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Found 8 results

  1. I wonder if this is a glitch or have I missed something..? I'd really appreciate help. A certain role is supposed to be able to build on land where the "everyone" group cannot. I have checked: Land is set to group, not deeded to group. (If that makes a difference.) (EDIT: Solution found: The land must indeed be DEEDED to the group.) "Build" permissions are denied from "everyone" and "group". The role has "always allow 'create objects'" activated. Test member has the group role tag activated. Cannot create objects. "Land owner does not allow".
  2. Our group owned land suddenly will not allow us to rez anything, we get this message "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region." The land now has zero items rezzed. We have had some Bots parking close by recently, for over a week, so we wonder if they have caused this issue. We have not seen any SL messages about issues. Is there a way to report Bots that are nearby but not on the group land?
  3. I am the owner of a full island sim. The land, however, is listed as "Group Owned" of which I am a member with full powers. I want to sell the sim to another member of the group. But, when I bring up "About Land", I do not get the sell option. How do I sell this land?
  4. Hi! I m confused by the new "bonus" tier allowance on the mainland, as it applies to groups. Say a family group wants to buy a small family plot. The family is three folks (all premium members) and the target purchase land size is 4096 sqm, and is located on the mainland. (The "buy for group" button doesn't appear anymore, btw). So, one of the group buys the land and deeds it to the group. Each of the group members puts all their premium member tier towards the land. My question is, how much tier does each member allocate to the group land tier (do they have 512 they can contribute, or 1024?). Of course, someone will have to purchase the additional tier, the question is, how much will that be? Another way of asking: Now that LL has increased the premium membership starting tier to 1024, call all of that 1024 be used as a contribution to group owned land? Thanks, Erin (clairehunt resident), who is homeless in the wake of the Eden restructuring.
  5. Honestly I am just bored and want to type LOL. But along the way there is a message. Now that we have 1024 per premium account of free tier, that tier bonus is actually beginning to count for something. Most of you know I am in a land group. Some folks are premium, some not, some alts == yada yada. I basically provide money, the other folks provide premium status, a couple just use the land to set home and go off exploring. It has worked for likely eight years or so. We are RL friends so that likely helps some. BEFORE -- owning two or three 512 lots, that bonus really didn't count for much -- actually worthless is a good word that comes to mind. If we had an army of alts and half a sim --- then it would have counted. But with the doubling of the free tier we also got a doubling of the bonus and it really can add up. Last month I moved from a quarter sim rental to a 4096 plot (most of my items are made for LEA6 and so can be seen there and no real need for a huge demo area -- besides they look a lot better there in an environment). There was a fair amount a shuffling with someone volunteering to become premium again, some buying and then selling to group (didn't read the find print on the group buy thing) etc. We were all a lot smarter at the end of those few days. Recently a couple of the folks that had cheap rental shops found out that the shops were closing in a month. Nice landlady, month's notice. No complaints. But what to do? The group had 410 meters of FREE TIER. That seemed to be the answer. Looking through the land listings for small plots I didn't find much but I then did some scanning of the map -- actually a contentment that I don't look at often. Have no idea which it is, just one that I was not familiar with. There were a fair amount of 288 meter sized lots and such but that really is pretty tiny. Within fifteen minutes I of "great land karma" had found a 512 lot on a well maintained and landscaped (no ugly palm trees) linden road with respectable neighbors buffered by abandoned land and bordered by a half a sim of it (oh my). The story gets a little complex, but one of the member bought the land, sliced off enough to leave 400 meters (you can't actually make 410 meters LOL) and abandoned the rest which are along the road and tiny pieces and will likely stay empty -- more buffer. So for $1350 linden and $4 of tier for the time it took to transfer (30 minutes -- I really wish they would change that rule but see that it IS a money maker for The Lab), the folks will have a nice little shop for free ==== forever. So don't overlook that group land bonus if you have one. Things can be done!!!!!
  6. I deeded my land to a group, and then it sold. Now, I want to replace it with another parcel, but when I click to buy the land, it tells me my tier will increase because I already hold enough land to bump it up...but the land has been sold, and I've received the payment. I want to buy the parcel I found before someone else does, but am hesitant because I don't want to pay more tier. This parcel is the same size as the one I sold, so why is it telling me it will cost me more?
  7. OK.. this is the first time I have owned land my myself as in individual for 10 yrs.. so bear with me.. I got this in an auction. I had to abandon all my lands and pull out of the group donation. Now as an individual I can't "donate to group" in the group land/$ hole... so I'm guessing this is a DEED and owner makes contribution thing? does this still end up where my group gets the 10% bonus etc? or is this an evil thing set up to screw me out of that as well? (haha negative nancy here)
  8. I and my rl partner want to reduce his tier in our group and increase mine. Can we simply up my tier and reduce his tier without selling land. All land was bought for the group, some by him and some by me. We are not concerned about land ownership as all land will continue to be held by the group. I am confused if any land need to be sold for 0L$ between he and I. I am thinking no since we both bought the land in the groups name and only donated tier not actual land. Any advice would be great. Don't want to screw this up. KHOLBI
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