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  1. Hey, I love exploring alone most of the times, mainland 98% of the time, hehe. I hunt for freebies, and swim in the oceans! I just sit somewhere contemplating life at times toooo ^^ In-world name is, susanpoora resident. If you are interested to hangout sometimes, you are most welcome to♥ Hope to see that pop-up in my IMS! ^^ See ya, stay strong as you are, as always ^^
  2. Sorry to break the fun, but I just want to know how you guys are putting up the music in this way, rather than not just the link? Anyone? Thank you, its much appreciated.
  3. More about the salary amount and what doea it mean by loyalty or any other info on that? Thank you.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65ARYmqvTBI&list=RDGMEMYH9CUrFO7CfLJpaD7UR85wVMrqVDx2zRSyg&index=11
  5. More information on product, the floW of testing if there is any and how much pay please. Thank you.
  6. Do you need your roomie to pay half, or for free?
  7. Hello everyone! So, I would like to ask... Doing sim reviews and promoting the certain sim, on the owner's personalised way...Will this be a job-aspect in SL? Is it possible for someone to ask a 'sim reviewer@promoter' who has quite a social media base or/and blogging, to review/promote their own sim and pay this person? What's your thoughts on this, please do tell, thank you! 😃
  8. Okay, Im looking for body skin which matches the skin that Catwa Head provides for its head. I love the colour of the head, and want to match it with a suitable body skin. I really have no idea where to search. I have a Maitreya body. Someone, please let me know if you know. Thank you.
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