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  1. Yes, but I have lots of furniture already purchased about 10y ago. And half of them are no-mod. I dont have any wish to buy more furniture or designing furnituse myself (not my interest in SL). But I wasted long hours and days once in marketplace. I searched best furniture not only hours, but days. And I can tell you - good design retro furnituse is not cheap and mostly its no-mod. Free and modify furniture is crap.
  2. I dont have interest. Are in Marketplace such kind of ORB-s for sale? Those who are able to detect avatars sitting actions and measure distance between avatar and furnituse? Right now I dont want to start coding it myself, because first I want to put all stuff working in my new land and castle. This sound interesting. For furniture that allows modify. Is there in Marketplace this kind of already completed script for use? My intention is not ban avatars from my land. I like more to implement situation close t
  3. Hi, how to protect avatars sitting from distance? I have nothing against anyone sitting, only I dont want they do it from distance. Into furniture script I cant put, because half of them are no-copy, no-mod. But I can do anything other, but what exactly?........Maybe to put ORB? But maybe there is better choice, because ORB dont kick out immediately and then I must also make allow-list. ORB is not very good choice.
  4. The topic is UP again! And this is interesting - where I live in real life, but virtually? Go from virtual real-life to virtual second-life.
  5. When you using some VPN service, example Im using pureVPN for my mailserver (2.88 usd month for VPN itself), then I think you can set also USA as your contry and set your VPN through USA. But I still dont use it, because network speed and latency through VPN is not as good as direct connection. So, I still use my VAT. I dont know, maybe Im stupid.
  6. I dont discrimitane nobody, I love all residents as my own childs. 666
  7. Very good then. Yes, the invisitexture wasnt really very good, its was badly controlled and robust.
  8. So, I understand this underwater buildings is right now not jet implemented and not possible. Do Linden also told when this feature implemented in future or not at all. Some future planning?......Because in marketplace there is lots of underwater houses and when customers buy those buildings, then they dont get what they want and its not very fair.......And yes, now I remember what was invisiprim, I forgot it.......When all those underwater homes are made by invisitexture scripts and its not working anymore with new viewers, then its little problematic, because people already payed money for t
  9. Hey, do you still code in Basic? Also, when you code in Basic, then all seems stupidity and porno. So, give up and then you can see all is possible in coding. Even to rezz objects into other SIM-s and using global coordinates. Because only that limits using global coordinates, is your brain, not coordinates itself or system or coding or Linden etc.
  10. Im sorry, the script is "no mod" and no souces. But the technology itself is not secret. It uses global coordinates inside whole grid.
  11. My Universal-Rezzer dont need any limited distance. It (box) can locate anywhere in SL and can rezz to anywhere in SL.
  12. But with my Universal-Rezzer you can now live and rezz more than 5 hectares.
  13. Exactly! Why only one region or SIM? Region is 256x256 m... meters? really? no kilometers.......it far not enough. Do you want to live in 256x256m in real life?
  14. * Supports builds of any size on the same sim, But my Universal-Rezzer is not limited by SIM. It can also rezz into other SIM too.
  15. Yeah, but all this 64bit and new CPU instructions dont help you if you are crappy coder. And crappy coder because those new high level languages and scripts maks you crappy coder. You just loose any creativity and vision, your brains just shrivel. Dont you feel it? Dont you see how slow is software today regardless on cpu power?
  16. You use VB with inline assembly.....please, stop this pornography. .....And stop this whole Basic once......together with quitting smoking.
  17. We serve an old moan in a dry season A lighthouse keeper in the desert sun Dreamers of sleepers and white treason We dream of rain and the history of the gun There's a lighthouse in the middle of Prussia A white house in a red square I'm living in films for the sake of Russia A Kino Runner for the DDR And the fifty-two daughters of the revolution Turn the gold to chrome Gift...nothing to lose Stuck inside of Memphis with the mobile home, sing
  18. Because c# is just crap compared with C++. And also Windows Visual Studio is not as good as was Borland. And you see the result in everyday software that is just piece of..... Example all NET software and web related software is slow as ooze
  19. This dont make it worse. Its still the best compiler.
  20. Basic is sh..t. The best compiler is Borland, C++, where you can make class templates (I love them) and write inline assembly.
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