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  1. Por isso que menos de 20% das pessoas que experimentam Second Life voltam após o primeiro mês. E os que ficam são os mais resistentes. E eu também devo ser muito resistente porque ainda estou aqui... Mas isso não quer dizer que eu esteja disposto a aguentar tudo. E é um fato indiscutível que os vendedores em Second Life demonstram um grande desprezo pelos clientes. Eu já fiz muitas compras na internet (fora do Second Life) e nunca tive nenhum problema porque é sempre muito fácil entrar em contato com o vendedor. Na minha primeira compra no Second Life eu também não fiquei satisfeito com o produto. Mas quando recebi o produto havia um link para pedir o reembolso. Eu usei esse link mas nunca recebi nenhuma resposta, nem recebi o meu dinheiro de volta. Sassy Romano “On the right hand side of the advert it says "Sold by: Pi Rain" so what you do is open their profile inworld and send them an IM or a notecard.” Eu já tentei tudo isso. Só não usei o Notecard porque não consigo usa-lo (não funciona). De qualquer modo nada pode justificar a falta de uma assistência fácil e acessível da parte dos vendedores. E eu acho que isso também seria muito vantajoso para os vendedores. Inclusive para o Second Live. Google translation So that less than 20% of people who experience Second Life back after the first month. And those who stay are the most resistant. And I must also be very tough because I'm still here ... But that does not mean I am willing to endure anything. And it is an indisputable fact that sellers in Second Life show great contempt for customers. I've done a lot of internet shopping (outside of Second Life) and never had any problems because it is always very easy to contact the seller. In my first purchase in Second Life I was also not satisfied with the product. But when I received the product there was a link to claim a refund. I used this link but never received a response, nor received my money back. sassy Romano "On the right hand side of the advert it says" Sold by: Pi Rain "so what is open to you Their inworld profile and send em an IM or a notecard." I've tried it all. Not only used the notecard because I can not use it (does not work). Anyway nothing can justify the lack of an easy and affordable assistance from the sellers. And I think it would also be very advantageous for sellers. Including the Second Live.
  2. Yes, you have tried to explain to me how to get contact the sellers (thanks for that), but it seems too hard to get it. And I still could not do it. And to make matters worse this website is too old and hard to navigate It is very easy to shop in Second Life But if something goes wrong, we have a mountain to climb before we can speak with a seller
  3. Sellers are not listening to me anyway. Yes, I'm being rude. And I apologize for that. But my rudeness is due to the fact I have never been able to talk to any seller. And it's my fault because I do not speak English, or because I have not read all the manuals??? No, no ... I think it is the fault of Second Life because it does not force sellers to offer good assistance to customers. There had to be a very visible link to the customer assistance When we open a package appears a link for customer support, but this link never works Page not found
  4. Why I HATE this avatar... ??? Because he's too ugly, scary and bad guy... He looks like a psychopath In the demo it is also clearly a bad boy. But it's not scary... He looks like a bad boy, but otherwise looks sweet and sad... and I identified with it a bit
  5. Dresden Ceriano "I'll never understand why some people will just presume this to be the case, simply because a creator has used ALM and Shadows to take their marketing photo. While there certainly are some unscrupulous merchants who do indeed go that route in an attempt to hide the imperfection of their creations, I seriously doubt that someone who makes as good a quality of product as does the Aeros creator, would ever feel the need to resort to such a deceptive tactic. As such, I'd say, with a great about of certainty, that the chances of that particular image having been enhanced with Photoshop are very slim. But then, it's possible you may have never seen an Aeros avatar inworld, with all the bells and whistles... they're really very nice. ...Dres" I do not believe it is possible to achieve the same result with special effects. Unless it is possible to use Photoshop... This can only have a name: Misleading Advertising I think it is possible to sell good products without resorting to dishonest tricks to deceive customers
  6. I tried using the demo, but could not be successful. So I decided to trust after reading the comments on the seller's page. All comments that are there are very positive. But now I know why all the reviews are positive And the answer is simple: all the negative comments are deleted and ignored My comment was deleted
  7. Coby Foden "Now you have put the message in Pi Rain's feed - you did not send an IM message. To send IM message click the "Mensagem" button (not the other one beside it). After clicking it reveals the IM option. Select that one, write your message and send it. It does work. " Yeah, does not work. When I click on "MI", shows the message "Application for external application ... click here" ... But nothing happens...
  8. This is a good example of an honest product: You get what you buy https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FULL-AVATAR-CR/3562958
  9. Sassy Romano "Você leu o que eu escrevi sobre como contanct-los? Como é que você contatá-los neste caso? Se você entrar em contato com eles usando os dois métodos que eu te dei e eles não respondem, isso é um indicador muito bom para não comprar, você não acha?" I tried but it never works...
  10. I do not speak English. I'm using the Google translator. Not easy to understand manual with the Google translator... And millions of people around the world do not speak english...
  11. And the hair (equal to the demo) where is it ? "If you find any problems please contatto with the seller" "Page not found" I still think there is something very wrong in most avatars for sale. The lack of quality and coherence, are at least, shocking! And it's always very difficult to get contact the sellers. And when we contact the seller, they never respond. The never answered me. And I've bought several avatars (4). Nor do returns. Apparently we have no rights... My Frankenstein The best solution is to mix parts from different avatars... I enjoyed learning how to make avatars. But it must be hard ...
  12. Thanks :-) I used the "Replace look" option But the result was very disappointing... LIES, LIES, LIES "ATTENTION: To avoid scams when buying Aeros Avatars products purchase ONLY from the creator, Pi Rain. » AEROS AVATARS « ...Continuing Aeros tradition in an attempt to enhance your SL experience, we present Aeros Avatars! Experience sophisticated and realistic skins and shapes featuring exquisitely crafted detail, high definition and seamless 360-degree body care. We celebrate the male ideal of grace, strength, power and beauty! NOTE: This is a DEMO. The actual package includes : 6 skins in two variations - smooth and bodyhair, 3 modifiable shapes (warrior, model and light), eyes, 3 beard styles and 2 hairbases. » Aeros Avatar Teghran « ...Teghran's got ice in his veins and fire in his gaze in a way that is powerfully alluring. He can be very intimidating when he needs to be with just a look or a single word, but is playful and gentle with those he considers his."
  13. I do not understand how this is possible ... and (almost) never exists a link to talk to the seller... Is missing the head of the avatar
  14. I managed to solve, LOL There was a problem with the package Avatar...
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