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  1. think i squeaked out something to fine tune. this is set for a maze , move to target might not work to well with walls.
  2. oh i have sim rights and baked the prim walls and that works correctly
  3. i started out with just a prim using llpursue , with no PURSUIT_OFFSET or fuzz factor and with , to try and get a prim using pathfinding to collide with my avatar and incur a collision event. i tried using a path update event with pu_goal_reached but it takes way to long to kick in to make a usefull zombie. the Prim just keeps acting as if there is a offset constantly. even though i followed the character creation guidlines from the wiki. i dont want to make a zombie with a small timer using navigate to . thats my next step in trying to make this work.
  4. Kay, i suppose, i might have heard the expression, "don't rely on the auto grant perms of sat on or attached objects", before. but i've gotten away with it before, *hangs his head down in shame* . Thank you Rolig!!! there doesn't seem to be alot of any example scripts or huds involving experiences. Can anyone recommend a few simple examples , of Correct scripting of this relatively new function. not the lslWiki those pages haven't updated in years.
  5. Me and a friend were going to turn her store into a haunted house for Halloween. I"ve made a hud based system using experience permissions, in the past that worked. Now it seems like the first time a trap is tripped it works fine. then the second time a trap tries to animate or move the avatar i get permission not granted errors. I do have the experience set as key and as parcel properties. All scripts are under my experience, All items are in the landowners rez group the experience is one i created a while ago, then applied to my friends sim, i did us
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