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  1. I put some dark music radio-station there to play. Altough I myself dont dance at all anymore.....Also, its virtual, in SL. You dance virtually.
  2. Elevator goes up to 2000m and then tunnel to danceclub -
  3. Of course you pay for the exact land you have.
  4. I just like the 1L idea....I like it hard. Because it dont show I want money, it shows I want you to pay. And it selects people very well. I can even pay you 1L back after you pay. Its exactly the same as let ORB kick out "no-payment info" avatars. But I think its too extreme and I dont use it in my ORB-s. Because it shows on no payment in today. It dont show what people plan to do tomorrow. And maybe someone just join to SL.
  5. Tier is not rent, its tier. Its life itself. You buy life. You are robot and LL charges you. Rent is something that you pay aditionally. Robots dont pay, robots charged, otherwise they are dead.
  6. Tier is not rent, its tier. I dont care outside mainland. Pivate estate is like prison, its not at all place to live. And yes, parcel media is not 100% sync, but its not very big problem at all. The most important is that all see the same video. Its much better than media on prim, where everyone sees its own video. There is no point because you can always close SL and watch video that only you see. But the problem is at all in other place. Parcel media in texture dont allow to control it, by clicking on texture and choose URL and other links. Also it dont allow to set fullscreen. Exactly for t
  7. ......and I never put ban lines in my land, all are welcome, even not block cameras. My bots and orbs just welcome gently. My land is the most friendly place in SL at all.
  8. Exactly! Here is also one of my favourite artist -
  9. I was in SL more than 10y and never seen this kind on async. All clubs, lives, parcel media is always synced. Or just my ear dont feel difference.
  10. I dont have competitions at all, because every little piece of me and my club is absolutely unique. When you visit it, then you are also elite, you automatically get status. In public dance places go not elite people, there go working class. They are mass productions. But my place is rather secret. You tell its location only to best friends, who are also the same elitists people as you. When you go in my place, then you are nr1, when not, then you dont exist.
  11. I dont go into such clubs in RL. And actually I had my club up already about 8y ago. And it was fine - I was able to dance as much as I wanted and even without 1 L. But then the ticket price was higher, dont remember. But now I put 1L. Im not interested about money or public, I just hate free stuff. And in SL I can do what I want.
  12. This kind of music I never play in club.
  13. I think we have different interests in whole SL and probably also in RL. Of course you have nothing to do in my club, its not for you. Its more for people with the same interests as I have.
  14. I dont understand. You want to say that parcel media isnt synced?
  15. Here is example one of my favourite. What you think, what DJ-s can talk additionally to this? Usually? I suspect anything they plan to talk, I dont want to hear.
  16. Tier is like "the level", "the high life".
  17. I like radio-stations. Personally I like witch house. And I like any music that is set 10x slower speed to play. No matter what is playing. Some witch house radio-station is enough. And advertisement dont also problem. I dont see difference from advertisement and somne resident talk. Do you see? And why people come? Because of me. Because Im so beautiful.
  18. I dont like those clubs. And I wasnt sayed my club must be at all public. No, not at all public. It becomes very elite club only for selected. It becomes for yuppie role play club.
  19. This is not problem at all - I dont use it for profit. I dont use it for money. 1L anyway is not money. I do it for principle.
  20. No, actually I have previously buyed very expensive stuff. I mean lazers, disco ball, strobos etc. Those stuff was the most expensive at all that was found in marketplace. Example lazers are specifically sharp. Many times sharper than usual lasers I seen in SL, even better than in big clubs. ......And lag is not my topic. its LL sim servers topic. I cant replace them, altough I have myself (in real life) very expensive servers too.
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