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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've got a bit of a mystery that I've tried to solve myself and am so far unable to. When entering and leaving mouse look in an SL ground vehicle, the vehicle "jinks" to the left. The amount is quite large (up to 90 degrees) when I'm early in my trip, but a lot smaller once I've been riding for a while. This doesn't happen when I'm walking around normally, only when operating certain vehicles that allow you to steer using mouselook. If I can't steer with the mouse in mouselook, but can only look around, then the problem doesn't occur. I know that this occurs with vehicles using the ACS scripts, both v6.02 and v7.02, but I can't see it being the scripts as something like this would surely have been reported and fixed? If I use a non ACS bike demo (e.g. from JFC) this doesn't happen with that. I'm using Ubuntu Linux 20.04, my viewer is Firestorm 6.4.21 (64531) Jul 21 2021 21:57:13 (64bit / SSE2) (Firestorm-Release). I've tried altering camera and control settings in the viewer, but I don't seem to be making any headway. Can anybody offer any guidance please? Thanks, Joh.
  2. I want to make a tank that seats two avatars. llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget(1) will drive the tank while llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget(2) will control the turret. I have separate scripts handle the driving and turret. The driving script only calls llRequestPermissions() on the driver avatar while the turret script only calls llRequestPermissions() on the turret avatar. I also add if-statements above all controls to make sure the key of the avatar's control is coming from the appropriate avatar. I'm clearly still missing something because both scripts still respond to the controls of both avatars. Can someone help me? Both scripts are in the same prim. The driver script has these pieces to handle control: llRequestPermissions(llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget(1), PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); run_time_permissions(integer k) { if(k & PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS) { llTakeControls(CONTROL_FWD | CONTROL_BACK | CONTROL_LEFT | CONTROL_UP | CONTROL_DOWN, TRUE, FALSE); } } control(key n, integer l, integer e) { if(llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget(1) != NULL_KEY && n == llGetPermissionsKey()) { } } The turret script has these pieces: llRequestPermissions(llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget(2), PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); run_time_permissions(integer k) { if(k & PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS) { llTakeControls(CONTROL_LEFT | CONTROL_RIGHT | CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON, TRUE, FALSE); } } control(key n, integer l, integer e) { if(llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget(2) != NULL_KEY && n == llGetPermissionsKey()) { } }
  3. Has anyone heard any news on when, or even if, LL are going to add functions to control projector lighting ??
  4. Can we give any action to avatar? Like kicking a ball with avatar foot. Or with her hand. OR Can we add any function to context menu??
  5. It's been a few months now and I just can't jump with "E" anymore. No matter how much I change my preferences, it does the same thing. When pressing E, all that happens is a sound plays, almost like what it sound like when you reload in Call Of Duty. PLEASE help. The only way I can jump is by tapping the jump button in the toolbar. (Preferences in image)
  6. Hi, I use mouselook 90% of the time I'm inworld, and normally I can just left click a door, a small hand comes up for a split second and the door opens, out of nowhere it just stopped working. Now when I left click a door in mouselook nothing at all happens. I couldn't figure out why so I did a clean install of Firestorm, and it worked again. but now today (a day later) it doesnt work again. I went and made a test avi to see if it would work, and it did. I walked thru my entire house in mouselook opening each door and closing them behind me. Thinking maybe it was one of my settings, i copied dwn my test avis settings, and applied them to mine, but still nothing. i logged back in as my test avi to see if i copied the setting correctly and guess what, left click in mouselook stopped working, which was working but 10 minutes before. has anyone ever had such n issue?
  7. xBaeBeex

    camera controls

    some help please, i don't know how but my camera keeps zooming just in above my head..and i try to use my mouse wheel to zoom back a bit (i like to see from behind my avatar when i walk and not like 1st person view) .. and when i stop it zooms on the head again, like its struggling against my attempts to zoom back.. halp pleasee..??
  8. I'm trying to make a wheelchair. It will attach to the wearer, and contains a pose that seats the user correctly. What I would also like to do is have the wheels rotate correctly as it moves. I'm using an animated texture to mimic movement rather than rotating the actual prims. So far, I can get them to rotate forwards and backwards when the user presses his up and down arrow keys, and rotate in opposite directions to turn the chair when the left or right arrow keys are pressed. However, I would also like to programme slightly different behaviour when both the up arrow and one of the left or right arrows are pressed together, and it's this I am struggling with. Here's an extract from the script I've got so far: control(key id, integer level, integer edge) { if (level & CONTROL_FWD) { if (edge & CONTROL_FWD) { llSetLinkTextureAnim(2, ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | ROTATE | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 1,1,0, TWO_PI, -TWO_PI); llSetLinkTextureAnim(3, ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | ROTATE | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 1,1,0, TWO_PI, TWO_PI); llSetLinkTextureAnim(4, ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | ROTATE | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 1,1,0, TWO_PI, TWO_PI); llSetLinkTextureAnim(5, ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | ROTATE | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 1,1,0, TWO_PI, -TWO_PI); } else { llSetLinkTextureAnim(2, ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | ROTATE | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 1,1,0, TWO_PI, -TWO_PI); llSetLinkTextureAnim(3, ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | ROTATE | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 1,1,0, TWO_PI, TWO_PI); llSetLinkTextureAnim(4, ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | ROTATE | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 1,1,0, TWO_PI, TWO_PI); llSetLinkTextureAnim(5, ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | ROTATE | LOOP, ALL_SIDES, 1,1,0, TWO_PI, -TWO_PI); } } else { if (edge & CONTROL_FWD) { llSetLinkTextureAnim(LINK_SET, FALSE, ALL_SIDES, 0, 0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0); } } This works correctly. The texture starts to rotate when the Up arrow is pressed, and stops when it's released. How would I modify it (to start with) to do exactly the same when (say) the Up and Left arrows were held down at the same time. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  9. By default, PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS is granted automatically to attachments and items you sit on. Is it possible to prevent this? A lot of chairs and sofas, and some attachments, take control of the CONTROL_UP and/or CONTROL_DOWN keys (PgUp/E, PgDown/C) for allowing on-the-fly adjustments, with the undesirable collateral of making the key-combination "Alt+E", "Alt+C" unavailable for camera control. Since more often than not the corresponding scripts are nomod and/or in items I do not own, I am searching for a possibility to block the autmatic granting of this permission.
  10. Camera tilt resets on movement is really annoying, wish there was an option to keep camera tilt to see top-down while moving instead of holding mouse click. Also gamepad controller settings need complete rework to be more easier to setup a controller, and better controls. Flycam is nice to look around but controller settings are too messy. Wish camera controls and character movements were more "WoW-like", if anyone plays that you know what I mean. (left click: turn camera, right click: turn character) Please bump thread if anyone agrees, this would generally improve user experience with better camera and gamepad controls.
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