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  1. The first time, I am not possible add a comment on Jira, so that is a reason, why I add this solution of this issue here. Issue on Jira: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25431 Easy solution: 1.) Activate a Caps Lock 2.) Ctrl+Shift+U will now working properly to hide UI (User Interface) for movie makers and etc... Tested on Exodus
  2. Pete Rembranch wrote: Remember when you AR to be as specific as you can. Date, time, location, name of griefer, any chat logs or screen shots that might be relevant. LL won't trouble themselves with your complaint otherwise, but they will if you give all relevant information and behaviour is genuinely contrary to ToS. I added everything possible and impossible. Times, location, types of weapons, screenshots, and even videos in high quality. Griefers are still active: (
  3. Ofcourse, I am premium user, I can cross on premium adult sandboxes, but I am also mentor and I cant leave other residents in hard times
  4. Good day. I am a member of the Mentors Vortex Adult Sandbox group. Not a day that did not happen in this sandbox incidents orbit type, graphics card crash, permanent deformation, etc. Each day, we send the last two years one thousand reports of abuse, and nothing helps. Still the same people violate community standards and nothing happens. I know this is not a problem only for Vortex Adult Sandbox. I wonder how it will solve this problem ... :manfrustrated:
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