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  1. Of course script can be also with physical movement (like most vechicles). Then there is no need to know where are walls. But I dont know, do physical movement script at all aknowledge collisions in underground. Then still must use non-physical movement script and script must know building plan.
  2. There is one problem more. When avatars sit, they are not physical and can go through walls. To solve this, script itself must know where are walls and restrict avatar moving through walls.
  3. Not exactly underground. The root prim still stay in ground. All building objects are linked with corresponding root prim located in ground. Now, avatar wants to also walk there in underground building. From programming point of view I solve it in this way. In ground there is two prims linked together. Vertical distance is exactly the level of underground building floor from ground. Higher prim (the root prim) is invisible, lower prim is visible and sit-able and object together is phantom. Now avatar sits on visible non-root prim. Script on root prim moves itself to ground level, so lower prim
  4. I dont want to make troubles to sandbox owner and other visitors in sandbox.
  5. Hi! I dont know, is there in marketplace such thing as "underground walking script". Yes, there is absolutely possible to build in underground. When root prim stays in ground, you can build anything into underground. Also, even avatar can sit there, when there, in underground is some chair. But avatar cant walk in uderground freely. When it stand up, it momentarily jump to ground. So, avatars can be and live deep in underground, but they cant walk. But....they cant only walk, but they can still move, together with chair. And chair can be example invisible prim with vechicle script, plus avatar
  6. And megaprims are not at all obsolete, even when you own only 512 m2 land. 512 yes, but you have still 4096m high land. Example, I give my own example. I have physical elevator up to 4096m, with elevator shaft. Shaft is from 5m high pieces. You can calculate how many pieces and prims you need to get up. Its lot. When you want to save prims, then you must use megaprims. In my exact case, I still dont use there megaprims, because I like shaft design (its part of whole complex and rezzed automatically by elevator cabine). But most people want to save prims.
  7. Hi, 6y ago there was one bug in simulators. Example this kind of situation. When land is full of prims, some vehicle drive into land. Vehicle means someone sit there and those prims are marked as "sit on" (or something) in land properties. Those prims are additionally and can exist even when land is full. In property there are also mark "x prims are deleted", that means when driver stand up, those prims must be deleted. Its all ok and normal. But the bug was - it deletes not always those vechicle prims, but any prims.Not always, but it happened. Therefore extremelt danger was to let land full
  8. No, Salt HUD finds in my case exactly size I write, but when I start downloading (click on it), nothing happens. I dont know whats wrong, maybe I must use some other account. Maybe problem is with avatar complexity, its pretty high, 200. Also there is something wrong with this HUD at all, some bug in script, because it start working only from some weared location. Normally HUD-s must work in any weared location. When its not visible, then you can edit it and muve to whatever location, but hud-s still must work everywhere, but Salt HUD dont. Yes, of course it can find only existing megaprims, b
  9. 190x190x0.5 sphere takes 1 prim or 1 LI. When megaprims are obsolete, then how you make 190x190x0.5 sphere ?
  10. Yes, I want slow movement - I have lots of time, Im in SL because I have huge free time and money, I have time to travel whole day to up and I enyoy every meter.
  11. Those non-physical elevators are crap. Because with only physical elevator you can stand and walk inside elevator cabine and travel together with others.
  12. I want whole elevator, not only script. Elevator is complete system. There is security, inside-outside buttons, doors, options, etc. I have nothing to do with only script. Script must control something. But when there is nothing to control, then the script becomes useless.
  13. Hi, Im searching physical movement elavator that is able to move to 4000m. I have SD-elevator (the known brand, very nice look, 10x10m, with shaft, physical and very expensive), but unfortunately it cant move up more than some 100m.
  14. Not true. With SALT HUD I get any size.
  15. Already searched...they dont have...example 170x170x0.5 or 190x190x0.5 dont have. Its so sad the web was closed. Why the bloody hell it was closed. When I start searching for every prim one hour each, then finally I loose interest to SL at all.
  16. Only this is not true at all. 64 is still limit today, without megaprims.
  17. I need search megaprims because I dont have it with parameters as I need. And how you build whole sim sky holosphere without megaprims. I think its impossible.
  18. Hello! Now I have problem myself with finding right product. I was once very good megaprims searching HUD calles Salt. But Now it dont work anymore. It activates and finds correct megaprims, but when I start download it, nothing happens. Then I buyed some MPB HUD. But its crap, dont have search at all and all prims are only integrated, not downloading and searching. So, what is right now good megaprims searching and downloading HUD? Salt was able to search both with exact parameters and approximately. Thank you for help.
  19. Yes, its devil language......lankuake.
  20. You dont know nothing about satan and antichrist. And exactly therefore you must learn, from me, from antichrist. And Im very kind and obliging and you all are my childs.
  21. I was vampire once. My suggestion to all vampires - just come over from vampire clan to my free satanic community. In vampire clan you are slave, in my community there is no leader and you all becomes free vampires.
  22. No, Im not superior. I just pay lots of money for SL and I want to get back quality entertainment.
  23. My new land in SL. And my new castle. And I feel I new myself.
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