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  1. Yes, but problem is "your viewer will switch to blurry". Its normal that it switch. But to fix this, you must compensate this with some megaprim or many megaprims
  2. I dont know, maybe the name was not the best choice, altough it is universal in many aspects. But its main purpose was to rezz multiple region or regions independent objects. For UR dont exist regions.
  3. Its not intended purpose of Universal-Rezzer at all. Of course I cant say how someone must use my product after purchase. He/she can use it as he/she wish. I can only say what was the purpose of my product.
  4. This dont change my opinion about renting. And personally I suggest to buy at least half sim in mainland and whole region in private. My Universal-Rezzer purpose is not at all rezz in some 512 sqm2 (altough you can), its main purpose is to rezz very big buildings, example in whole sim or in multiple sims as whole bunch.
  5. I already sayd I never rent anything (jep, also in real-life) and I dont suggest to do this also others.
  6. I dont have goal to be top seller. The price 3000 L stay and never drops, also dont increase.
  7. I never rent land and dont suggest this to do also others. As you see also here, you have lots of restrictions when you rent land and no restrictions when you own your own land.
  8. So, and tell me how some landowner can forbid what I rezz in my own land?
  9. But more about those temp objects. As I said before Universal-Rezzer "temp-rezz" is only optional. And when there is enough prims in land, I dont suggest to use temp-rezz options. Also, most of temp rezzers rezz objects in non-stop every minute. With Universal-Rezzer you can yourself choose this time interval and objects dont need to be temporary at all, this timer still works no matter are objects temporary or not. When objects arrive destionation, they itself destroy previous copy.
  10. Of coures, because its game. And one of expensive. More expensive than GTA5
  11. What purpose you search?....But maybe you are brainwashed?
  12. Its not only temp-rezzer. You can yourself choose, do objects stay in land as temporary or not. And how some neighbour landowner can ban my rezzbox in my own land? What work you want to do with me? And where you get nobody buy it. I just put in marketplace some day ago. But it was in market in 2011 and 2012 and there were also buyers. And temp objects are absolutely legal. If not, then Linden even dont put this option in building property. Temp objects ressources are calculated = parcel limit - used prims + minimum of them ( 0.5 * parcel prim limit + 400 , or 1000). Believe me, Linden dont al
  13. What are you talking about? What banning? Landowners ban my script? Are you nuts? How this can be done? I have no idea how to block some specific script. .....I dont care at all what you suspect, you are just jork......and why someone must ban my script? Where is your point.
  14. But why not. I put my script there, altough I dont think I can earn money. Its too specific, only some few buy and thats all, dont become millionaire. But its just fun, I think. Example like someone listen your music piece or song. More like you play music in subway and someone throw you cent.
  15. You even dont have no any soft in SL Marketplace. You even cant use LSL :-)
  16. You talk bul*****. Basic is crap. Its not anything like OOP. Of course when you write in assembler, then you must also write some code also in machine language, especially when compiler restrict some registry access (example you have 16bit compiler and want to use 32bit addresses).
  17. Believe me, they are crap and when you use them, also you becomes crap. Just believe me, I dont lie. Interpreted languages lost programming dynamic. They just stuck in place.......But about LSL. Its no problem. Because its just game, entertainment. Its not work. LSL is fine when you dont work anymore and want something that only remembers you programming, just for nostalgya.
  18. Normal programming is in OOP (object oriented programming) with inline assembly.
  19. Because interpreted languages are crap (they produce crap software) and for using them longer damages also your logical thinking and imagination. Its 100% sure.
  20. I dont know Basic. I know only TASM, MASM, Borland C and Borland C++ and thats all. Ok, now also LSL and all. And I wasnt programmed, except LSL, since year 2000 no any line.
  21. I suspect this invisible prim must be sculpted megaprim to accurately fit room. But when you are inside this megaprim, then you see anyway only this prim faces, not content. Content you see when you stand outside prim, example half transparent light prim (altough they are also prim faces). Im totally confused. I wasnt never before put something underwater. I just get idea. In marketplace there is some undrewater houses, but there is no description about them and have no idea how they look underwater in reality.
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