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  1. Ooooh yeah. I love 80's hard rock and metal and punk -that's not the guilty part, though. The guilty part is one specific band: Grim Reaper: They were a total RCA-cashing-in-on-what-kids-like pre-fab band but...I love the hell out of their first album, even if it does make my inner metal-head cringe!
  2. Are you talking about Enterprise Bay?
  3. Building, look for slex, get bored, go to an event, go back to building I'm definately in a rut (not the one I'd like to be in, either!)
  4. There are better, more effective replies you could have made instead. But who cares about effectiveness when there's zingers to be had? Imma throw some pearls out here for you to find in the mud: "Yes, but for those who do want to play and don't want to be milked or forced to pay, I have come up with /I am coming up with an alternative." You're welcome.
  5. Blame LL and their mis-guided decision to gamify the forums ...and their choice mad libs as the game?
  6. ...what have ya got? Seriously, it's one of those days IRL. Bad enough that it's spilling over into OS/SL.
  7. One of my favorite punk/thrash songs, inspired by this post/thread D.R.I. - Guilt Trip - YouTube
  8. I can be a great person I can be an absolute irresponsible ***** -usually due to one of my personal limitations (anxiety, depression, etc). I understand the urge to hide behind saying that you're an *****, a horrible person; I've done that. Sometimes it's not an unwillingness to deal with one's own issues, but a matter of having blind spots about how and why you do the things you do. I'm very guilty of that, and other problems as well (comitting to more than I can actually do, letting myself get stretched too thin and then ending up paralyzed unable to act). I would defi
  9. See, I don't think I'd phrase it exactly the way you did; but I feel like that's a reasonable attitude. Going back to my original reply: when I say "no one owes you their RL info" I'm primarily addressing the attitude and mindset I see a lot of people walk around in SL with that we're supposed to wear everything on our sleeve and that SL is supposed to mirror RL 1:1. Yeah, nuts to that. Forming a relationship -any relationship, takes time and mutual growth. My timezone (AKST) is about all I'm guaranteed to share off the bat. But as time goes on, more comes out. Just like IRL, i
  10. First off ...define "gender" Second off, scrap the bit about "being honest" -no one owes you their RL info. No. One.
  11. I absolutely agree -one hundred percent. Virtual world, real feelings. And yes, at least 5 or 10 years ago I would have argued that all the subcultures you find on the internet can be found in SL. That's what I meant when I said (inworld) that SL is a microcosm of the internet. But as I said in my last post -I'm a bit more hesitant to state that without disclaimers (disclaimers such as mentioning that I might well be wrong)
  12. I agree that we have a culture, after a fashion. For the longest time I tried to get a handle on what people liked about second life. Myself, I would come in for a week or two, look around and get bored. Then I found bit by bit that there was a larger culture, shared references, history. That is half of what hooked me (the other half was realizing that virtual worlds could be valuable in fighting "cabin fever" and winter depression). I have to say "after a fashion" now, though. Outside of VV1 I'm not sure how many people would get it if I said I want to make teh secks, referred to
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