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  1. yes i have done tests on this as well, as i once suspected that other regions would lag mine, So i made a script to get the host of a region and flew around the mainland to find the 4 others that share the same host. with the help of some friends positioned on those regions we looked at the stats (and some times greatly affected those stats) lagging 3 of the regions scripts times, had no noticeable effect on the 4th. So LL has done a good job at separating them as far as script time goes. yes its a full region not a homestead.
  2. I can say with some certainty that something has been going on with script times. I have been tracking this for some time now, and i have a performance meter on my sim which effectively gives me the Script Run % through a bench marking script. being a scripter i am a stickler for script performance and try to optimize any script i write.i have logged this % every 5 min for the past several years. While its difficult to look at all the data at once. The number of scripts on the region rarely changes by much besides what visitors bring into the region. To me from what data i am able to gather,
  3. SQL has a very handy function called ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE it will insert into the database or if the key is already there it will update what you want it to update it would look like this $sql = "INSERT INTO subscribe (name, uid, email) VALUES ('$name', '$userKey', '$email') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE name='$name', email='$email'"; you don't update the uuid of course as i assume that would be your primary key also note that no WHERE is needed with the UPDATE as it already knows the key to update from the INSERT
  4. yes after playing with the viewer side tools on the beta grid i did figure that much out. it seems like a lot of work for your basic user that just wants to buy some product and take it home and use it. the tools seem great for creators, and it didnt take too long for me to figure it out. I really look forward to using pathfinding on the main grid. But still i think of customers i have delt with in the past, and could I sell a product that uses pathfinding with out a few hours or so of customer service on how to make it work. That being said.. the way it has been implemented is probably the w
  5. Falcon, i have noticed with working with the pathfinding on the beta grid regions that the path finding only works at ground level up to about 40 or 50 meters, Seconds Life is a 3d world and many people choose to have thier builds in the sky. I can understand why the nav mesh is mainly fixed to the terrain, but will functionality be extended to the full build hight before the official release?
  6. Dimentox, i have been updating LSL editor for my own use for some time now since the project has seemed dead and I never recieved any response from any of the people handleing the project, if you would like the updated files, I am more than happy to send them over, I have been considering opening a new project for it on sourcefoge or google, i have pretty much only updated it to include the newer functions that have been added. Reply or get with me in-world if you would like what i have. its by no means 100% complete, but could save some time.
  7. well as someone who has been long anticipating this I have to say im a little dissapointed in it already, Since the server totally controls the movement of the object using the physics engine, and there seems to be no non-physical option for it. As a creator of one of the only popular player vs npc games in sl, having a massive amount of enemies is not viable. from already playing with it on aditi physics load goes real high with very few of them on the sim at once. If i could simply return a path list and then handle the movement myself i'd be much happier with this.. lets hope that as vinc
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