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  1. Yes, thats true - you can make also "not very much transparent but almost". Then you cant click to sit. Also you must design cage as avatar cant sit on cage. BUT...you can still drive with camera inside this cage and still sit there. When you control camera very exactly, its possibel. BUT after all, its anyway crazy idea, because when you start making cages for every furniture object, you get tired at all from SL. But anyway thanks you all for help. Right now I control doors with central server (whitelist) and put up ORB, Triple Labs GWS. And made exact corners inside rooms that I want to lock
  2. Have you at all ever been in SL inworld or you just all the time was been in SL forum? Some also dont buy and sell nothing, and dont have marketplace merchant shop. Probably also dont have payment information. I have ORB where I can block avatars without payment information. They are allowed in my ORB, just remembered there is such classification. Sems its just ordinary forum here and thats all.
  3. You are lost your mind. Forget about protecting chairs with prims and asking money from non-working crap. Im absolutely agains any kind of marketing cheat. What people you are? Bunch of lunatics?
  4. Hi, Is anybody interesed in satanic community? Im good friend in SL.
  5. What you told? You just told to put chair inside cube.....ok, it wasnt you....so what you at all told then?....ok, yes, you told me to put script inside no-mod furniture..nice.
  6. Also, there is no problem to get inside this cube with remote camera and just sit.
  7. Use your brains! But SL is good excercise for logical thinking.....so, try harder.
  8. Just tested it. This dont work. When the cube around chair is transparent, avatars can still click the chair and not cube. Also, when its not transparent, avatars then can sit not to chair but to cube and still get inside.
  9. You still dont understand nothing and get all wrong. Its normal to allow some avatast to come in to house and some not. But question is how you do that. I already told that ORB is not civil way. Elegant way is to do that with locked doors. But now how to prevent avatars still coming in when doors are locked? Double-click teleprt is now possible to disable by setting teleport route. But avatars can still come in by sitting to chair. And I dont want to restrict sitting to chair itself, and also I dont care about sitting through distande. I care only about not allowing sitting to chair when doors
  10. You just dont have enough free imagination.
  11. Scripted chairs dont help here. Because then I must still have two lists with two system, one list for doors and one for all chairs. Its the same as I have two list - one for doors and one for ORB-s. I dont see difference. Yes, one small difference is - in your method there is no need at all to kill by ORB. They just cant sit.
  12. I dont want all them to sit at all, but this must be controlled by locked doors. Doors allow some avatars and some not. So, example, when some avatar is allowed, he/she can come in through door and sit. When door dont allow access other avatar, then this avatar can still sit by distance. And my locked door authentication system dont work anymore. But I just want only doors authenticate. No any kicks-push like ORB. Its just elegant when door just opens or not opens. ORB is like killing machine. Its not civil. And ORB must warn before. Locked door dont need to warn or kick, they just dont open.
  13. Do you love sitting from distance also in real life? Do you also like to jump down from real life buildings? Its also game, its fun.
  14. You still dont understand. I dont want to restrict sitting, but only to restrict sitting from distance. Dont you think this was Lindens Lab big mistake to allow sitting from distance. I think this is stupid......And why you think I dont want camera looking me? No, I wasnt sayed nothing about cameras, I talked about avatar physical access to my room by sitting from distance.
  15. I dont have also nothing against others SL usage. Only I dont understand it.
  16. Very good, then accept my purpose of using SL.
  17. Not true, I can send them also out of parcel with ORB. And I dont remember, but I think there was also possibility to send into landing point. I prefer sending into landing point.
  18. Yes, this can work, but in whole its very bad idea.
  19. I dont like banlines at all, because they restrict to acces into whole parcel, that is not my intention, but I like to restrict only to some building rooms.
  20. You are also little wrong. I can still kick them out with ORB. And GWS ORB allows very accurate, by corners, to define area to protect. SL usage policy restrict using ORB-s to kick avatars out immediately (without warning) and to completely out to home. But when I have locked doors, and avatar still sits by help of camera, then its intruder and I can kick avatar out immediately with ORB, example to my land landing point.
  21. Not in SIM and not even in parcel, but in my castle. In my home, there is rooms where I want example to be alone, its private. Exactly I dont want to limit access to my parcel (with ORB), because for me private place is not my parcel, but instead my rooms in building, and not all rooms.
  22. You are wrong. They cant sit everywhere in my house, its private.
  23. Why idiocracy? I think I still dont get why people at all use SL or any other virtual world. Seems they use them completely for other reason and purpose than I.
  24. Sorry my bad english, but now I wasnt understand what you sayd. I already told - good furnituse is mostly expensive and no-mod. Believe me, Ive been in marketplace months, every day, and know. And I dont have wish to buy more furniture right now. Maybe later.
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