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  1. Grandfathered region (20,000 prims) for sale. 1750 USD or best offer - sale must go through before tier date - April 12nd I will pay the transfer fee (600 USD)
  2. Full Regions for rent: Price: 13,988 L$/Week Prims : 20000 Area : 65536 Sq.M http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DAGO FESTIVAL/128/128/44 if you interest IM: naga lionheart thankyou
  3. I always see old topics with new comment/reply on top of my forum page
  4. (SOLD) Hello, I want to sell 1 Grandfathered Full Sim and 3 Grandfathered Homestead, all the sims is connected, if you interest please IM me, thankyou. Naga Lionheart
  5. You can try to visit this place --> https://www.facebook.com/kemangisland/
  6.  "The Kemang Island PHOTO-CONTEST October 2016 !" Total Prize = L$ 18K! 1st winner = L$ 10K2nd winner = L$ 5K3rd winner = L$ 3KJOIN NOW! Entry Fee: L$50 Starting Date: 1th of October in 2016, 5PM SLT Closing Date : 21th October in 2016, 5PM SLT After your BEST picture is Captured, Place your picture on an available slot on the Contest board open for you after your Entry Fee of L$50 is submitted. Theme : Any Theme Any Location on Kemang Island (moderate contents only) TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kemang/87/18/22 WINNERS Will be Announced on 25th October 2016, 5 PM SLT (Judge's decisions are final and can not be out ruled nor changed) RULES: 1. Photos must be taken on Kemang Island (Moderate/ PG contents only) 2. All themes are acceptable, either landscape, singles , couples or group pictures are acceptable 3. Photos may be edited (No Morphing) . 4. An entry fee of L$ 50 is collected per 1 picture, and once the payment is submitted place your taken picture in an available slot on the designated Picture Contest Board. -Photo board and payment facilities are located at LABUAN PORT on Kemang Island Entry procedure: -Make Entry fee payment -Put your picture on available Slot on board 5. Everyone is eligible to join 6. More than one entry is allowed with entry fee of L$50 per picture (upon slot availability) 7. Uploaded pictures may be changed anytime before closing date Note. -Winners are chosen by a panel of 3 proffesional photographers. -the outcome and decisions of judges are final and can not be outruled nor changed. -Photos will be on display at Stage4 on Kemang Island for 2 weeks. -10 best Photos will be featured on Kemang Magazine Premier Edition. -Kemang Island Management-
  7. I choosed https://www.roblox.com/ for my kids, its similar to secondlife but kidsafe certified
  8. try this --> http://www.fraps.com/ I use that capture software to make this video 6 years ago -->
  9. Try this MMORPG -> http://cosmosmaster.com
  10. Hello, We will launch the game at Feb 23, 2016 and we have no land yet You can see Cosmos Master display assets at our sponsors land: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TROPICANA/65/79/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/UNDERGROUND/40/95/21
  11. Selling mainland for premium accounts Mainland beside HYANNISPORT Infohubs For Sale, the Price is 57K for 7408 SQM (1695 PRIMS) SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noether/224/52/32 Maintenance fee = 40 USD / Month, pay directly to LL Mainland beside HYANNISPORT Infohubs For Sale, the Price is 19K for 960 SQM (219 PRIMS) SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//16/249/31 Maintenance fee = 8 USD / Month, pay directly to LL if you buy both of them the maintenance fee = 40 USD / Month (if you dont have another land)
  12. I use this site: http://www.secondads.com/advertise_gridwide.php and https://www.metabizlist.com/en/adfusion_advertisers.html
  13. Hello Haytch, sorry if I talking here, that's because I cant reach you on skype or email and I found this new post from you. So many friends visited to our full sim and a few of them helping our project, maybe they also can help you to recall what we've done before if you want it, or I can send to you all of our past conversations, we better to stop this conversation here to avoid misunderstanding and please IM me on skype or SL, thank you.
  14. I just try to contact you on SL but you may missed my IM, let me remind you.. I am who fund your project proposal --> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/Looking-for-a-Project-Funder-for-a-huge-project/m-p/2166795#M12675 I was rent a full sim for you like your wish, and I watching you building on blender everyday through skype, thats before you dissapears I hope we can talk next time either on skype or on SL
  15. Hello Haytch, You just disappear on our past project and never answer my skype or email, and now you are back still without IM me, that's make me curious what was happened.
  16. its a very serious matter, I was banned from SL for more than 3 months with my hundreds thousand of linden in my account.. because when LL ask my DOB I gave them a wrong answer..! I forgot what DOB that I filled when I register SL at the first time but fortunately they released me after I send them my RL passport, so better to consider this seriously
  17. HElo Karisayinn, you can try this one --> http://hallisonhighschool.wix.com/hallison-high-school
  18. you can camping (sit down) here to get 3 linden for every 10 minutes --> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noether/249/91/30
  19. Try this one --> http://hallisonhighschool.wix.com/hallison-high-school
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