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  1. i had this same problem and people where giving me the same answers as you are getting...which were all wrong. turns out my 400 watt power supply was to blame. i upgraded to a 450wt or 500wt and now computer no longer randomly boots me from SL. or anyother game. even if you have a 450tt power supply or greater change it cause it may be faulty or poorly built.
  2. ok i downloaded sl to my downloads now what? i cant figure out how to get it started or what i do next..everything ive tried has not worked ..do i need to create a icon move somehow from downloads? please give me a step by step answer..im new to ubuntu and have not got a clue.
  3. but again if linden labs fixes 1 thing please let it be the graphics issue...most home computers will not run secondlife properly.....maybe introduce secondlife mini a feature that could run on home computers,android cell phones etc.
  4. when i was talking about the age thing i meant to express that isolating the adult areas and at one time entering private info was indeed a liablity in my opinion.
  5. in 2006 i created my first avatar and entered into a world that was full of others and growing. when i was there i ran 2 clubs and several shops(first avatars name not current) and did quite well. i left for awhile and upon my return discovered that most friends are gone and place are allways empty. after reading posts and opinions of what was happening to secondlife i set out to find the real reasons why secondlife is slipping away. my findings inside secondlife and in the real world via interviews,chatrooms,etc...... 1.computers: the same computer i played secondlife on in 2006 will no long
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