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  1. Hello, I looking for some high quality custom fitted mesh clothes designed for my SL company. If you are inserted, please send me a note-card in-world. Looking to have about 6 items made, possible more. Thanks Markcus Williams (markphoto Resident)
  2. Hello, I am looking for a long-term employment for a script writer to write code and PHP for a new breeable in SL. Please only apply if you are looking for a long-term commitment please. I have items ready to script and test. If you are interested, please send me a notecard with your information in Second Life to: Markphoto Resident ( Markcus Williams ) Thanks…
  3. Hello, I am looking for a graphic artist to create textures for mesh vehicles with UV textures. Looking for several designs. If interested, please send me a notecard in SL. Thanks for your interest… Markphoto Resident
  4. Just as an Avatar, maybe when you front wheels move and rear wheels run
  5. I have a mesh truck I would like to have made into a Avatar with animation. Looking to pay for a full perm Avatar.
  6. Hello, I am looking for scriptwriter / Puppeteer for a new mesh breedabale Iam creating. This may lead to long term job or one time development for the creation of a new breedable in SL. I have a modeler and need a scriptwriter with good puppeteer skills working with mesh animations. If you are interested please send me a note-card with your information, background, and rates. Thank you for your interest, Markphoto Resident (Markcus Williams)
  7. Hello, I am looking for a modeler to create a demo for a new breedable. If you are interested in the job please send me a notecard in Second Life. Markphoto Resident
  8. Scripter Needed, I am looking for a scripter to create a mesh vendor a breedable, "Buildables" that would be able to display to Robot Graphic and Stats from a crated buildable. I would like the vendor to have small displays on the sides and one large one in the middle also show the stats, and to purchase Item from. If you are interested please contact me - Markphoto Resident "Markcus Williams". Please send a NC if I am not online, I get chat on messages. Thanks.
  9. Full Region / Sim for sale. Next Tier Date Due: 5/10/2016 I will pay transfer Fee. Price for Region is: $495.00 Contact: Markphoto Resident
  10. I want to create a new breed-able in Second Life and am looking for a script writer for a new breed-able and a mesh creator. Send me a notecard with your information if you're interested in being hired to help create a new Breed-able. Thanks Markphoto resident
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