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  1. Good luck! Then recreate the Operation Mainland group maybe after they fix the other group for you
  2. @Feorie Frimon I'm 10000% all for Mainland as you know...but perhaps for clarity, a separate group and website for the Forever Tourist Passport game, would be a good idea? ...to help people understand that it's for ALL Second Life not just Mainland exploration. (And you can link the Operation Mainland site from there too!)
  3. oh yes- this is still new, so I think it will take time to build the lists and get popular and more fun. The more who participate the merrier right @Feorie Frimon ?
  4. I think you: 1. wear the HUD. 2. There should be a seperate, website or at least a list published at the Operation Mainland Headquarters, with locations that have the kiosks. 3. You go to the location, find the kiosk, and while wearing the HUD, register that you were there, in exchange for having a "stamp" appear on your HUD.
  5. Yes! But no one else who are not Bellisseria residents, and might only own mainland, rent mainland, rent private, or just have private regions can't get the Passport HUDs as I understand? But yes isn't this wonderful? =D
  6. I believe the BBB from Bellisseria also allowed Mainland or other spots- I think I've seen some spots in there- but I could be wrong....still this is a great enrichment and the more passport games the merrier!!! Okay - Update: the BBB only offers passports to those who have a Bellisseria home- so this is definitely needed, a universal SL game for ALL of SL residents! =D
  7. Oooh driving's another perspective too! Depending on what I want to do, I'll be up close like I am while sailing or further up up to the point that I see the whole car too, if I wanted to see more or just be better navigating The pics look great!
  8. Aww Oh, and I also play SL too...and before SL I never really played games. And up to now don't play anything else really.
  9. Awww. By the way, I also only really play SL- my big expensive rig I got specifically for SL, haha. For me its so I can see things closer, when I do my cameras
  10. I love how close up your av is! Very immersive no? I have struggled with the Firestorm presets - how do you do your camera settings in Firestorm? I need like a walk through video maybe hahaha. Meantime I use a $10L HUD
  11. Closer to your av is better right? Versus the default which is a bit further up of a view from the environment
  12. How close do you play? Show us how close do you like to view your day to day SL. I do use a third party camera HUD for this. For me, this is how close I play (pics below). Most times its close enough to see up close the details of my hair and my jeans (first pic), with almost all my body in view but close up- this is how I am walking around or sailing. Other times it's even closer, some times over the shoulder or far off to the side but literally right by my avatar. When I'm horse back riding I am on my horse but my camera is usually angled so that its over the shoulder of my avatar and all I see is the horse's head. I usually don't do mouselook but mouselook is also amazingly immersive and some times undervalued. What's your angle of your world like?
  13. This is an embarrassment for all legit decorators who do NOT act like this. There are legitimate decorators who run decorating businesses ethically in SL or do them as a hobby and do not lie/manipulate to get lindens-- this woman, if you think she really is lying, does not represent this wonderful community of pro and hobby decorators.
  14. Welcome to the forums ❤️ There are a mix of kind and unkind people as you can see. Most luckily kind, don't let the unkind folks get to you. I hope that you find him! Shylo's recommendation is also a good idea
  15. I love this. I applaud this. I need to check out forums more. If not for my friend telling me about Operation Mainland I wouldn't know lol. YESSS! I joined the group
  16. On SL- This used to be Storybook Estates but now is Hidden Hills- I think they shrunk also because on each side, the names are different. I haven't had a chance to explore, but it is well done: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kraken/169/150/63 -- it's alll the way far out on the other side of hte SL world but there's still some sailable water here.
  17. He did...? -lol, well- this is a separate topic not for SL. But I guess I will find the GCG group again and see what's going on, again.
  18. In any case...we don't have to worry because Since the early days of COVID, GCG is closed down.
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