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  1. think i squeaked out something to fine tune. this is set for a maze , move to target might not work to well with walls.
  2. oh i have sim rights and baked the prim walls and that works correctly
  3. i started out with just a prim using llpursue , with no PURSUIT_OFFSET or fuzz factor and with , to try and get a prim using pathfinding to collide with my avatar and incur a collision event. i tried using a path update event with pu_goal_reached but it takes way to long to kick in to make a usefull zombie. the Prim just keeps acting as if there is a offset constantly. even though i followed the character creation guidlines from the wiki. i dont want to make a zombie with a small timer using navigate to . thats my next step in trying to make this work.
  4. Kay, i suppose, i might have heard the expression, "don't rely on the auto grant perms of sat on or attached objects", before. but i've gotten away with it before, *hangs his head down in shame* . Thank you Rolig!!! there doesn't seem to be alot of any example scripts or huds involving experiences. Can anyone recommend a few simple examples , of Correct scripting of this relatively new function. not the lslWiki those pages haven't updated in years.
  5. Me and a friend were going to turn her store into a haunted house for Halloween. I"ve made a hud based system using experience permissions, in the past that worked. Now it seems like the first time a trap is tripped it works fine. then the second time a trap tries to animate or move the avatar i get permission not granted errors. I do have the experience set as key and as parcel properties. All scripts are under my experience, All items are in the landowners rez group the experience is one i created a while ago, then applied to my friends sim, i did use her rez group and store landmark for the edit properties of my experience,
  6. I ran into a issue when i change my agni password my aditi doesn't change ever. So , just throwing that out there.
  7. in the past i've had no issues with my objects and their permissions. But now when i give someone a full perm item of mine.. suddenly in the receipents inventory the script says its no copy no mod no transfer. I've rezed the item in question and changed all the perms even toggled them and then took it back in to my inventory but this did not change anything.
  8. I forgot about the map feature honestly. I just use the search or lm's from friends so much. The only reason i found the mesh sandboxes in adiit is cause someone sent me the web page with its list.
  9. Recently i've noticed all the mesh sand boxes in Aditi have closed. Since the seach is only for agni how do you get around the test grid?
  10. Just asking or maybe a suggestion cause the SL viewer has so many unlisted features.. Is there a way to create a new main folder similar to the Land Marks folder with its own button link? i made a folder i labeld " Quick access" and it would be helpfull if i could get at as easily as the LM folder.
  11. I still say though lots of folk hated the side bar. The inventory did not hide the screen content. And you could place the edit window ontop of the sidebar so it didn't clutter the work space.
  12. Since the side bar got axed. All your pop up windows block what ever is behind them. When i build i have my inventory the edit window and random chat windows open crowded my work area. If we could open these windows outside the main viewer window it would clear up my screen.. I have a nice wide screen lcd that i feel is under utilized . If you had two screens this would be a even cooler idea.
  13. holy cow dude that coudl be a million factors . first thing that comes to mind is what style lamp you used, how you unwrapped the uv's. and if those terms arent familar to you. you should check out some tutorials. blender.org or machinmatrix.org
  14. wasnt sure which catergory to put this in but what the hey. have been trying differenet viewers and they all look alike now. FUI is cute but doesnt help me, I find i am constanly opening and closeing windows and moving them around my screen. Since the utter demise of the sidebar and its ability to crop the screen. How do builders/scripters multitaskers handle screen clutter?
  15. some random person told me if i use ati grahpics i need to turn off vbo and sure enought this improved my performance dramatically. i have a grahpics card that i can play every quality video game at a high level of graphics its not like i have a old system.
  16. well this doesn't tell me what linden labs thinks or intends to do. All those links except for the first are a waste of time reading. Just regular users speculating on a subject they know nothing about.. HOW does linden labs define a shared user experience? rlv is the first thing that comes to mind. or perhaps way back in the day when emerald had breast physics and seconndary attachment points. So whats all this buzz about now?
  17. First , since i can tell you are using a phoenix/firestorm viewer. You must reproduce this problem with the offical latest viewer.. Linden shouldnt be responsible for the workings of a third party viewer. And if you recently upgrading one the phoenix/ firestorm viewer you likely need to do a clean install and delete all temp files which is located at C:\Users\yourpcname\AppDatat/Local\firestorm or phoenix. just delete the whole phoenix folder it will be rebuilt automatically dont worry do not
  18. i want to turn of email notices of all marketplace activity. i just went through as many related searches and wiki pages. And stared at my marketplace store options page went through every link. And this should be such a easy thing to find and turn off. lolz right.
  19. 2.k : You must not provide any feature that alters the shared experience of the virtual world in any way not provided by or accessible to users of the latest released Linden Lab viewer. This is the one provision that is giving me fits. It really needs to be defined better. How do you define the "shared user experience"? Does this mean all users have to have the same experience? and that a customized viewer is not allowed?
  20. 2.k : You must not provide any feature that alters the shared experience of the virtual world in any way not provided by or accessible to users of the latest released Linden Lab viewer. kay does this mean all third party viewers that are different than the standard release is now a violation? t. This one provision sounds like the death knoll for all third party viewers. . sure if you want more privacy for users great. but whats the point of thrid party viewers if they aren't different than the standard release of the viewer.
  21. i had the idea to make mesh model into a waterfall , a simple curve to start. but i noticed many faces where created that werent in the orginal model. and they affected the appearance of the water flowing. the long part of the waterfall looked great. wasnt till the curve deepened that rows of faces started to behave differently. i used the standar animate texture funtion, and i played with every option available to create a smooth flowing water effect.
  22. lets say i make a full perm freebie and give it away on marketplace. then someone else mods it to do something malicious and distrubutes it. Since im the orginal creator am i liable in any way. And can a investigation prove i didnt distrubute a malcicious item if this were to happen?
  23. its quite common to see in people's profiles a statement saying to a extent that by messaging me you give me consent to copy paste what ever you say. Is this really allowed?
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