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  1. You don't know me? Well that's a confession of sorts. Hehehehehehehe But I tell ya what. You can find out EXACTLY who I am. And How i get down.
  2. Yes you are lol December 16, 2018 Uh...yes you are. Ok OK oK . Jumpman is my first name lol. if you ain't what's your LAST name? Hahahahahahaha
  3. Stoker called me the King too. Hehehehehehehe.Right before I took him off THE MAP! 2,000 L$ an hour hahahahahaha Fool you lost ya MIND. Update your PROFILE. You ain't gotta worry about meeting me. Jumpy ain't NEVER paid for sex. Fools like you lineup for the privilege lol. These noobs might not know who I am. But YOU know EXACTLY who I am lol. FRONT on somebody else lol.
  4. Because you are a noob. There's nothing WRONG with being a noob...embrace it. Imagine being Jumpman RESIDENT. hahahahaha. I know ...I'd pick a cool FONT.
  5. That's actually very insightful. I can't go into specifics as that would be bringing personal disputes into the forums. So, only broad strokes. Generally, my enemies have logged into second life every day, dreaming up new ways to stab back at me and i at them until they cracked and i won. basically, they didn't like me and i didn't like them and we let each other and THE WORLD know. You can always google me if you want specifics. some of its still online. I'm pretty sure I've gone into great detail before.
  6. Yeah, people like you should catch some shade lol. Everybody is an expert lol.
  7. Well, I’m not a nice person. Never pretended to be. Never played one in a movie. What I am is REAL. I treat people how they deserve to be treated. That’s justly. If you’re my friend, it’s you and me, all or nothing against the world. Your enemies are my enemies. No questions asked. I don’t care if you’re right. I don’t care if you’re wrong. Your side is the ONLY side. Everybody knows that about me. Now, if you’re fake. Bad on the inside. A follower or weak. Jumpy might just burn a little to bright, for he IS the Sun 🌞, smiling down on every one. Best look for some shade hahaha
  8. Who knows. The slider is all the way up. Only REALLY old like class of 2003 toons were short when I started. Everybody had the slider all the way up. Linden Lab was cracking down on a lot of child avis in sex sims; so, nobody really ran around in short avis. No real reason to change.
  9. I'm getting outta here before I get in trouble hehehehehehe
  10. You behavin' Paul? (I always lie and say I am when folks ask me :P)
  11. You can contact Linden lab and get your abandoned land back THEN sell it and downgrade lol. Geeze Linden Lab isn't exactly what I'd call heartless. You did it wrong is all. You agreed to the renewal and YOU forgot. Handle your business. You wasting time looking for virtual hugs in the forums.
  12. I came to the original forums in 2007 for the sole purpose of spamming links and advertising my new magazine (at the time). I didn’t know you couldn’t do it (I’m sure SOMEBODY snitched me out to the people lol). I stuck around made a bunch of friends and enemies. One of my biggest enemies became a good friend. (I joined the Forum Cartel Lol). I hope he’s doing all right. I haven’t asked, dreading the answer really. He was always kind of sickly. The forums are home to a good community. The Hive Mind has no place here. Folks can agree or disagree and not fear being censored 🤬 . It’s a good place
  13. Neither have I. I’ve been inworld on the same sim, in the very presence of some of my worst enemies; and, they’ve stood there, quiet as a mouse...scared to talk. These forums aren’t so bad. Linden Lab is pro-active in their moderation. Often times they are even just. Like I told ya, keep doing you. Stay true to yourself. Stay REAL. Not everybody is gonna like you. Not everybody is gonna be your friend. Nothing wrong with an enemy or two. The people nit picking your posts have problems all their own. Some are friendless. Some are riddled with envy. Some are bored lil busybodies. Regardless, you win by staying true to YOU. By knowing exactly who and what you are and NEVER apologizing for that no matter how uncivil people are is the very definition of “having a thick skin.” That’s how you crush your haters FLAT.
  14. Now. I’m gonna get back on topic and explain exactly why people have trouble making friends (and enemies) in Second Life. Y’all ain’t real. Y’all running around hiding behind the technology, pretending to be what y’all THINK other people think is cool. Be your self. Some folks will like ya. Some folks will hate ya. So what. Be good to your friends and bury your enemies. Many of y’all are scared of drama. Drama is merely a disagreement, great or small. No one agrees on everything. Shying away from conflict is a form of self-abnegation. You kill a little bit of yourself on the INSIDE, every time you fail to assert yourself. If you hiding out in a skybox in Second Life, you’re really hiding out in a shadowy little corner of your own mind. You can wait for somebody to hand you a participation trophy for just showing up, or you can snatch the crown off some dummy’s head and be a KING...among men. The choice is yours.
  15. Nah, YOU"RE annoyed because she's HAPPY. SOCIAL. and makes friends with ease. So, you nit pick her on the forums. Save the fake outrage. And see Pearlie Girl. I told ya. Jordan GET somebody in YOUR SL before ya judge me hehehehehe
  16. I got a friend in SL that cant move nothing but his head (swimming accident). We went to war with a dummy who threatened him. said he was gonna track him down and ROLL him down a hill in his bed. Told me, ME he was gonna come to my house with a baseball bat. I told him if he show up at my house, him and that bat gonna have TROUBLE getting out MY yard. This fool had money too, lawyers, investigators at his disposal. Had actually tracked down a fool or two that had stolen his ip. Me and my friend weren't scared. And HE couldn't move nothing but his head. We buried that clown that threatened US in a neat lil hole. IN PUBLIC. And this famous good guy dummy called MY FRIEND every offensive thang you can THINK of that you could call a guy that can't move nothing but his head. On TWITTER. ON FACEBOOK. In the Alphaville HERALD. I can provide LINKS. My friend couldn't move NOTHING but his head, but he was tougher than ALL ya'll. Square business.
  17. I call b.s. Look aint NOTHING wrong with ME and a "how ever ya wanna call it" person aint ran through the certified thoroughbred dime-pieces Jumpy KNOWN for clippin" SL and RL. Which brings us BACK on topic. The REAL you OUTS in Second Life. You can't hide who you really are. it outs. If you a lil nerdy dweeb inrl its outs . That's what you are gonna be insl, no matter HOW cool you might think you are lol. It OUTS. Ha ha ha ha
  18. Perlie girl, don't follow her down that rabbit hole. Next, she'll be trying to convince you that you posting in the forums is like smothering puppies. hahahahahahaha One word responses are best....like "sap"
  19. I actually agree with you on that Chroma, always have. You gotta have a thick skin tho. Everybody is not your friend. Very few people play nice in the world. You gotta stand up to these people. You can't just cry "foul! I'm offended."
  20. If people are hurt oh so badly by WORDS; then, people are too squishy nowadays. A whole lot of people pay for cyber sex for a whole lotta different reasons. We can't mention some folks that are doing it out of fear of OFFENDING someone? If Pearl was truly offensive, snitch her out to the people. the Lindens at the Lab would LAUGH at you. Hehehehehehehe just like I DID. Ya'll need to go ahead on with this fake "I'm offended" crap. LOL If you don't like what she posts. USE THE TOOLS. Ignore her. If ya think what she's doing in the forums is bad, I'ma bring her round the house and ENCOURAGE her to do WORSE!
  21. Pearlie girl, NEVER apologize. They don't want an apology from you. They want to censor and erase you. Proof? You ALREADY apologized and THEY don't care. They're still running their mouths. Dig DITCHES! And bury them clowns. Just a lil advice from Uncle Jump!
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