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  1. Is everyone still sticking with it? At just fifteen minutes (or even less) everyday, I've been making enormous strides. Most of the time, I don't even have to search for stuff I've used recently now -I know right where it is!
  2. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh LL doesn't know or admit Ruth still exists.
  3. I've deleted over 2,000 items so far, and am feeling really good about it. I still have a long way to go, but every little bit helps, and it does add up fast. Just getting rid of duplicate items alone made a dent. Now, to tackle the confusing mess of body parts. (sigh) I have my "main" avatar -mesh human, all the old classic stuff -hair, eyes, shapes, etc that I do sometimes still use, and then all the new stuff I've acquired since buying the mesh. Ugh! I don't even want to think about the rat's nest of clothing, because its' the same way but there's a lot more of it. Wish me luck....
  4. Wow. Your alt should be in here, teaching us how to maintain an inventory like that! In fact, I need her skills in real life, too!
  5. (nods) Yes; I tried that for the first time yesterday, and have to say I love it. Using characters puts the folders in an order I choose, and that's making life much easier already. I appreciate all the tips and tricks from everyone. Even after all these years, I still learn new stuff about SL and the ways the client can be customized, so if you have a method that works for you, please do post about it.
  6. You tried to clean stuff out, but just got more? What do you think went wrong? Carrying around that many items would make me homicidal! Maybe just try boxing up the hair? How many different ones do you really wear in a month?
  7. That's true, Zeta. Many of my folders contain landmarks, group inviters, thank-you notes and other items that are really useless. It's nice to be wanted -and thanked- but how many such notices does one really need? I'd say: ONE per creator or one per location. Another way to evaluate stuff: would you buy it again today? If you had to pay to upload a particular file again would you? If not, it's probably trash. If you ever really need such a thing, how likely is it you can find another just as good? One of the best things about SL is the huge variety of choices for every thing. Almost every gadget, every image, every piece of clothing has two or three versions available somewhere. And...who doesn't like buying new stuff? I know that's how I got into this mess! So if I do delete my last "Russian dancing" animation I know I can buy another one -and probably a smoother, more up-to-date version that I'll appreciate far more if I ever decide I need it badly enough.
  8. Onward: We might as well start at the top with "animations". This is an area where I wish I could rename the system folders, because to me "animations" "poses", "gestures", and "sounds" all belong in the same place, and many of the scripts I keep and use belong there, too. So I'd like to eliminate the separate folders for those...but...we'll work with what we have. First, look for the redundant items, and clean them out. Be careful to make sure you keep at least one copy of each item, and that's it's a good, working copy. I'm still hurting over the day I accidentally deleted every copy of a full box of very expensive animations, made by a creator who had left SL. That's another good reason to use some kind of prim storage system -put copies of the expensive stuff in safe place as a backup. Then, eliminate the stuff you know is trash. Old pose balls, gestures you never use, sound loops you don't use, etc. Again, if you're not sure, move it to your "temporary" folder or box it up for another day. Spend 15 minutes at it, then call it quits. The mess wasn't created in a day, so no reason to think we can clean it out in one day, either. Dump the trash, and enjoy the beautiful SL sunshine, knowing that you're less encumbered than you were yesterday.
  9. 2nd day: let's sort the demos. Search for "demo" in your inventory. If you are a creator, move your OWN demos to a "work" folder. There, you can sort them into current stuff and past stuff, and decide if you want to keep any -or all- of them. If you are able to get copies easily from your vendors or the marketplace listings, you can probably safely delete them. If not, you may want to box them up for future reference. Or, just add the textures to a notecard and keep it. If you're an end user, move the demos to a temporary folder somewhere, and sort them by date. If you've had a demo for longer than six months, it probably didn't "Wow" you, so why bother keeping it? If you have demos you still think you might want to keep, make a folder for them -and divide it into subfolders by type, or date, or whatever works for you. Once you've deleted all the demos that are cluttering up your life, empty the trash. Bask in the smaller number of items you're now carrying 'round every where you go. Bonus: search again for "sample", "dollarbie", "freebie" "gift" and any other words you can think of that might lead to stuff you've attained that are only a burden now.
  10. Anna, is your wardrobe system limited to full perm items? Or can you put all of your clothing into it?
  11. Awesome, Littleme and Tari Landar. Thank-you for sharing that with us. I was really worried I'd steered someone wrong, despite my method working perfectly for me.
  12. oh, good! In fact, I've had that happen, so that must be what is causing it.
  13. Gosh...I've never moved the folder, only the contents, so I have no idea what to expect if it goes away altogether. Can you just make a new one?
  14. All those beautiful advent gifts and hunt items are exactly WHY I'm doing this now. I got a great box of textures a few days ago. But I absolutely can't find it. I don't know what it was called, and now it's buried in all the new stuff I've picked up since. It's time for a new start!
  15. Yeah; that's why I propose 15 minutes per day. Otherwise, it can suck up all your game time. I do enough RL housework, I don't want to make my game into a "chore" too. But a few minutes at the start of the day to just do a drive-by will accumulate, so after a few months some sanity should prevail.
  16. I've decided it's time for a purge. I have items from the day I joined; many in boxes and storage units, but others just cluttering up the place. I know I'm not alone: there are plenty of avatars walking 'round with tens of thousands of items that see little -or no- real use, but don't want to tackle the mess because it's just overwhelming. Who wants to join me in divesting themselves of a thousand pounds of clutter, while finding a trove of forgotten treasures (it will be just like a second Christmas) and starting 2018 actually able to find stuff without searching? I propose: 15 minutes per game session to spend clearing out redundant items, boxing up those things we can't part with, and committing to a virtual bonfire those items that once held meaning but are now just obsolete. To start: 1) Empty your trash. 2) Make a new folder. Name it "2017 purge" or something similar -something to distinguish it from every other folder you already have. Make new subfolders in your 2017 folder that match the system folder names: Animations Body Parts Calling Cards Clothing ...etc. 3) Make another folder called "Temporary" or "Questionable" or something unique to remind yourself this stuff requires further attention. 4) Move every item -all of them- from your system folders to the corresponding subfolder in the 2017 folder. When you're done, your system folders will be empty. Devoid of life. Freshly cleaned. Ready for the next phase: figuring out what you actually use and want to keep. Thus ends your 15 minutes on the first day. But, starting right away: Every time you use an item, move it from the 2017 folder to either your system folder (if you know you use the item often), or the Temporary folder, if it's iffy. "Iffy" items are freebies, demos, clothing you use now but plan to replace soon, etc. My inventory is blowing up right now with Christmas gifts, free offers, notecards and textures announcing sales, etc. When they come in, move them to your "Temporary" folder if you think you want to keep them. Otherwise, just delete right away, and empty the trash. The point is to put stuff where you can find it, and get rid of stuff that's just taking up space and wasting virtual energy. Let's all start 2018 with a clean "house" and ready for company. If you have another system, or handy tip that works to keep things tidy, please do share here, so we can all learn from each other.
  17. Drop me an IM one day if you'd like. I get too busy to chat sometimes, but don't take it personally; I'll get back to you when I have time. I love art, so am always happy to spend time with others who do, too.
  18. I hear you, loud and clear. I've actually been thinking about these issues for the last few months, and have come to the conclusion LL is not interested in fixing them. However, I've also concluded: it's OUR world, too, and we can all do our own part to improve the situation. We can: invite our RL friends and family to join. Many of them already have accounts, but they came in, looked around and left again. Some left because they were put off by the constant griefing. I personally know more than one who couldn't stand the fact so many sims were adult in nature; especially those on family computers with other members of the household wandering past getting eyefuls. I think far more, however, left because they just couldn't find a point, and felt SL took too much RL time without any RL benefits they could see. We can: find ways to connect in SL that improve RL. That is, spend more time with RL family & friends, make new connections that are not just based on being anonymous avatars, and allow those connections to become RL relationships of various types. Is the avatar who teaches you to build also a person who can tutor your child? Can those looking for RL pen pals find a group here? Can those needing to learn RL skills take something away from the time spent here? Do you have a RL skill you could teach here for a reasonable (in SL terms) price? We can find ways to help others understand why we love this "game" and why we think they will, too. We can encourage new residents to find things they truly love. We can take a few minutes to be sure their experiences are positive, and they reason to want to come back when deciding how to spend their time. If we're going to wait for LL, we have a l-o-n-g wait. That has been proven time and again by their actions. But we can all -every current resident- volunteer an hour or so of our game time to go seek out ways we can improve the quality of "life" here for everyone else, to help ensure a healthy, growing and thriving community. When I came here a great many companies like IBM and Nike and American Apparel were testing the waters, but they all pulled the plug for various reasons. I'd love to see the community that is here now rally a bit to bring some of them back, in ways that benefit everyone. We don't need any more free shoes, but we could use RL customer service reps handy in-world, we could use the chance to see new offers before they hit the stores, and I'd even be on board with finding ways to do RL shopping through in-world stores. I'd love to choose furniture for my real living room based on stuff I've had in SL -and virtually lived with for a while, and probably other things, as well. But, like everything else, it will have to be a very large group effort, and I'm not certain that's possible anymore. I'm beginning to believe the current community may be too fractured, and too many of the remaining members who play every day only do so to either have sex without the commitment of a RL relationship or to make a few dollars.
  19. I'm G-rated, but that doesn't mean I expect everyone to be...I don't care about anyone's choices, I just don't want to share them. But mostly I brought it up because I'm only looking for friendship, and am not interested in any kind of intimate relations with anyone. 99% of the people I've met in SL have been great about respecting my choice, but there have been a very few who just would not or could not.
  20. Sure; just send me an IM one day and we'll talk
  21. I've returned to SL after a long hiatus, am regaining some skills building stuff, and have my shop open. But after cleaning out all the inactive-for-years people from my friends list, there's no one left to hang out with! So...am looking for people just to chat with, share ideas with and generally be social. Once in a while I'm up for horseback riding or just bouncin' round the grid shopping and sight seeing. I don't much enjoy going to clubs or participating in group events; I prefer just to getting to know a very few people very well. I'm NOT interested in any kind of intimate or romantic relationships; just good people with spare time & the desire to hang out sometimes. I'm pretty much G-rated, so am more comfortable with those who are the same, or at least respect my boundaries and values. You can message me in world, but my IMs get capped fast, so a notecard is probably a better idea. You don't have to say anything fancy; just "hello" will be fine.
  22. Sorry; didn't see your reply, but you are correct, it was.
  23. Never mind; the landowner and I figured it out.
  24. I deeded my land to a group, and then it sold. Now, I want to replace it with another parcel, but when I click to buy the land, it tells me my tier will increase because I already hold enough land to bump it up...but the land has been sold, and I've received the payment. I want to buy the parcel I found before someone else does, but am hesitant because I don't want to pay more tier. This parcel is the same size as the one I sold, so why is it telling me it will cost me more?
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