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  1. sebby109 wrote: but i need help finding that chimera doberman so can get the correct tail, when I search the shop it doesn't come up. Can someone please help? Thank you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/chimera/88/111/35 You will be dropped onto a platform. Turn youself around and go to this stall, belonging to Mephitis Jezebel.
  2. Only the charter accounts got a deal like that, and those have not been offered in many, many years. Everybody else has to pay rent to LL or some middleman.
  3. If you want to look identical or nearly identical, go ahead and leave it alone. most old things still work fine, except for minor details like invisiprims in some old shoes and slider makeup used by a few very old skins. If your own appearance starts to bother you, that's when to worry about how to update.
  4. You can contact them through this form. http://mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk/p/support-ticket.html
  5. RazealKresh2010 wrote: The avatar limit is actually because of software, correct? I know SL is over ten years old now. I guess I may finally have to abandon SL due to it's limitations, not to mention it's user base. What a waste of money. You're looking to pay $6/month for their $200/month service level, I don't think they will miss you.
  6. Ghost Warblood wrote: Well, for starters, I didn't know SL allowed people to mod their SL for better graphics (unless it was built into a viewer such as black dragon) You can do all the render tweaking you like on your own viewer. You only have to be careful if you want tio distribute a viewer that has modifications built in, then the TPV policy matters. If you are only adding eye candy and not making the kinds of changes that exclude people on ohter viewers, the "shared experience" policy probably won't bite you.
  7. Oh. ReShade even advertises SL compatibility, so you can go right ahead and expect it to work.
  8. The RC regions were restarted today, uptimes for those regions is consistent all over the grid. but the sim version did not change. Maybe there were the kind back end changes that we are not normally told about, but there has been a campaign to start regions even on weeks with no new code to deploy, in BUG-40875
  9. The spawn points won't do much for you this time, they are to help prevent avatar pile ups at busy telehubs by spreading out the landing to a few points, with no particular order you could exploit for your current problem. To work around your current problem, choose a spot on a border common to your store and sandbox parcels, and set each parcel's landing point to a spot very near that border point. Technically it's two landing spots, but it they are right next to each other, they can use a common greeter and signage and look the same to a visitor. Oh, if that would be too disruptive to your layout, remember that a parcel does not have to be contiguous. You could take a single 4x4 square, subdivide it to its own parcel, then join it to the remote parcel, and finally set the landing points as above.
  10. Yeah, one of the inventory servers went bad over the holiday. Status blog says 'complete' and loggng in just now, I'm all there after nudgng with a couple of outfit changes.
  11. ac14 Hutson wrote: I had assumed that they would know about it also, untill I learned that they did not even know about the "last owner" display when editing prims in TPVs. They discussed adding a last owner function to llGetObjectDetails but was concerned it would invade privacy and were complety unaware that many tpv's have shown that info for years now. Yeah, they know about it. Merov even proposed that a clone of the feature should be added to Snowglobe, back when he was running that show and TPVs were using incompatible licenses. A patch was made, but ironically the idea was ultimately voted down by the third party developers participating at the time.
  12. I made a new RP account today, sent over some L$, and made some marketplace purchases. That was enough to switch on "payment info on file" for that account. That must be a side effect of the new payment system on the marketplace. So if you were relying on PIOF to have some sort of significance, it looks like doesn't any more.
  13. I was seeing some asset upload errors this weekend too, but for me they were only happening on sims without SSB. So from here it looks like the same old problem that comes up once in a while.
  14. Kelley Wonder wrote: Thank you for your reply. Windows 7, Processor: AMD Sempron 2.30GHz, RAM 3 GB, 64 bit, Base Score 3.0, NVidia GE Force 6150SE nForce 430. I keep updates current. My settings in SL are on Low and sliders in graphics..low to mid...I am not sure what more I can do. I cannot use basic shaders or the lag is impossible. The 6150SE is your problem. That's integrated graphics, and very old tech. It only supports up to OpenGL 2.1 even with the newest drivers. It runs shaders really slowly, so basic shaders off is a really good idea. Push the main graphics slider all the way to the left and you could get above 10 fps in quiet places.
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