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  1. Hello, sorry i'm a bit late in this...Galvana, Belleza skins LilyV1 and LilyV2 have exactly the same skin tones but different faces, the same RGB values are used to match both skins. As i told you in-world your issue was related to SL graphic settings and probably your windlight. I upload here some pictures showing the result matching the shoes through our skin match web system (Belleza Lily skin in medium and pale tone). That's the way the skin match should look for you with the settings that i provided you, if not feel free to contact me anytime. Ty
  2. I guess it was too good to be true...i hope they fix this bug soon, if not the new requeriment of PIOF have NO sense :-S *This bug has been there for weeks, i think that the first time that happened to me with an alt (get PIOF just by purchasing something in the MP) was about 2 months ago or more...
  3. Hi Katzu, same issue here. Let's hope that get fixed after LL maintenance.
  4. Vania Chaplin wrote: Now I understand what happened. A friend couldn't upload mesh because she had no payment info. One day she asked me why she was marked as PIOF, if never had put a payment in her account, and if she could than make the IP Tutorial. I said her that try wouldn't hurt, thinking it was some bug. But she completed the tuto and is now capable to upload mesh. In short, LL temselves broke the safeguards they put to upload mesh. Perfect ... that's a step forward ...(sarcasm). The main reason for the almost inexistent mesh content theft in SL was because PIOF was required to upload it. Let's see what happens now
  5. BTW....i know i'm not going to discover a world for you but is extremely easy to show a no transfer/no copy picture just by rezzing a prim in-world and dropping the texture on it, then you can send it to anyone you want.
  6. I think that the best advertising for creators is people wearing their products (ok, this do not work for furniture^^) and word of mouth advertising- Transferable pictures are not that important and a lot of creators have pictures of their products in the marketplace, Flickr, blogs, etc...so many products are easy to show just by clicking a link. .Also there is always the chance to show to your friends the product at the in-world store (more traffic^^)...if you really love that product and you really want to show it a quick TP in world should not be a big deal Certainly may seem to have no sense to set pictures no copy or no transfer, but i tend to believe that creators are not idiots and probably they have their valid reasons to work in that way.
  7. Gadget Portal wrote: I have to add... I think merchants that make 50 of the same product in 50 colors should HAVE to use an in-world store and not clutter up the marketplace with that junk. It's the same product over and over again. It doesn't deserve separate listings. You want to offer separate colors? Make it mod. Or add a HUD. Or do both. Otherwise, you're just being greedy and you should have to pay the tier to host the prims. I understand that it is really annoying...but I would not blame the merchant for this. they are entitled to sell separate colors in the marketplace (as probably they do in their in-world stores). Is not "duplicate listing spam" since they are different colors.
  8. MyAlt4099 wrote: Linden Lab really needs to rewrite that portion of the ToS to allow for fair use. Despite the reputation it has, there are (IMO) valid reasons to copy an item that don't infringe on the creator's rights, and I would love it if LL agreed so I could actually do so. Please explain to me how the copyright owner of an item can be sure that you are going to do "fair use" of their item if you get it full permission and you could do whatever you want with it...There are tons of copy items in the market. Circumventing the permissions of an item it's against the TOS, whatever the reason. Linden Lab do not need to rewrite that portion, you just need to understand that point .
  9. What about ask to the creator of the ad?
  10. Yep...and as far as i know in most of Europe the correct way to write it is 2.000 (meaning two thousand)
  11. Absolutely agree with the OP and the issue. Please, at least PIOF required to be able to sell items through Marketplace!!!
  12. Bernie....unfortunately I have dealt with some copybotters through time in my SL business and reading your posts you have exactly the same mentality and arguments that all of them. You do NOT have rights to circumventing the permissions of SL products W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R the reason. You can scream all the way that you have them but It will not make it real If someone sells an item NO-MODIFY you have 2 options: buy it or go ahead to buy something else if the no-mod is a problem for you. Break the permissions and if the merchant catch you, check your e-mail waiting for DMCA notice.
  13. From my experience from a time ago Linden Lab is TOTALLY ignoring reports related to griefers, even those who are committing repeated TOS violations and have been reported by a lot of people for weeks they still login, griefing and laughing at your face...We know that it's hard for LL to handle this issue but evidently not taking ANY action against these people is not the best solution and things get worse.
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