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  1. Do you really think Im the only one greedy in SL? I dont think so.
  2. Yes, my payment is not your business. I dont know how in USA, but in EU there is personal data protection laws.
  3. Hi! I have two observations: 1) in dance clubs dont have video displays. Its big mistake. 2) dance clubs are for free. Its also mistake, because in real life they are not free. Ticket can be only 1 L but not free. I have plan to put up dance club with tickets (1 L) and with video display. Also instead of DJ-s I plan to use radio-stations. Because I dont see differences.
  4. Tier is not rent, it is tier. And also LL is more trustable than someone unknown. And this is not your business what I pay or not pay.
  5. I dont rent anything. I have my own parcel and land settings are enough for media. But I find out already solution. I put prim to show parcel web video (youtube). I find out that it still shows automatically next song. Only I cant change nothing, cant skip or next song. But its enough when it just plays automatically next song, because usually next song is in the same style as previous. But I must make also some tricks with this video shown prim. As it shows video onlu in upper left cornes, then I must just cover other parts of display and all is just like real. Its just like poor man solution
  6. In mainland, there is no "SIM owners". Parcel owner is more than enough.
  7. Web services (URL) arent multicasts. They are just ordinary https downloads + caching-buffering. Multicast is at all different story and its benefit appears only when server can service known klients by group. There exist layer2 and layer3 multicasts with corresponding switch or router. The question in only WHO is downloading. When all hear-see the same stuff, then the downloader is Linden Labs server. When everyone hear-see its own stuff, then downloader is resident SL viewer.
  8. Land music and video is always independent from listeners. How you imagine at all then to be able to exists in SL all those dance clubs and live shows. All hear the same music and they dont need to choose or start nothing. It comes through land media.
  9. Jess, that helps and mouse starst working. Altough now I see this prim-media is even more useless feature, because its individual. The same I can at all close SL and watch it from my computer browser and forget about SL. I cant get at all the point of prim-media. In SL point is that all people see the same. I need not individual video but common video in inworld. But by mouse controlled. Is there really no one wasnt programmed normal way to watch internet sites with audio-video? I remember there was some years ago streaming media services. I imagine, it must still go through parcel media (to
  10. Actually I dont want to do more than just buy workable youtube TV, but I wasnt seen any working one jet.
  11. This is really strange. I have Firestorm, set land settings to "web content", set there youtube URL, set texture to "default media texture". Then made prim, made it little bigger, then changed texture also to "default media texture". Video with sound starts playing in prim, together with whole youtube website and small window with video. Now, I can click anywhere in this prim, but nothing happens, no any click to this prim dont do nothing.
  12. There is no any buttons, no any click dont work...try it yourself. But I was always surprised why in SL discos are without video display. Its like ancient technology. Even in home I never listen music without video together with audio.
  13. Even it wasnt able to make full-screen in this prim. Prim shows whole youtube site and only small window in it where youtube video played. The same as in computer browser. Usually I click it to be full-screen when I watch video. But in SL there is even more strange to show video together with youtube website. Its completely useless feature. And how to click next or backward.
  14. I wasnt tested playlist, but I tested browsing and no any link wasnt opened. I mean prim texture. Altough video played and sound was also.
  15. Today I just searched Youtube TV-s on Marketplace. There are lots of them. I visited shops in inworld and none of them wasnt worked. All was just fraud.
  16. Seems you dont know what is video-disco. Im not sure, but in eastern-europe video-discos were very popular. When I put URL to the texture, then there is only one video-song. Nobody want to dance only by one song. It must contain playlist. Youtube have playlists. Im not sure, do this URL in texture is able to play also playlist. And how I browse then and search from youtube? Then I must every time go from SL to my computer browser, search and then back to SL and change land setting. Its stupid.
  17. Also, to be able to browse, the screen must contain matrix of prims, to be able to touch screen with mouse.
  18. Also, I prefer not to steal but instead buy from youtube.
  19. Yes. I need it for video-disco. Do you know what is video-disco? Its like disco, but also video.
  20. Its only question of programming. Example: TV gets touches from TV screen, send them to service provider (the TV seller) server, server connects to youtube, downloads video as MP4 format (its not broken code, youtube just time-to-time changes something to protect downloading videos as MP4, but hackers every time broke this and there is always possibility to download it as MP4. I dont know, maybe Youtube gives all this also for money as some service, without need to hack at all), then server sends back notification that streem is ready, then TV changes "media" setting in land properties to co
  21. But it dont allow me to browse website. And I dont want only one URL, but I want it plays whole playlist already in youtube.
  22. Hi, I want to buy youtube browser big lcd or plasma monitor. To be able to search right inside on screen and then right play it. thanx.
  23. Yes, mesh is goot stuff, takes less prims. But, you just cant build/make mesh, rezz and done, in inworld. And as I know, mesh cant be as big as megaprim.
  24. Yes, I remember now - the point was around objects rezzing time. I tested it sometime long ago. This is then not bug at all, but SL internal work logic. And I have no idea how is now. BUT, its still very dangerous. Because vechicle dont need to be at all the last object. Example you build, vechicle come on, you continue to build....and then BANG. There should be good idea before rezzing, to always control do something is set to "selected/sat upon".
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