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  1. Ooooo, Pastels!😍😍😍 I love em' pastels and the positivity too 🤩
  2. Thanks for the quick search Bree! Much appreciated Putting on different life form Avi, sounds about right, actually. Furry sounds okay too. It WOULD be awesome if someone created Greta Thunberg Avi indeed. Thanks for reaching out!
  3. So yeap, the title is pretty much self explanatory... Will there be any Event regarding the upcoming World Environmental Day on June 5 ? Any event or tour or gathering...just anything to commemorate the World Environment Day on SL platform? If there are any, or if anyone individually would like to have a real chat, sharing session or to just have a chuckle about it (well, apparently the chuckle is important when talking about environmental issues to keep us sane)...do let us know over here or IM me in-world. Thank you, as it is much appreciated.
  4. Hello there. I'm afraid this is NOT the category for advertising job. This is where you post events. You have a special category for Job ads. Go to Commerce>Inworld Employment. There, you can post your job ads. Thank you.
  5. Reading this, it reminded me of https://www.thegbthproject.com/. It is quite indulging on its own way, depending on the artists' potrayal. The last time I went, the scope Artefatos brought in was unique, alongside the others too (I'm not sure if its still there). Another exhibit (sorry, couldn't remember the name of the artist) brought me into a place where it felt like I was in my own calm mind, with the sound effect and all. Maybe you could give this a try😌 SLurl: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/the GBTH project/130/135/42/
  6. You have no idea how cozy I feel, seeing this picture ❤️❤️❤️
  7. This was taken at ARTEFATOS by Ash, a GBTH Project, a couple of weeks ago. I loved it, how they potrayed the art. Take note though, its A rated. Taxi: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/the GBTH project/129/135/42 Artist's FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/queenofamok/
  8. Just beautiful. Its art ♥ It speaks ♥ ~Sharply, precisely shaped shoes hugging her legs...she looked at the end of it, just down there where the leaves and flowers are rustling her guarded feet. The heavy breeze dancing with her ponytail, the flowers couldn't resist. Flowers swirling her strong, beautiful hair, at the same time making sure never to dull the blonde she has. The greying sky, tinted with red, bringing her the aura of authenticity within the darkness; reminding her soul that her will wouldn't die even if the darkest of hours came by brushing, but make it stronger than ever to
  9. Fiascoz, as Adam says, Pod riders group is indeed active and fun. You can see pods so frequently on the mainland roads, sometimes crashing on my bike😂 Lucky enough, the pod isn't solid object, but Phantom. But I've found my niche within the *Grid Drivers*. I have my freedom to explore, and I have the chances to meet up with people, plus the group is very active and supportive. We have *weekly free and new* hud to explore the grid, usually you'd be meeting people in the start and end point, or on the way. You'd have *Luke Skywalker's radioshow podcast* specifically tailored for ever
  10. Bri's Beach and saw this cute board, showing the Transcontinental interconnection, which seemed cool for me! Blog Post
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