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  1. Well you are wasting your time and I wasnt making a complaint. I do not want wisdom from someone who needs to insult people to make a point . My avatar is 11 years old and I have spent more money then I want to admit creating content and events for free. Why dont you get off your " lazy backside" and socialize in SL ? I think you need a hug and some friends. And please, excuse me for forgetting where I am . Secondlife forums in general can get nasty and if you are going to post, you better be ready lol ! Its rare that I get talked to like that inworld.
  2. Did you take this personally ? LOL . I wasnt trying to insult you . I can think of two combat sims where I was never asked to buy ONE thing . Now that I think of it, some of the sims I used to frequent did have affiliate vendors . No I do not feel like it should be done for free and that wasnt what I was trying to say . I dont want anything. My point was that people are no longer passionate about building and creating in SL .
  3. So it was your male friend who made the comments ? Any type of negative comments Ive received about my appearance or body was from a MAN . Any type of shaming I've heard was from a man towards a woman. Lately I hear women complaining about men wearing the full Aesthetic avatar and how it looks. Honestly I feel like anyone who cries about things like this need to take a break from SL . Unlike RL , we can change things with a click .
  4. Huh?? Never but the sim is usually promoting a business, shops or club where someone is being tipped for paid. Im referring to cultural sims,combat sims, etc . Of course these sims still exist but some of the best have left SL .
  5. JUST WOW ! I guess I knew some of this , but I didnt think the numbers were so high
  6. I use voice 50% of the time,but thats because of my friends . Most of the people I know do not use voice and are here to socialize and chat with people. I meet "new to sl people" every month and they are 1) from IMVU or 2) created an account months /years ago and decided to finally give it a try . YES SL is dying ! People used to build sims just to provide an "experience" or to create a community for FREE .
  7. Did you actually read the title of this post ? I dont think making a post with "Worst ..Ever" in the tiile AND including pictures is polite or a harmless rant . Or were you just trying to throw shade at Tamara ? lolll
  8. Really ? Some people want to roleplay a family with similar interests. Why do furries look for other furry communities ? I think I should plan a get together lol.
  9. Some of these responses are "interesting" and I see some have been deleted .. This is no different than real life. When people of color move to a new city offline, they are faced with the same challenge. There is a large Black community in SL. Like most SL communities, sims have closed and clubs arent running as many events.
  10. Hello 🙋‍♀️ I'm looking for a few people to collaborate with me on a new social lounge. This will be very laid back and informal . We will occasionally feature DJS mixing hip-hop,reggae and pop music. I'm looking for people who are opinionated and like to talk but can moderate a crowd/group. This is not a paid position. You will split tips evenly with the team. ✔You must: Like to talk and discuss topics related to music,hip-hop, sex and SL relationships. Be able to commit to 2 hours ,after 6pm SLT at least twice per month ( we will discuss) Be able to promote the venue and events (facebook, friendslist, etc) If you are interested , Please contact me inworld : ❤ Isis Owatatsumi / inworld link to my profile : secondlife:///app/agent/d77ea1b7-9279-490a-a5b0-1cd7605ab1c0/about
  11. Heyyy welcome to SL ! Hit me up inworld :) I can get you connected pretty quickly. I know you are probably wanting a list of places, but it would easier for me to send you landmarks and groups inworld.
  12. I was thinking the same thing , that most full perm clothing is not using system uv templates . Im still trying to understand how this work . Should I hold off on buying any full perm clothing until Bakes on Mesh is released ?
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