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  1. So few days ago, I got some items for my Avatar, So they was in boxes cause they need to be unpack do I went to a sandbox and drag the item and place it on the ground but appears as a box? Help me.
  2. Hello! I been on SL FOR 3 weeks And im lookin for nice friends! Here what I do in second life! -Shop for cool clothes! -Checking out items! -Hang out alot! Here about me! -Im Karisalynn. -Im 18, and very FRIENDLY! -I do not do voice in SL, but I love to type! -Sometimes im a little picky! -And im fun! Im looking for a nice BFF to chill with today(I won't be on tomorrow) This is my Avatar Btw!Hope to see u soon!
  3. I just heard this new recording thing for my computer I got it and I want to be able to show everyone my video but I never created yet thats why I want it to be at a high school, With alot of students. Please show me the link to the map to a high school please I be patruent and waiting soon for u to response!
  4. My friend, wants a pic of my avatar will a pose but I don't have poses. Will you help me please?
  5. Here the bad news. I Went to a cafe, but then when i was sitting and i stand up it had the same sitting pose? How to take it off?
  6. Its My Avatar. I got her makeup, everything she needs, Thanks to the ppl who answer my questions thank you very much! Also does she look okay?:cathappy:
  7. My avatar has a white skin on then suddenly it ALL turn black. What's going on?!
  8. Well, for my first video for my YouTube channel, I wanna like type the word on a stage to sing this amazing song on a stage with a lot of people there to show off my talent, so I was thinking if anyone has like a club or a place with a stage that I could go to to record and type for the first video usin FRAPS. Thank you very much! I be inworld on August 29,2014!
  9. Well tbh, Are you like telling that person to "pay u 450L$ to be their roommate" I mean what happen if that person was broke? And they really wanted to be ur roommate so badly? Yeah confusing part for me.
  10. I want to send a pic of my Av to my friend but that's the confusing part. How to like save a pic of it and save it to a folder? Help? Thanks.
  11. Well I been buyin a lot of stuff in the marketplace, and I notice I got this dress and it came in lots like (Medium,Large and more...) so im trying to find out what my avatar size is so i can know what it is. Thanks!!!!
  12. I just want to my av tall but she really short. So how to do it?
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