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  1. Hi, hope you all had a nice holiday. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: I have some questions regarding neck seams. Last month I bought the Slink Physique body to go with my Deetalez skin. I'm pleased with both. However, something that's itching me is the neck seam. I know I need a fader, which is difficult to do if you don't have the right RBG setup and a pain if its not created by the same designer. I reached out to both Slink and Deetalez customer support, which both were very polite in helping out. Slink gave me some neck faders, but that had an issue with it as well, which is... when my character is aimed in the direction of the sun, the fader will light up as if the sun is reflecting off of it. Otherwise, everything is fine around the prim (doesn't show the sun's reflection when not focused in said direction). Both said I should mess with my WindLight settings, too. At first, I wasn't sure what that was until I read up on it. To my understanding, there's different templates floating around and so messing with the actual settings in-game from what I read on a website, I was able to hide it somewhat. That didn't fix the issue at hand all-around: hiding the neck seam. I have the "free" MeshProject body, too, which comes with neck faders for that body (using this as an example). The neck seam is hidden quite well, and I'm using my Deetalez head with that (the skin color is different, but matches the head). What should I do, or can anyone point out a good Windlight template? Maybe suggest other stuff if you have the Slink body and have ran into this problem before? As I said, I'm happy with my product and I'll be back to purchase more stuff, but its the neck seam that's poking me. Thanks. ^.^
  2. Hey folks! I have a question about how the tier and land fees work, which the calculator (https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php?lang=en-US) is throwing me off. If looking at this link (https://secondlife.com/land/pricing.php), for example, say I owned 1,536 sqm, would I be paying $8 or $15? In other words, anything between 1,024 sqm to 2,047 sqm would be $8 a month or 2,048 sqm to 4,095 sqm would be $15 a month?
  3. Thank you to whomever answers these. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: a. From my understanding, once you upgrade your account, you get a choice of a Linden Home or your first 512 sqm of land has no monthly cost (still have to buy the land from someone). Is that correct? b. Furthermore, if I don't go with a Linden Home and want to purchase a piece of land (e.g. 2,048 sqm), that 512 sqm benefit can be used toward the 2,048 sqm? Or does that not matter, since I would still be paying for the 2048 sqm monthly cost? c. If I want to abandoned my land, it will be removed from my land fees for the month or until I buy my new property? d. That said, if I abandoned my land and don't want to purchase any other, can I use the Linden Home instead and if I want to swap back, can I use the free 512 sqm on a newly bought property or is that a one time benefit? e. Lastly, if I can't pay the land fees on time, what do I need to do prior and if I have to downgrade to Basic at anytime, what happens to the land I bought?
  4. I'm now on the beta grid and would like to test out some meshes I created, but can't upload them because I have no Lindens currently. Before I jump into anything, do I have to purchase Lindens on Aditi like normally or is there a way that I can get Lindens for testing purposes? Thanks!
  5. Hi, each time I try to sign into Aditi, it says my name/password is incorrect. Is there something I need to signup for or fill out, so my account reflects the beta server? This would be my first time trying to log in, too.
  6. Hi! Just had a question to ask, so I get a better understanding of how LindenX works. I did read over the chart, but don't fully understand it just yet. Anyway, being a Basic member (for now), is purchasing $L limited to $30USD a day or monthly? I see the chart is highlighted and it looks like it increaes with time. That said, what's highlighted in green is 0-1 days: [Buy L$ US$30] [Sell L$ US$0] [Purchase US$250] Would it be a 24hr limit of 30 dollars and 250 dollars a month?
  7. I ended up calling LL and asked if there were some alteratives to gift cards, since they're not accepted. The individual I spoke with told me about GreenDot and explained that it works, as long as my name is on the actual card. I signed up with GreenDot, who are sending me a debit card, which can be reloaded at certain local stores. GreenDot has my information (e.g. address, SS number). Anyhow, I wanted to see if GreenDot works or if others have tried using that method. The card is Visa, too. This brings me to my next question. If GreenDot debit card doesn't work directly with LL, would I be able to link my card with PayPal and add USD to PayPal, able to pay for LL Premium and other stuff? Thanks, and big thank you to Roliq Loon for helping me out with my last question. Edit: Or use PayPal-Cash to add money to my PayPal Balance, then able to pay LL for said purchases?
  8. I read some old posts regarding issues with gift cards, but those threads were quite old and I wasn't sure if anything had changed between then and now. I don't have an actual credit card, so gift cards would be my only option here. That said, if gift cards can't be used directly, what would be the best way to use a gift card, so that I could pay for Linden Dollars, Premium membership and Land Fees? Sorry, this is all new to me. I've only ever used a gift card directly, but I wasn't sure if there's another route I could possibly take. Thanks if you can answer this. (:
  9. Hi all. I just started playing last week and it's been a fun adventure so far. I've had a chance to build some things within a public sandbox and from this, I would like to own a piece of land on the mainland. That said, this brings me to pricing and upgrading to Premium membership. I've done a lot of reading of forum posts, well as the wiki information, but I'm still confused because of how the pricing works. Once I upgrade to Premium, this will give me an option to buy a parcel on the mainland from my understanding. Thank you to whomever can answer these questions, which I apologize for being so many. I wanted to get some insight, second opinions and to make sure what I'm reading is correct or not. a.) I know Linden gives individuals a home with Premium, but does Linden choose where I'll live on the mainland if I want to get a parcel? Or do I go to the locations that are yellow (with the small dollar sign) on the map, then purchase that parcel from someone else? Once a parcel is bought from a resident, the information in "About Land" will be changed to me or is it something I fill out on the Second Life website? How does that process pan out? b.) If I have to go and buy the land at the yellow locations, how does square meters interact with monthly land fees? I assume locations are different in terms of square meters, so it's something I'll have to look at. I did check out the calculator, too. For example from what I saw using it, if the land is 900sq-m, it will get rounded up to 1024sq-m's monthly price? c.) In the future, I would like to start my own clothing line, so I can at least make a living within the game (for better world interaction and "crafting" purposes). Keeping what I asked in mind above this, say I look for a parcel for my store on the mainland, this is allowed? And additional fees for that land will be added to my overall land fees (parcel I consider my home + the parcel my store is located on)? d.) For general parcels (e.g. pieces of the home, furniture, etc), how does that play in with square meters? I noticed on "About Land" that there was a number of parcels that could be used on the land. Will that parcel amount come with the land? e.) Overall Pricing: with everything that was asked, this brings me to pricing. I will be paying Premium costs ($10 monthly) and land fees ($5-8 monthly). I'll probably buy additional $L for a parcel on the mainland and a prefab house from a store in-game (or build my own). I wanted to make sure this was correct about the overall costs.
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