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  1. You asked for 2000L per hour, Sorry that is not what we offer and our work is not spam. thank you
  2. Greetings everyone, we are a company that allows you to make money in SL. We are growing to multiple offices in SL and are in need of a recruiter and manager for our office. You must have some SL job experience and have been in SL 6 months or more. Thank you Please contact: itsalletsy (Cindy)
  3. Hello all , we are an advertising company here in SL looking to build multiple offices in SL and are looking for 6-7 people to join our team. You will be working out of our office and paid hourly. You will be paid at the end of each shift. No experience needed. Please contact is in SL and fill out an application to get started. Thank you Cindy itsalletsy
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