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Found 7 results

  1. ╔═♡═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ D A ♡ S P O T Introducing D A S P O T! Second Life's New Premier Urban Adult Entertainment Nightclub. Come party with us every Friday and Saturday night 9pm est 6pm slt ! Every week we do themed sets with the best urban DJ's sl has to give! come chill, smoke act up at da spot! no rules! We Also specialize in text, voice, cam escorting, private dances, fetish services, elaborate RP, Themed/Weekly Sets and more! Interested in becoming a member? Check out the venue inworld and inquire about our VIP services! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreal Gold/70/233/1000 ♥ Are you interested in paid work? Positions Available: Managers, Host, Dancers and Escorts(text,voice,cam),in house DJ & Personal Assistant for Owner Read Over the application Thoroughly and Fill it out and Then send it to Chinavelli or Lisa.Hexem ♥ All management and staff Pay is to be discussed upon Hire. plus 90% tips if working as a dancer/escort. visit the club for more information. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreal Gold/70/233/1000 ♥ All requirements on application! 100% Professional Ground. Urban Playground. Trap Hou$e. Valid Productions. ╚═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════♡═╝
  2. Hey everyone, I am looking for work as a host, dancer, personal assistant, or club manager. I prefer that the place I work at is at an adult sim. I gave 4 years of hosting experience, 2 years of dancing experience, 2 years of club management experience, and a years worth of experience of being a personal assistant I have experience working with various contest boards, scheduling boards, and SHX. I know how to send notices, how to post to the in world events calendar, how to eject and ban people from parcels and sims. I am very laid back but know when to put my foot down, and I know how to handle high stress situations well. I am in the US Eastern Time Zone... SLT +3 * Also I prefer clubs that are already established, sorry but I will not put time and energy into a club that is just starting out for my own personal reasons. Sorry. I am excited to hear from you. - Astrahlynn Resident
  3. Flowrida Hip Hop & R&B Club IS NOW HIRING STAFF Flowrida Hip Hop & R&B Club is a club strictly for Hip Hop & R&B Music. We are currently hiring for the following positions: Club Manager ( Club manager will be in charge of hiring staff such as DJs and host. Will also be in charge of making sure there is at least one party or event per day with a DJ and a Host to be present) The job pay L$500 a week. A raise is possible depending on how the club is turning out. DJ We are looking for DJs with a great Hip Hop and R&B Playlist. Must have a decent mic and decent looking avatar. DJs will keep 100% tips and will also be paid per event! How much you are paid will depend on your DJ Following. For example if you have 500 members in your DJ group, you will be paid L$500 + 100% tips for that event! Host Host will be in charge of greeting people, informing people of the available rentals we have on the sim, inviting people to our groups and making sure the party/event is drama free. Host will keep 100% of their tips! To apply you could either message Youngin Bing In-World or Apply Here
  4. Hi, Visionz lounge is looking to hire a Hiring Manager for 2 days or 6 sets per week. Visionz lounge is an International music club. You must be familiar with one of the following genres: R&B, hip-hop, soulful house,trap house. To apply, Please send a notecard with the following information to Isis Owatatsumi: 1)Full avatar name (not display name) 2) Available days (excluding Sundays) 3) Have you hired staff or done scheduling before? 4) Please attach a calling card
  5. Hi all, I am an experienced club manager looking for work, looking to be a manager or if needed, a general manager. I am looking to work in places that are on adult sims, but exceptions can be made for already well-established music/dance clubs on moderate sims. I have been managing sims for over 3 years and have experience dealing with lindens, gift cards, and items given for top winner... etc I have 4+ years dancing experience I have 5+ years of hosting experience I have 3+ years of Manager experience I have experience working with shoutcast, contest boards, google documents, google calendar, and google spreadsheets. I am on-time and extremely focused, you never need to worry about me slacking off or not showing up or doing the work. I work exclusively at one place at a time, since I take loyalty and hard work seriously, I want to give my all to whoever I am working for. You can also count on me leaving drama at home or at the door. As a person, I am upfront, honest, hardworking, dedicated, and at the same time I have a laid back, friendly, outgoing personality and I love meeting new people and getting to know people as a whole. I also have plenty of experience of dealing with people of different personalities and getting them to work together Pay is negotiable. I love all music, but I have a tendency to stay away from gangster rap, screamo, and death metal. It will be really good hearing from you, if you are interested in hiring me. My display name is Astra Solo, username is Astrahlynn. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at this post! - Astra Solo (Astrahlynn)
  6. I am an experienced club manager looking for work, 4+ years of experience with club management, and as an added bonus I can host and dance as well. I am very friendly, outgoing, and kind... I love meeting new people and also challenging myself to do new things and to better myself. I tend to only work in adult regions / venues / clubs, but might make an exception to well established music clubs on moderate regions. I can: - send notices to staff and VIP groups - list events on in-game events - Look for covers if someone is sick or cant make it - Deal with drama in a very timely manner - Help hire people - kick and ban people from groups and land (I know how to), so can do so when it is needed - Work with google calendar, google docs, and google spreadsheets - Work with DJ Boards (Shoutcast) - Work with contest boards I am: - Trustworthy - Respectful - On-Time - Reliable If you are interested, please let me know in game, display name is Astra Solo, username is Astrahlynn. I am available everyday and once I get your message I will respond as quick as I possibly can. Thank you. - Astra Solo (Astrahlynn) P.S If you are a strip club, I can also emote quite well.
  7. Hello all, I am here looking for work. I am an experienced escort, dancer, host, and club manager. I have: 2+ years experience as an Escort 3+ years experience as a Dancer 5+ years experience as a Host and 4+ years experience as a Club Manager. I have all skills needed to do each of these jobs, which includes: Using Google Docs, Calendar, Spreadsheets Using a scheduling board Using a contest board Sending notices to VIP and staff groups. Dealing with drama in workplace (and if Manager, doing sometimes-necessary actions to prevent said drama again). Using ban + eject from sim or parcel If an escort and working as a Manager, making sure the stage is not empty. Greeting people Emoting (I am a very detailed emoter) Keep local and VIP group going (especially if I am a host) I am also: Very friendly Very sweet On time Reliable Trustworthy I am available for questions you have at any-time, since I am on a lot, if I don't respond or am offline, give me at least 2 hours and I will get back to you. I am in the US Eastern Time Zone (SLT +3). As for clubs, I prefer clubs on adult sims. However I won't shove away peoples offers if their club is on a Moderate sim and they are looking for a host or a manager. If you have any questions or inquiries, you can send them to me in-world, my display name is Astra Solo, display name is Astrahlynn. Thanks for your consideration in hiring me and I hope to hear from you!
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