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  1. I think for making BOT's, better idea is to use standard viewer with mouse/keyboard drive robot-macros than write own 3rd party viewer. Example standard viewer runs in some machine 24/7 and all operations translated to mouse/keyboard macros. Central control point becomes SDK for programmers with class-libraries. Programmers make some class object, class constructors start moving mouse into correct menu row and class functions continue with operation and finish mouse/keyboard macro. All functions must contain control mechanism, to find out does mouse really goes into right place and does opera
  2. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: .... Yes, thanx, it was very clear answer. I was knowed it also, only suspected maybe LL really goed some steps forward and made some SDK.....but seems not. So, no problem, I then start try HTTPrequest method. Altough viewer method is much more powerful, I just cant abandon my principles to write structured code with help of class-libraries, instead source code copy-paste. Example with help of BOT you can write software that sends live video from inworld to some website etc. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: , with limited communication facilities for external systems.
  3. Void Singer wrote: not everything is done for you... it's not our problem if you don't like the answer, but it's still the correct answer. and seriously, if you can write better code then why are you whining about it to us? no one is going to cater to you whims just because you want them to.... that's not how the world works. The world works in this way - until platform author dont make programming SDK with libraries for some bigger compiler-linker, platform author dont get also more developers. They get only "open source" hacking kids who just round and round around the same code wit
  4. Seems that so called "open source" developers know only one word "troll". If I say honestly, I dont need your open source crap and never put it into my compiler. And if you continue thinkink in the same way, you never make something usable in programming except only crap and never stop natter that LSL dont allow one and other. LSL is pretty good, only you dont have imagination to write something interesting. I just dont see at all something useful at this moment in software area that I should want also use myself.
  5. Void Singer wrote: because Microsoft makes it hard to use another system... so everything you make is built on top of microsofts products (which they make money from) but LL does not have that same benefit... if they make it easy for you make a viewer, you can use that viewer anywhere, so it is not built on top of LL's product (SL), and they make no money from it (because it's open source). The ONLY benefit they get, is new idea and fixes that they can use, which does not happen if they sell it, or if they close it only works on their product. I dont need this LL "open source". What be
  6. Ok, but I still dont get why LL isnt interested about it. Why Microsoft is interested about it? Reason is to get more developers for Windows platform, to become bigger environment. LL must also be interested about when SL becomes more powerful virtual environment with more software, more developers and more users who buy software, pay for LL lands, buy from marketplace where LL gets some percent from every sell etc.. If LL just dont have power to make good developing platform in libraries and documentation, then no problem, I dont need it for free, I can pay also for it. And I see that LL it
  7. thanx, I see. Exaxtly this is mistake that fundamental level documentation and libraries are written by 3rd party programmers. And source code is more like hacking, not good programming practice. Source code can be only for examples, main work must done with libraries and documentation. Example Microsoft gives for developers very good start platform with detailde documentation in MSDN, SDK, DDK, and very good starting point from side of class libraries, MFC, ASP.NET etc. This dont mean that Microsoft itself writes software, developers write all software instead. I see the real case of need is
  8. You get me absolutely wrong. I dont want to write jet in inworld in C#, but instead I want to write in C++ or C# software off-world for SL - to communicate with SL through HTTP, exchange information between SL and IIS, store information into MSSQL, write BOT viewers, cantrol all this with interactive web-application etc. This all is very important for SL to become even better virtual platform. Example most serious things you cant program in LSL in inworld at all, but instead you must program it in viewer side (BOT's example). If you write software in viewer side, you cant say anymore that LSL
  9. Hi! Exist some libraries for MS VisualStudio 2010 Ultimate to write BOT's or add-on's to viewer2?
  10. Hello! I have now MS Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate installed. Do I need to use only integrated libraries or exist also some special libraries (or source) for C# or C++, to write something to SL? Example communication between SL HTTP service and IIS, storing SL info about visitors in MSSQL, writing interactive web-apps to drive ORB's, or writing BOT's. I know better C++ than C# , but unfortunately for web-apps and ASP.NET I can use only C#. But instead for BOT software and for information communication and storing I should prefer C++. All those C# 'interface' and 'delegate' commands are for me
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