing in a massive way I can testify from experience that is all but impossible to port in or out of a blue steel serever without crashing or having a port failure, and I routine resort to walking to the nearest adjoing sim and porting from there which seems to work if you can in fact leave the sim you are in without crashing due to the border crossing issue. In addition teleports are made even worse tonight by the fact that many of the restarted areas are still being reported as down on the map, though again it is possible to port to the sim next to them and walk to them. All of this speaks of a massive misallocation of resources in the core servers and an utter and complete failure on the part of Linden Labs to do anything about it. Given the decline in online numbers there is a good chance that we now have more bots online than actual players and it this trend continues the population of long term serious players will all be vanish, if it has not already. This can hardly be what LL wants to happen, and they need to take serious actions to correct this problem before they slip beyond the point of no return and seriously hope that point has not already been reached. As for the source of the online numbers I will post that asap in a follow up post so you can all judge for yourselves.
  2. Since last weekend there has been a serious problem with failed teleports and it is getting worse by the day, and now is starting to manifest as login problems after crashes from failed teleports. Ports worked well for about two weeks after you made a concerted effort to fix them, but are now returning back to the same situation they were in before and this has gotten worse since the last RC restart. Oskar if the people who are writing this code will not test it and verify it is free of pervious bugs my question has to be why is LL running this code and why are they still working as coders and continuing to make the same mistakes time and time again, and if this problem stems from something more basic than code like a compromised database overloaded with little uses applications, why is someone not making an effort to fix that. In other words we are back to the question I have raise many times in these forums, we are paying relatively huge amounts of money to sl for services LL is either unable or unwilling to provide and we really need to know when those services will be forthcoming because this constant reiteration of errors that we are seeing is doing little but driving people from sl in massive numbers as any look at game statistics will demonstrate.
  3. Gee when you cant think of anything to say about the merits of the issue you begin to defame the guy who was attacked, this is so typical, but as for a legal case I am sure you and your sponsors know full well not case has yet been filed, but they also undoubtably know that such a case is a real legal possibility and that sooner or later they will in their arrorgance set upon someone who will file on them, and they also know that a court case is the very last thing they want to see for they really cannot stand anyone taking a close look at even a small part of the way the do business.
  4. Funny how you suddenly change the argument to a question of gaming liscenses, this smells like smoke and mirrors to me, and ultimately the only way it can be settled unless LL decides it back down or the creators of Byngo decide to not fight is either in Federal Court which will open LL to a level of scrutiny that it may not want to face, or before the WTO which already has reviewed and the case involving casinos, and in case you did not know the WTO, which was established by international treaties takes precedence over even Federal Courts. Also as I recall it is a basic part of all US law that actions that do not have a a clear appeal process automatically can be taken to Federal Court, so this could get very interesting
  5. Have seen and heard of others with the same issue and it appears to be purely random, more likely than not, like most such issues stems from SLs massively overtaxed database. Unfortunately this is not a problem that is easily solved and is at least three years in the making, and one which LL shows little interests in correcting, and even less interest in resolving, if in fact it can be fixed at all.
  6. Let's not beat around the bush and go through the blaming other peoples connection, third party viewers and the the rest of the normal excuses LL and it mouthpieces use to cloud the issue of poor performance. The truth is the core sl database is woefully over burdened with added demand created over the last two years by it ill advised and poorly executed and largely unwanted expansion of 'so called SL services". At this point the database tendes to randomly time out information and not send it to the viewers at all, and what view you are using does not matter. This results in massive losses of data and lag and is a major source of the problems SL is currently experiencing. Unfortunately, LL is either unwilling or unable to address this problem and it is getting worse constantly. Moreover, it appears that SL viewer 3 or viewer 4, is a far worse memory hog than any third party viewer and just as subject to these problems as any third party viewer if not more so. Unfortunately, this problem will not be corrected at the server level and will continue to grow worse til it is dealt with at the level of the core database itself, which means either finding someone capable of fixing it or installing a new and more powerful database entirely, and since both these solutions may be impossible there may in fact be no solution. It is certain though that the denials we are getting now accomplish nothing and for the money we are paying for sl services, we the playing publich deserve much better performance.
  7. I am getting reports of large numbers of failures of teleports involing porting in, out and between RC servers, and just experienced on myself. From what I could see the teleport seemed to time out when the server or database cound not find the location of the destination and then caused a crash. If this is a lead up to what you are truly doing tomorrow I urge you to check very carefull the code you are installing because unless there is a factor as yet uninstalled you are creating the biggest disaster you have managed to make so far. By the way ports were stable until a few hours ago and suddenly went bad, and I am assuming this resulted from lead up work but since we have no real knowledge of what you are doning who knows. All that is certain is you have a MAJOR problem which if not fixed will bring sl to its knees, and likely cost you more than a few businesses that as a result of other such misteps on LLs part are on the brink of disaster. At present I am paying over 600 usd for service that, if this is an example, are both not worth getting and an insult to common intelligent so please just fix this mess asap and do not send out the nay sayers to explain how benighted I am and how this is really a result of my connection or computer. Just fix it while you still have a chance to do so and before this leads to a massive disaster which it is already fast becoming.
  8. It looks like this afternoon's unplanned inventory work was less than successfu, we are back to the same inventory problems as before and maybe worse. When is LL actually going to fix a problem and not break the fix within a week and is it even possible for them to do so, and if it is do they really care? This business stems mainly from the interface of the database with the inventory and until that is fixed we are going to get nowhere, and LL shows no interest in addressing the long term database issues that have plagued it for year so I guess we are stuck paying huge fees for a beta that does not work and likely has little chance at this point of ever working. Guys if you value your customers you need to fix this mess and quit torturing us the way you are now or you will find your paying customers leaving even faster than they are now.
  9. Several first impressions that may bear watching. One inventory seems to be loading easier, but apparently there is some problem with the opition load to the last location in log in, it does not seem to want to work, yet choosing home works fine even when you are logging into virtually the same locations. This to me indicates a problem with the interface with the database during log in and perhaps a time out problem. Second ports are creating more and longer lag apparently and in some servers such as turnip this lag simply does not go away this will bear watching and testing with various viewer, and as more information becomes available I will report it though there is a good chance that the server there may settle down as others such as Osbourn Walk already have done. One other positive sign is that it is now costing far less memory to operate in a server though again that needs to watched to see if it continues. Overall, I suspect that this rollback has been more successful than I would have expected and might even be called a strategic withdrawal. Ultimately, though the full verdict will not come for several days when we see what other problems may pop up and be corrected, and in the end none of this matters in the long run unless the problems in the database are successfully fixed and there is no indication anyone is even close to doing that yet.
  10. in otherwords it is a rollback? Hopefully, inventory is back where it was two weeks ago too when it was working, but a lot of changes and code has gone down since then involving inventory so we shall see.
  11. If you are really doing a restart of bluesteel and letigre and they need it, yesterday inventory work was as usual a disaster and a step backward, it would be nice if you posted some notes about what you are trying to do so we can watch for bugs.
  12. What improvements Oskar? Since the last restart on the RC channel things have gotten worse and not better, logins are now taking hours due to inventory problems, crashes are more frequent, the memory leak which LL apparently chooses to ignore or cannot fix is getting larger, lag is worse, crashes are coming much faster now, other loging problems like suddent unexplained crashes have begun and in general service is as bad as it was at its low point in December. It would be nice if LL stopped its constant barrage of new and untested or poorly tested programs and made fixing these problem a priority, and actually followed through on that committment, rather then giving lip service to it as they are now. People are literally paying hundreds of dollars a year to play SL and are recieving absolutely pitiful service in return and all to often ar placed on RC servers without being asked and submitted to what amounts to a paid beta for service that would be shameful even on in alpha testing. In light of this is it no wonder that online numbers are down, old players are leaving sl in droves and new players are giving up in frustration at an ever increasing rate. LL has reached the point that if really wants to save SL and not destroy it, as it is doing now, it needs to address these issue, establish some degree of stability and decent service and do it quickly before there is no one left but bots to appreciate the effort.
  13. If the performance of inventory loading tonight is any indication of things to come, tomorrows restart will be a total disaster, as tonight we went form logins and inventory loading that took minutes to on that is taking hours. If LL cannot do better than this they simply need to find some programmers that can and hold the people who are making this mess responsible for the damage they are doing, because like it or not they are very quickly killing Second Life, though apparently LL has its head so buried in the sand that they can see what is happening, or if they can cannot muster the will to fix it. Hopefully, I am wrong and tomorrow will fix this disaster, I fear a fix is not even intended and that what we will see is just the first step down the road to destroying Third Party Servers and Phoenix in particular.
  14. Last Wednesday's RC server up date was far from a success and in fact has created more or faster mermory leaks, a serious proble with failed ports and numerous in sim crashes as well as difficult login and constant inventory problems. Apparently some in LL do not learn from their mistakes and hide behind the veil of irresponsibilty LLs policy of permissivness affords and somehow make the same mistakes over and over again with the same devastating results. They and the leadership of LL are starting to remind me of Voltaire's comment on the French Bourbons, "they never learn anything, but never forget it either". Maybe the Lindens should reflect upon these comments and remember that a few year after Voltaire penned that line, the Bourbon line was almost totally destroyed but the disaster of 1789 and the Revolution. At this point I have to seriously wonder if the Lindens can or will do any better.
  15. Good to see the notes finally appear and hopefully the fixes will work for they are all badly needed. Thank you for coming through again Oskar, if only the rest of LL were as dependable as you we might be in good shape.
  16. Are we to assume that there will be no changes in these restarts and like last weeks main channel restart they will only be to servers that need it? Really if you can't sure at this late date that the material to be installed is of good quality please err on the side of caution and dont install it until you are sure. We have suffered enough form untested code that contained hidden surprises and if your programmers cannot verify it before advancing it, then they are not doing their jobs and should be held accountable rather than letting your player community suffer from their lack of diligence.
  17. As usual no mention of your intentions for the RC servers, but judging by the lead up which saw whatever progress you made over the weekend with inventory and login problems suddenly reverse and crashes again begin to multiply I am hardly optimistic, and frankly am getting tired of payin 600 dollars a year for service I cant depend on for what amounts to a paid beta. Linden Labs needs to make stability a priority or develop an exit strategy for ending sl because it is doubtful that it can last much longer at the rate it is falling apart.
  18. Perhaps you who have not noticed any p[roblems have been too busy in the forums trying to downplay the problems that are being reported. As for myself I am stuck on an RC server for which I just paid 47.50 for tier and service I am not getting because I am spending, since the RC update an average of 5 hours a day trying to log in due to LLs crippled database. I realize for you who haunt the forums and defend LL tooth and nail this is not a problem. but even if it were with your blinders I doubt you would see it anyway. Basically, I have reached the point where I am sick and tired of paying over 200 usd a year for service I am more often and not not getting. Now dont get me wrong I do not blame this problem on Oskar or the restart team they only add the code they are given, the people who are to blame are those faceless programmers who repeat the same problems time after time do not test the work they do enough to verify its effectivness and remain utterly unaccountable for their performance. For them I have a simple solution--attach their names to their updates so we can see if there is a pattern one person or one team repeatedly making the same mistakes and if so bring pressure upon LL to improve their performance, since by now it is clear that let to themselves LL has no inclination for quality control. At this point anyone other than the most blind linden or linden supporter has to realize that SL is slowly dying and that both older players like myself who have been here approaching six years and new players are both leaving SL in droves. LL apparently does not seem to care that this is happening and is making no effort to relieve the heavy stress its added programs have put on the already overstressed database and is desperately clinging to the illusion that everything is fine and that this is the best of all possible worlds. Well I have news for you this place is rapidly falling apart depite the brief intermissions from chaos that we enjoyed for the last two weeks and needs only one false step like apparently happened Wednesday to kick it back over the edge toware Oblivion. At this point it does not matter what LL or its designated or self designated defenders think or say the reality is overwhelming and if LL does not do something to relieve this porblem it will become much worse.
  19. Since yesterday's restart the inventory database has not been working and logins are taking hours due to its multiple failures. Dumping cache appears to do little good and it is just a question of logging again and again until you finally get lucky and inventory loading does not time out. I dont think LL or even its most ardent apologist can call thist decent service, and it is certainly not the kind of service calculated to satisfy people with paying account, tier to pay and businesses to run. This is just one of many examples of why long term players have been leaving sl in droves and why this trend will continue unless LL takes the time and effort to correct and and return SL to some degree of stability. If at this point you find me a bit unhappy with the service we are getting SL you would be right, for there is no excuse for this kind of sloppy testing and programming other than the simple fact those who are writing the code simple do not care and know they are totally unaccountable for their actions.
  20. This is starting to resemble the mess we had in Januarary and December when LL started this disaster, did someone really test this code this time or are we using the same thing as before? If this is not fixed fast it will be an utter disaster and a rollback will have to be considered. LL needs to remember that many players are paying hundreds of dollars a year for this service and when the service is not rendered as it is not being rendered today the eventually grow tired of the abuse and leave sl taking with them both their money and the time the invested in helping build the SL community. They are and have already done this in droves and have not been replaced by new player who are leaving even faster. If this continues unabated and LL does not pay serious attention to giving and maintaining stable service I fear SL will be doomed.
  21. The restart went smoothly, it did not seal the massive memory leak that is debilitating all viewers, including V 3, indeed V3 seems the worst hit by this thing which is not a reflection so much of a defect in the viewer but a massively overloaded database that is not sending out responses properly and causing massive procedural loops to build up in memory cache and eventually lead to inevitable crashes. The more immediate issue though is that this update seems to once again have broken the inventory database and loading inventory is now taking hours to accomplish as commands time out and the loading process freezes. This was not a serious problem for a couple of weeks but is back now worse than ever and along with that huge memory leak which you can see literally growing as you watch has rendered sl almost unplayable. Here is hoping that eventually LL makes fixing the database a major priority and does not clutter it further with more burdensome operations such as web profiles and desinger names or more mesh. All of these potentiall can be very nice but not at the expense of the basic integrity of performance and play. Hopefully, someone will be listening, and if not welcome to the next wild and crazy misadventure which we will likely see rolled out next week on the RC channels in all its glory.
  22. Oskar are you going to post release notes for this weeks restarts or are we going to be left guessing? Would be very nice if those notes addressed the remaining memory leaks left over from your last two weeks work, I saw one so large in Osbourne Walk last night that you actually could see it growing in front of your eyes. Since these things are in every server i have seen it would seem they are not a local problem, but probably stem from the core server or database and very much need addressing at that level. Anyway unless LL has a new policy of no information entirely Release Notes would be very much appreciated.
  23. Having been in SL for nearly 6 years now, I have seen my share of the good and the bad, and have come to the conclusion that LL is utterly incapable and uninterested in providing dependable service. The company ethos may well have a lot to do with this, for there is virtually no accountability within Linden Labs, and design flaws have been present in it from the beginning and exacerbated by LL decisions like releasing the copybot to what amounted to a group of hakers in 2006, and their continued lack of a clear vision which they have tried to supplement by copy whatever the latest net rage is at the moment, ie Facebook. What LL and Phil Linden seem oblivious to is Second Life has a life and identity of its own and they are steadily sapping its vitality through their mindless and capricious policies and unwillingness to enforce the basic standards stated in the TOS such as no traffic bots, or the right to intellectual property, again look at the copybot. Basically, what economy and society that still exists in SL exists despite the Lindens and they through their policies are fast destroying it. Already older players have left SL in droves, and these were the ones who built the businesses that made the economy work. Now we are finding that a huge majorit of the newer players that replace them are leaving within three months, probably because LL has not updated the hardware requirment to reflect the reality present by SL viewer which eats enourmous CPU and Ramm resources and which is too demanding for the specs they are saying will run here. Given that fact it is a wonder most last three months and the fact is many leave much quicker. Overall then this is not the picture of a responsibly run business but one in total disarray and wandering aimlessly toward disaster. Given this situation it is no wonder that over the last two weeks markeplace and land sales have been broken periodically. From that you can make your own conclusions as to the health of SL.
  24. To compare LL at this point to any legitimate company such as Porsche is a joke. This stuff is breaking everyday and not getting better, if you want to make a comparison try an legitimate analogy like a Yugo.
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