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  1. See, I don't think I'd phrase it exactly the way you did; but I feel like that's a reasonable attitude. Going back to my original reply: when I say "no one owes you their RL info" I'm primarily addressing the attitude and mindset I see a lot of people walk around in SL with that we're supposed to wear everything on our sleeve and that SL is supposed to mirror RL 1:1. Yeah, nuts to that. Forming a relationship -any relationship, takes time and mutual growth. My timezone (AKST) is about all I'm guaranteed to share off the bat. But as time goes on, more comes out. Just like IRL, i
  2. First off ...define "gender" Second off, scrap the bit about "being honest" -no one owes you their RL info. No. One.
  3. I absolutely agree -one hundred percent. Virtual world, real feelings. And yes, at least 5 or 10 years ago I would have argued that all the subcultures you find on the internet can be found in SL. That's what I meant when I said (inworld) that SL is a microcosm of the internet. But as I said in my last post -I'm a bit more hesitant to state that without disclaimers (disclaimers such as mentioning that I might well be wrong)
  4. I agree that we have a culture, after a fashion. For the longest time I tried to get a handle on what people liked about second life. Myself, I would come in for a week or two, look around and get bored. Then I found bit by bit that there was a larger culture, shared references, history. That is half of what hooked me (the other half was realizing that virtual worlds could be valuable in fighting "cabin fever" and winter depression). I have to say "after a fashion" now, though. Outside of VV1 I'm not sure how many people would get it if I said I want to make teh secks, referred to
  5. Depends on what you consider to be an "alt". I'd distinquish between "alt" and "unused accounts" I have like 3 active accounts right now; my 2005 trial account, Han Held, and the girl I made to transistion to but gave up and just went back to using Han. I counted my unused accounts sometime in 2011 and figured that I had created 25 or 30; it's probably closer to 40 now. Because you just never know.
  6. See -to me and others ...that's "bantering", it's part of a forum. It's the same idea as hanging out in a club, for instance. You flirt, you gossip, you chat. Unless it gets to the point where people are having cybersex in threads, I don't share the objection to it. I understand the objection, but I don't share it.
  7. virtualverse one; I sent you the link inworld earlier.
  8. where did I put my lockpicking set....?
  9. That's the sense I'm getting; but I'm not sure how much of my perception is due to personal bias (I have plenty). I have to admit that while I look around some of the sub-forums here, I don't really know this forum (as a whole) all that well. I'm basing my impressions on the exchanges I've seen and being a part of in General Discussion. I noticed that about banter in the photography threads, but I didn't make a connection between that and the larger forum culture. It's a dynamic I'm going to watch for. I always enjoy seeing you at vv1 too 💖 and getting a chance to share posts with
  10. Meanwhile, back on topic ...here's a snap I took earlier at my new place with my landlady and friend. Planning out what I'm going to do with the parcel:
  11. Like I said inworld; don't sweat it. Fun police gonna fun police ....
  12. And out of no-where ...the fun police! [EDIT] Edited 4 minutes ago by RowanMinxBecause we all knew where this would lead and it did. No need to explain Thanks in no small part to people leaping in to play "fun police" instead of using more appropriate (ignoring threads, silently reporting threads) options! [/EDIT]
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