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  1. I'm all tiered out on mainland and not giving up on mainland! I LOVE MY MAINLAND! Now I have to plan for another alt to get a new home though lol boo THESE HOMES are ACE! The Moles are on their game! I love these homes!!! And I already have a favorite model. lol.
  2. Eh I love coastal regions. And mostly Belli sailing is all rivers, in the end you land in a Linden ocean once you get out of Belli. I love the open water. Too tired and crabby from IRL to properly respond, but this has been an interesting read and debate!
  3. and that's for any area on the map.
  4. Well, actually, in my view, there is more appreciation about mainland...thanks to Bellisseria people realize the value of Mainland and there is a renewed interest in making a beautiful community on Mainland. Prices are not dropping, in my view. It is still too expensive for the average buyer. You will still see majority of parcels on the map, to be selling for upwards of $70 USD a parcel, and that's for 512 sq meters and 1024s.
  5. Eel Bay has some sailing land. Hidesmore has areas to rent as well as Faracity.
  6. FOR RENT Residential/Commercial- 6,304 sq m sky-land with 1,000 prims, $1,200L/week Would you be my neighbor? Do you love sailing and driving like I do? I'm located at Meelwalh, at a unique 6,304 sq m parcel that has: -Direct (Driveway's literally on the road!) access to Circuit-La-Corse, one of the longest and most interesting roads in SL, on the Corsica Continent -Direct (right next to my driveway) access to a public rezz zone-- great for extra rezzing or for fueling if you have a car with a picky fuel system -Direct access to the Coastal Waterways, and an enjoyable 30 minute sail to the Blake Seas You would: -Have access to all of these, space to park your boat and car that doesn't count towards your prims, and access to rezzers containing high quality cars & boats -Have sky-land, with access to 1,000 prims for your use -Privacy and security (I can provide you with an orb) in the sky Your sky-land would be the size of the parcel, so awesome if you want to have workshop space or just to spread out your stuff. The land below is my home and also a (coming soon) public-access beach where people can rezz their car and boat, and you would have access to that too. If you are a store, I would also put a teleporter at the entrance which advertises your wares! For stores, this land does get visitors as it is "in town" and has the acces routes stated above, which is good for you. Note as this is also my home if you're a store let's discuss details first as well. This is a sub-let and it would indeed help me keep this land and make my dream of having a gorgeous beach for all come true. Your rent is $1,200L/wk for 1,000 prims. The only rule I have is that you put your sky land above 1,000 meters above ground level and use common sense/courtesy. Rentals or land is very rare at this rental range, that has waterway access to Blake, and also to highly prized highway access. If you're interested in being my roommate, please IM me and let's chat! ❤️ Hugs, Therese
  7. Yes I still see 16 sq ms, in fact I own one as a sort of drop box location (which is decorated with grass and trees and the drop box itself is hidden), although looking to abandon that or get someone to absorb that at some point since it's sort at a very out of the way location for me.
  8. Looking for drive-able beaches on Corsica Continent, particularly accessible to Circuit-La-Corse ...is there such thing, Open-to-Public, Drive-able Beaches in Corsica Continent? =D Or water zones, etc. Thanks, T
  9. By the way I'm pro-GTFO ^.^ I found quite a few nice GTFO hubs that I really like. But also, I have found GFTO hubs and signs too that were very utilitarian. Fine as well, as it is people's freedom and choice of free-form play. But for me, I love encouraging a pleasing view. For DiscoverMain, I'll feature different kinds of aesthetics, from grunge, urban, and apocalpytic to bucolic country side, shot for the HUD and general picture sharing/ showcases I'm planning, raw, in Black Dragon where possible, with minimal editing beyond the windlight and raising the gamma, etc. The goal is to find awesome places and show them off in their best light, in themed HUDs, published regularly. I do have a bit of a bias for beautiful colors and pleasing greenery. And if there's several grungy, urban builds that have mesh builds, I will probably feature them over just-prim builds. If anyone likes this plan of things, come get my HUD when it comes out! Announcement forthecoming between now and some time after New Year
  10. Hey there! I work with anyone and everybody . I love and appreciate everyone's fierce views, and I appreciate your view, and Vega's; and if people are against me for being friends with Profoky, I am comfortable in my own skin. H/she is a great friend and I enjoy her company, and we work well together. Also here's a picture of my inworld cat. Mainland Landmarks that you love are also welcome, as I'm collecting them for my project ❤️ P.S. In case this sweetness makes some people roll their eyes. This doesn't mean of course that I roll over with friends or foe. Just to be clear, I will stand up for myself with strong words when necessary, and I have healthy disagreements with my friends (and isn't it beautiful, different point of views). I just don't find the need most of the time. -T.
  11. I went the other day, it was great fun! I'm going again another time!!
  12. I am not a fan of drama especially on a game where the idea is we get away from what is negative. Probably most people won't have an idea of what I'm talking of, which is okay. But there seems to be one mainland appreciation group complaining against another (not mine, so I'm not upset). But this is not something that makes sense to me. We should work together, and not against each other. Whether you are for general mainland appreciation or for more specific appreciation of the roads, or whatever it may be- be gentle, be nice, be kind. There is no need to be nasty, send nasty notes, and then have the other party cry and be upset. This world can be kind and beautiful and full of positivity. I'm choosing it to be, are you? ^.^ In other news, DiscoverMain, your regularly published HUD for awesome in-world mainland destinations, is chugging along but slowly; as, after all, it is my project and my kind of fun. Still look out for an awesome announcement some time between now and after New Year! LMs of awesome places welcome ❤️ -T.
  13. I saw GEMC had some in their MM, though I did not go to their in world store yet. ANyone else know and like any cars with towing ability and also have scripted tow-able boats? Thanks, TT
  14. @Roc Plutonian is still in his Halloween costume
  15. For Sale, Wellington Road-side 4096 sq m parcel, in Hauwai, amongst Beautiful Neighbors - 3,500L ❤️ -- Looking for it to go fast, so willing to negotiate. Although I am already selling it below for what I bought it for ❤️ LANDMARK: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hauwai/235/66/77 Relatively lag-free and quiet sim alongside a very beautiful Mole-built road. Ideal for a quiet home, a horse farm or a pretty landscape. I have de-rendered some things in the background on the next sims but otherwise this road itself is very pretty. Keep the trees and grass if you like. Take a drive down this gorgeous moss-covered cobblestone road.
  16. Bay City Alliance meeting 11/10/19- a pic stolen in time
  17. Hi all I'm looking for awesome high-end looking Looneetta Boat Texture Kits. There are not a lot on Marketplace, can anyone recommend me some places to look in world? I am in particular looking for this nice looking one I ran into the other day, I accidentally messaged the creator and didn't check enough to see who really owned the boat. Does anyone know who made this paint job?
  18. I too have had a lot of issues last few weeks with Blake Sea crossings with sailing, on any boat. I'm trying be positive and after 1 or two crashes, if I really want to to sail the Blake Sea I just use a Rez Zone...or I just use one of the smaller waterways
  19. @Prokofy did a great job!!! Ooh what is LCC? @animats check it out =D my decorator did a great job and only spent 166 of my prims!!! At first we tried a deck but it extended too much into the canal, we went with cliffs and ladders and it looks good! @VenKellie I think Prokofy loves Mainland and is why he is expressing his opinion ❤️
  20. @Ingrid Ingersoll Thank you so much!! I enjoyed it...I switched things around lately, made it more open to be ready to be shared with a friend for a new project, in this place are waterfalls ❤️❤️
  21. Send a message to Asadora=D She sent me an NC to fill out. Can't wait to deco my land for this!
  22. @animats my house on Alloy has river (if you can get down the cliff) and road access. I've struggled with it and ended up hiring a "pro" decorator to help me solve the cliff problem. Stay tuned for pics for that. I am hoping it will be magical! For the road access I specifically didn't build a driveway as I was going for the cute garden overgrown look but I smoothed out my land and made my mesh land on top blend in with the terrain One thing which I like about Trompe Loiells work is that she has builds suitable for all land types. I understand now why small homes are so popular....most mainland can only support those small homes. I also see now the value of some older Builder's Box builds which were built on stilts.
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