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  1. I find it a waste to keep so many contents that I have never used and will never use in my Inventory. As examples I can think of the Dragonlet, Female Shape & Body, Girl Next Door, Professional Female, Objects, Photo Album, etc, etc. All preloaded. Right clicking doesn't give me the option DELETE. Thanks for any anwers. Much appreciated answers. Thanks guys and girls :matte-motes-big-grin:
  2. Hello, can someone tell me what do Running and Mono do when making a script. I think that running means that it becomes active the moment the prim is rezzed. Not sure though. But I don't know what MONO does. Thanks. Thank you very much Innula Zenovka and emmettcullen93. Sorry for the delay thanking you both but I forgot to tick "IM me when you receive a reply" so I wasn't aware my Q had been answered :)
  3. Hello guys and gals :-) I am wondering how to record SL scenes that I can later upload to Youtube. I am making a build and want to film it and then upload it as a video but I dont know how to capture SL actions. I have seen many SL videos on Youtube but I dont know how they do it. Print screen will only give me snaps intead of a video. Is there software or tricks to do it? Thanks Thanks a lot Valerie. I am now checking the links :-) Thank you very much Lindal. Very useful info :-)
  4. Hi. What do these different categories mean; THANK YOU SO MUCH GOOD LOOKING AND CLEVER LADIES. MUCH OBLIGED.
  5. After 4 months in SL and not more than a couple of intimate encounters, an issue has come up. It's that my freebie p...s does not impress. I assume this must be one of the reasons for my crappy luck with the females. So I would like to hear from the experts...I need the name of a good p...s I could buy. Thanking you as always :D HEY I THANK YOU ALL BUT I WOULD HAVE APPRECIATED SPECIFIC NAMES AND MODELS RATHER THAN SHOP NAMES.......I HATE SHOPPING AROUND :)) THANK SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN. SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN VERY HELPFUL INDEED.
  6. af41


    Hey Valerie, I have noticed that you post answers in English, Spanish and French....So you have everything going for yourself. Pity about ajja.martian....hehehehe) So, after I am done with all the killings (LOL), is there any chance you could send me the SLurl or name of a place where I can find myself a clever, talented and beautiful woman such as yourself....
  7. af41


    Thank you. I'll check it out
  8. af41


    Well Val, I was just thinking what would be the best.....to shoot them first, or shoot myself PS I did go to "WW II Role Play & VICE Combat - Caen, France - 1944" as suggested. Unfortunately there was nobody else there so I could not ask about anything. I guess there's not much interest in it.
  9. af41


    Hello and thank you so much for previous answers. Here's another one pleaseeee! I need I break from female trouble (!) so I would like to know about a traditional war/combat zone I could visit and join. I am thinking of becoming a soldier, modern or Second World War soldier...not intergalactic or pirate. Any ideas please? Thank you Val. I am sure I'll get fewer injuries in that WAR ZONE than with you beauts around :D
  10. af41


    This current week has been my Trials and Tribulations week. After months in SL, just dancing and chatting, this week I tried sex. It was twice and with the same woman. However she is now stalking me. She seems to have a radar (or something of the kind) that tells her exactly where I am in SL and who is dancing with me. So the stalker keeps sending messages to me, and what's worse, she sends messages to the person who happens to be dancing with me, inventing stories so that she won't dance with me anymore. The stalker is actually able to see MY NAME AS WELL AS THE NAME OF THE PERSON I AM
  11. af41

    What's the "radar"?

    Hello guys and gals again. I have just been told that viewers have a thing called RADAR. The person told me that with that radar she can actually look around and see what people are doing! I myself have no interest is snooping other people's intimacy but I am just curious about it. And indeed to disable it so nobody can snoop at me. Not that I am up to anything naughty, but it's just an invation of privacy. My viewer is Firestorm. Thank you. :smileyhappy: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE REPLIES. YES INDEED WHAT I HAVE IS THE MINI MAP WITH THE GREEN DOTS, NAMES AND DISTANCES. MY QUESTION AROSE
  12. af41


    The thing is that I was never requested to be biten. I was never spoken to by the vamp. Needless to say even if she had asked me I would have told her to go and jump off a cliff. LOL. But seriously, she bit me from a distance without my knowledge or approval. That's what annoyed me.
  13. af41


    I have just been told by two friends that my avi has been biten by a vamp and that my soul is in Limbo. I didn't believe it at first but when the second friend told me the same, it bothered me greatly. See, I have been biten by someone I have never even talked to. I find it very unfair that I should have been attacked when I don't even hang around vamp places....and I am certainly not into it at all. Is there any way to sanction people like that? I mean, my attitude is live and let live. But being unknowingly attacked by strangers is grief. So basically I am now "infected" and I c
  14. Thank you so much Val. You are always so kind......and gorgeous... what a lucky man is that ajja.martian! :smileyhappy:
  15. I have tried to buy lindens but discovered that the Form requires VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTER, DELTA, VISA ELECTRON or JCB cards only. How can a person buy Lindens when not having any of the forementioned. Btw, I live outside the USA.
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