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  1. Working again now, thanks for the replies
  2. Trying to use the support link on my account page, I get the message "An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log. Any ideas if this is my end or LL having problems, I cant call support to get support about the lack of support, :p
  3. I see many people saying, "turn off Advanced lighting". If you go to a stage show or dance show in SL, if it has been well run, there is a really good chance that the show uses advanced lighting effects which you will completely miss. I spend hours getting the lighting just right for the companies that I work with, and it is a shame that the audience does not always see the full effect.
  4. the fault is the 2 lines after else. you must put any more than a single command in braces It is good practice to use braces anyway for clarity if( glowVal > 0.0) { glowVal = 0.0; } else { glowVal = 0.2; llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS, [PRIM_GLOW, tFace, glowVal]); }
  5. Agreed there are simpler ways to do this, but none as realistic. Any other method uses straight line movement, and fish do not turn at right angles the vehicle script does not have any sub scripts, it is a simple submarine ( Balloon ) script that has a random direction change on a timer, nothing more than that. the llSetLinkPrimitiveParams is used to show and hide 3 faces to flick the tail.
  6. I have a strange problem with a simple vehicle script. Test setup loop 100 llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast SET_COLOR) etc time taken <1sec start 20 fish ( simple vehicle script ) total script time <2ms. run the test again, time is now between 4 and 5 secs. Is there a known limit for vehicle scripts running on a single region ? or is this a bug.
  7. The ability to flash lights rapidly is already there, llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(PRIM_POINT_LIGHT) does that, the only thing I am asking for is the ability to alter the FOV of what is already available. I think that the only reason it has not been implemented is lack of interest since more exciting things take over.
  8. I really dont see what anyone could do to crash a viewer by adjusting the FOV, and that is the biggest need, most of the functionallity is already there in PRIM_POINT_LIGHT. Just add the FOV to what is already there, it will not break anythinmg since it is only effective when projector light is enabled.
  9. 6 years and still no functions, I guess that LL has more important things to do such as making money. This really kills creativity in theatre shows.
  10. Has anyone heard any news on when, or even if, LL are going to add functions to control projector lighting ??
  11. You can run your own web server at home using a Raspberry Pi computer with web server software, very easy to do, and will cost around $30. then a very simple PHP script to store and update the SL URL, something like: <?php $myfile = fopen("seattest.txt", "w") or die("Unable to open file!"); $txt = $_POST['url']; fwrite($myfile, $txt); fclose($myfile); ?> that writes the URL to a notecard, and can be read by any script that needs the in world SL URL
  12. I provide lighting for 2 dance groups in SL, and use projected light for a realistic stage lighting effect. When will scripts get the ability to use the light projector settings that are at present only available through the editor.
  13. if the name is input as " something Resident" it fails to find the key, so add this to the listen. listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(llToLower(llGetSubString(message,-8,-1)) == "resident") { message = llGetSubString(message,0,-9); } llListenRemove(iListen);
  14. A few years ago, we werte told that the user demographic was changing, and that the " early adopters", the pioneers would move out of SL to be replaced by the players, Well, we didnt go so I guess its another way of making us leave.
  15. I guess LL do not actually believe in load testing things before dumping them on the users.this should have been tested in parrallel with magic boxes before a full rollout in case of the sort of problems that have arrisen.
  16. I am not sure what they have done , but my sales have gone down from a minimum 20k plus on a bad week, to litterally 0;
  17. what viewer are you using ?
  18. Morning, The delete option was not there when I posted, now it is, very strange I see the rules have changed from what was originally said to be the way this would work. My understanding was that the magic box and DD would both work together, so that if one failed, the other would be available. It seems now that it is one or the other only.
  19. OK, I have all of my items on DD now, slight problem, with the old magic box, if I wanted to remove an item, I did just that, remove it from the box, and mark unavailable. I cant find any way to actually remove an item from the DD folder once it has been sent. ??
  20. I have just read the notes on using direct delivery, and it appears that ALL items must now be transfer. that really messes up some of my products that are mod copy/ no trans, surely this is not right ??
  21. "> The most likely reason is the shopping cart. " Hmmmm, we just built this GREAT new train, it keeps crashing because all of the lines are an inch too wide, If the new system doesnt work, the original system must be at fault.
  22. "Marketplace failed delivery: If you have not received an item you paid for, please submit a support request that includes the order number and the name(s) of the item(s) that failed to be delivered. You may also contact the seller directly." OK, so what do you do if you are a merchant who has consistently failed deliveries ??
  23. I just checked with a customer who supposedly had a failed delivery, the item was delivered, and the money taken by LL, however, it did not reach me and the customer also received a message saying that the delivery had failed. I have sent in a support ticket with the full info from the customers transaction. If this has happened with the FIRST customer that I contacted, how many others of the supposed failed deliveries have succeeded with LL pocketing the money ??
  24. what the hell is going on with the marketplace, I have lost almost all of my sales in the last month due to failed deliveries, now and then one will go through, so the box is being seen, but I have had approx 45 failed deliveries in the last 4 weeks, resetting the box or re-syncing seems to have no effect. Is it just me, or is this a regular thing now?? deliveries V failed = around 3% success. By the way, I am in world every day for at least 12 hours. but have not had any customers calling, so does this mean that the deliveries are going through, but not being registered, so i do not get paid ??
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