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  1. To fight Lag at Shop and Hop!! Haha, it's kinda nostalgic to be honest, to be in the shoes of a classic Avi.
  2. I'm switching to Black Dragon this instance! Thank ya'll👍❤️
  3. This song... ...really suits the mood of the pic! 😍
  4. Had a good set in-world, and gave my fav teddy bear to all guests. Still have to give those teddy bears to some dearest friends in-world...belated Bday gift, lol. Then I just keep spending my wonderful Bday planning, packing and buying stuff as prep for my classes. That's that🤷😂 Oh ohhh, My mom made a surprise delivery of CHOCALATE bouquet for me and my siblings, and then a FLOWER bouquet fro my father. It was nice I guess, had a very nice family dinner too! Messaged and called several close friends and wished too. It was lovely actually😁❤️
  5. Seems like a nice place to explore. Thanks! Those colourful buildings and the beach and all, just nice ^^ The mausoleum reminds me of the graveyard from Sims 3, Isla Paradiso. I send the kids to school and then there will be field trips to the mausoleum XD Lol, mostly the notification comes as, "He/She is spooked". Why teachers, why, go in the first place? XD P.S: Thanks for being the indirect motivation to play the game again. Have been wanting to play it for a year now, but got stuck in SL, due to laziness to arrange the Mod and CC files for this game. Lol.
  6. It has to be! Right.....?
  7. Oh my god, so beautiful, both the place and the snap! Where is this?
  8. I feel you... The worst thing is not really about NOT getting the MONEY, but its when the club is Dead Empty. I hated that to the core being a hostess. Even if there is pay or tips, I find that VERY hard to stay with the club if there are NO PEOPLE. I'm no bot
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